Brastor Township

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Brastor Township
Location 12 miles south of the Greenwood on the Eastern side of the Champion River in the Brastor Castellancy
Population ~2700 (as of Winter 818)






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Piloting Fee:
– Wharfage Fee:
– Vessel Registry:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month
sp (in or out)
sp per foot per day
sp per foot per year

Capital of the Brastor Castellancy, the town is built on a large, flat spur of land thrust out from a squat mountain. The walls follow the edge of the spur, adding to the natural cliff of over 50 feet. The actual Castle Brastor is built into a taller spine of stout rock and is court to the Count.

Currently the town is faring better than many other towns in Brastor as it was a rallying point for both the defence and retaking of Brastor.

The town has been almost completely razed on a number of occasions but the new town is going up with impressive speed. And while food is still being brought in a number of families have begun the task of readying new farms in preparation for spring planting.


Spring 808

With the population influx there is the trade picks up a pace. The majority are good traded are for basic requirements, but as profits are made and wealth accumulated money is spend of non essentials.

Summer 807

There is little trade as most of the food and goods are brought in by the few people looking to resettle.




Brastor Family Crypts
The famous Family Crypts for the rich and ennobled were destroyed during the incursion and as yet have not been reopened. Those dying in accidents or from illness are being sent to Seagate for internment.
No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
Establish a three story stone premises in 809. This branch of the office specialises in finding lost loves. This office appears to be the head office of the agency and is run by Olo Knotwise, and elderly hobbit who has a number of prominent scars. He is supported by his second in command, Ledger Harfoot.
Brastor Barracks
To the great delight of local soldiers a permanent barracks was built in 810. With large furnaces, this is sufficient to provide a regular supply of hot water.


Summer 809

The Button-Makers Guild is in an uproar when it is discovered tailors are making cloth buttons. A petition is presented to the Brastor Council.

Spring 808

The majority of the housing and infrastructure is compelted and the new inhabitant begin to flood into Brastor.

Winter 807

A small fire destroys a small number of the new housing, much to the distress of the inhabitants.

Autumn 807

Workshops completed and producing at fully production. More permanent housing is treated as a priority as healers are working hard to treat various illness as a result of the hard living.

Summer 807

More inhabitants begin moving into the town given the safety and opportunities. Temporary housing is quickly put up to meet the increased demand. Blitzkrieg is observed overseeing construction of new fortification.

Spring 806

The rebuilding efforts starts construction of a large quantity of temporary workshops.

The milita are seen to be all wearing new armour and weapons. Word spreads that the Township is now a safe place to be.


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