Brastor Banditos

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Brastor Banditos

The party (Ishamael and Ughbash) is hired by Ishamael in his capacity as Governor of Emmitsburg to investigate an upsurge in banditry in the Brastor Area. Additionally the party is to look into the discovery of a dead ghoul.

The pay is 100 silver pennies per day plus possible bonus to be paid by the Emmitsburg treasury.


Party fly to Emmitsburg.


Find remaining guards from recent attack are still in Emmitsburg and the attacks took place only a few miles to the west, on the road to Charity. The guards state there where a dozen archers, two sword wielding attackers and a golem. The guards fled, abandoning the wagon to the attackers.

The second attack was to the south on the road from Hugler's Ferry to Lewiston. The notes provided by the Baronial sheriff note that the wagons belonged to S-Mart so in the evening we fly down to Huggler's Ferry to talk to Sabatian. We don't find out too much about the attack but a nearby farmer was killed for being a ghoul so we talk to the local healer.

After pressuring a couple of locals we are taken to a old ruin about five miles outside the village where organised pit fights are being staged. This so called Ghoul Club is run by a woman called Kate. After each of us defeat a ghoul infected dog we remind her to be extra vigilant about infected people not being healed before leaving.


We fly to the site of the attack near Lewiston and follow the wagon tracks towards Armonville-le-Sablon. At an abandoned village on the road we find the tracks abruptly stop near the village fountain. The fountain teleports people who enter it into a place which is almost identical.

We are attacked by two animated ropes. These are living creatures which look like hangman nooses. They kill by throwing themselves over the heads of their victims and strangling them. Having done that the can then animate the dead body like a zombie. Maybe because of the horror nature or the nature of the place or even that they are living the dead bodies do not decay. The ropes are short lived sentient named "Hangman".

We follow the tracks to a ruined building with a large trapdoor in the floor. This leads to an extensive cellar. There we are attacked by an ogre and five goblins. Afterward some more goblins and a spell caster attack us and I was turned to stone but Ugbash managed to defeat them. The spellcaster tried to flee but upon reaching an alter was stripped of their flesh.

Ughbash destroyed the alter and the parasitic pocket started to die. He managed to get my body out. He then commandeered a wagon from a nearby village and returned to Emmitsburg.


A Binder returns Ishamael back from stone to flesh.