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Braegon is 5'11" 160 lbs male human, red hair, medium build, average looks (PB 14) dressed in plain brown leathers including a cloak, with the usual collection of magic amulets, rings, bracelets, etc. covered by gloves and a nice white scarf.
On Adventure Braegon usually carries 2 maces, a war hammer, a Strange Wood shield and wears a large backpack.
Visible Value
200,000+ value in visible magic items.
Party Roles
'Buffing' and Support, Environmental Control, Healing, Transport. No blast magics, not much of a fighter.
Initially a professional adventurer - earning a high-risk living without compromising integrity.
No longer needs to earn a living but enjoys helping people out because he can, improving the world, seeing new places and people, learning new things, and hooked on the buzz of the adventuring life.
Friends and Allies
Carzalan & Allied Militia - for his help, magical support, and healing during the Dark Circle campaign. Most notably organising the Brastor Breakout. Holds lands in Brastor.
Girwyllan, Catherine, Clementine, Feldo and Gross, Martin Candlestone, and a few others in and around the Fastness of Girwyllan.
Nobility and advisers of Artzdorf and Flugelheim. Also holds land in this area.
Noble family and advisers of Eltrandor - may bear arms and use magic in Eltrandor.
Roche a dragon and J'anthro L'roi an Elven druid from pre War of Tears.
Lord Yo, friends would be presumptuous but allies would probably be acceptable.
Several Ancient Dragons, mostly resident on other planes.
Matt Tumbledown - have aided and been aided by Matt several times.
Syrene of the Great Heart
The Heartwood Order - remnants of an ancient order of Elven Nature Priests based near Brastor.
Ladlaugh - helped with the great birth-a-thon of Aut 809wk.
Úvandor - party to freeing them from the predation of Gasferis and rescue of Kalianth, swordsmith of Siegens.
Lord Kerenthos of Liesuen - helped exact revenge for the curse on his family
Rescued the Queen, Lady Alais, and a couple of other VIPs from the Plane of Ick. Rescued many of the court from influence by an Icky controlling Doppelganger. Owed a major favour. Autumn 813wk
Western United Church
Rescued the arch-bishop from an Icky Doppelganger. Owed a favour. Autumn 813wk
Necromancers of the Fastness of Girwyllan
the Beast Rabban - helped destroy him as he attempted to takeover Furfur's demesne.
Demons/Powers of Dark (The 72 71)
Seir - met several times and worked together pre War of Tears.
Foras - met and worked together pre War of Tears. Worked with his agents. Trapped his Avatar for a few days while dealing with Rabban & Furfur. Earned his discrete appreciation in dealing to Rabban & Furfur.
Zepar - encountered and thwarted pre War of Tears.
Ipos - encountered, he betrayed Malphas to us.
Malphas - was part of the group that imprisoned his avatar and wore his vestments for a while afterwards.
Haagenti - encountered ~791wk.
Labolas - thwarted one of his agents, and party killed his Avatar (Win 807).
Leraje - Trapped his Avatar for a few days while dealing with Rabban & Furfur. Helped to destroy him and his realm in Aut 809wk. Temporarily held joint control of his domain before destroying it.
Furfur - party to the destruction of 3 Furfurs, including Rabban, and ascension of Silguitia, Furfur IV.
Vassago, Berith, Furfur, Dantalion - Part of an elaborate plan to return some books to them.
Angels/Powers of Light (The 5)
Uriel Met a few times, was gifted some of Uriel's power to aid in destroying Leraje.
Michael Supported him in battle.
Raphael Aided him in battle.
Gabriel No direct dealings
Sammael No direct dealings
Other Gods and Powers
Norse/Dwarven Gods - have met Odin & Thor, known as a companion of Sabrina and Vychan.
Xanadu the Dragon God - have successfully worked for and with him and his agents.
Ahriman - have worked together towards the same goals in the past.
Apollyon - was party to thwarting his goal of releasing his father.
The Fates - dealt with them on good terms, completed a few important tasks for them.
Death - dealt with him on good terms.
Anguitia - dealt with her on good terms, helped capture her chaotic sister Discordia.
Justice - entered the lands of the dead and passed her tests of wisdom. Earned additional favours and used them in bringing Blood Cultists to justice.
8 Common, 7 Dwarvish, 6 Elvish, 5 Hobbit, 4 Silent Tongue, 5 Drow, 3 Orc, 5 Folksprach, 5 Reichspiel, 5 Lunar-Empire, 5 Lalange, 5 Draknbrger, 4 Ivinian, 3 Sea-of-Grass, 4 Storm Giant, 2 Draconic, 6 Middle Kingdom.
Main Skills
12+ Healer. More effective at night, sometimes use silver needles to aid in healing. Can resurrect some undead.
10 Ranger (Woods), 2 Navigator
7 Herbalist, 5 Cook
3 Beastmaster (Equines/Land Animals), 4 Hunter/Trapper, 2 Farmer, 2 Apiarist.
9 Philosopher -
Magical World: Elements (Earth), Earth College (Tunnelling), ManaZones, Healing, Other Planes (Elemental Earth, Nexus, Water, Fire, Air, Hell), Planar Travel, The Powers (Ascension).
Plant World: Magical Plants (Healing, Fastness of Girwyllan, Pallaran), Trees (Oak)
Material World: Geography, Geology & Mineralogy.
5 Mechanician (Earthworks, Mines, Fortifications), 5 Miner
4 Mil Sci (Skirmish, Logistics)
10 Hair Weaving
4 Courtier - Carousing, Etiquette (Baronies), Simulate Emotions, Seduction; 1 Troubadour
6 Armourer; 3 Weaponsmith
Standard Magic
Earth: Armour of Earth (21), Strength of Stone (20), Tunnelling (20), Walls of Stone and Iron, Earth Elementals, Trollskin, Healing, Hands of Earth, Hypnotism. Almost all of the Earth College. Investment (10)
Fire: Generals, Fire Armour (20), Fire Proofing, Heat Shield, Cleansing Flame
Water: Generals, Rainstorm (20), Cold Resistance (18), Waters of Vision
Air: Generals, Whispering Wind
Celestial (Star): Generals, Light & Dark (20), Witchsight (20), Star Wings
Ice: Generals & Winter Garden
DA, Necrogeny, Resist Pain, Resist Temperature, Sense Danger
Non-Standard magic
Anti-Scrying (21) - While in contact with the earth, Braegon and surrounding 3-hex radius is protected from scrying. Locate, ESP, and Telepathy < Rk 21 are blocked.
Internal Air Spring - Personal air supply and limited control of air in personal space.
Elemental Transformation - Partial transformation into an elemental, able to see and move through the earth, enhances some earth magics.
Other Deep Earth Magics: Moving Earth, Destroying Earth, Creating Earth, Locate Entities in Contact with Earth.
Talk to Stone and potentially release bound stone
Tremor sense - Can sense those on the ground within 100' by their movements
Fall Banding
May enhance personal mana level and healing rate by taking root in the earth.
Planar Travel: Tunnelling to and from the Earth Nexus and some other planes.
May summon and travel in a sentient tunnel & art gallery (Deep Street)
Elven Gardener - Advanced Plant, Animal, and land lore.
Other Stuff of Note
Tracking BC 161% (+2/entity, -4/rk of concealment)
Often covered by magical rock
Permanent (beyond death) double lesser.
Magical healing is 50% more effective on Braegon.
Will not break contact with the earth unless he chooses to. Effectively immune to Trip, Levitate, TK Rage, Air Blast, Windstorm, Sinking Doom, ..
Can walkabout and find short cuts to known places (can lead 10 people 1500 miles in 10 hours)
Life Aspected
Always wins Unengaged IV
Passive Abilities
Life Aspect
91% chance of making 1xPC checks - Enhanced senses
Ranger Detect Ambush more than 70' away 243%, within 70' 263% (less 5% per rank of ambusher).
Mind Mage Sense Danger 101%
Has internal air supply, maintains comfortable, breathable personal environment
Self + 3 hex radius not scryable while in contact with the ground (Spell)
Will not break contact with the earth unless he chooses to.
Can sense those on the ground within 100' by their movements (Tremor sense)
10' demonic and undead amulets

Darkness on the face of the Deep: Braegon's Treasure The Middle Way: Braegon's Award