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GM: Dean
Season: Winter 821 WK
Night: Wednesdays
Location: St Johns
Level: Low-Med

Employer (original)
Mission (original)
I have a couple of magical treasure maps, follow them to conclusion and 90% of the treasure is yours. Upfront cash to fund the expedition is available but is a loan against the treasure to be found.
The first one I found some 20 yrs ago. It is very odd, as it looks nothing like a treasure map, but apparently it is one. It has been gathering dust in a cupboard ever since.
Mission 2 - Ninleyn and the Order
Find out what happened to Lyria and the rest of the order on her map
Make contact with the others if they survive
Find what the blocks are connected to given the original Heart was assumed destroyed
Ninleyn wouldn't mind an apprentice so he can move on
Mission 3 - Valindra and the greater good
Deal to the Drow Necro's and their army in NE Carzala, north of the Drow temple and south of the river.

The Order

Ancient order of Elven Nature priests, all carry magic blocks of Heartwood. The ones here fled before the Civil War in Terra Nova. Source, home was The Heartwood in the south-west of northern Terra Nova.

Common Name Secret Name Location Aspects/Powers Notes
Lyria (f) Andratharth Fastness of Girwyllan => Ruby Waters All Seasons, roots and connections Secret: is Camdindel's mother. Convalescing at Ruby Waters.
Syrianth (M) tba Camdindel's Tower Winter, Death.. Was one of the first to leave Terra Nova before the war.
Ninleyn (m) Aulophius Greenwood (050x22) Summer & Bees Wood Elf
Ruith (m) Arbelladon Ruby Waters Spring, Healing, Tracking, Finder of Ways aka The Warder, High Elf
Orrian (m) Dead Alinar Hills of Aldri Autumn, Trees & Decay 15 miles SW of the head of the Wandle (060x05).
Valindra (f) Aesandoral Hills of Aldri Autumn, Trees & Decay Heir of Orion, has apprentices, Wood Elf
Ehrendil (f) Aumanas Filgiso Forest Spring, rebirth, birth, fertility. Wood Elf
Ilthuryn (m) Aethon Sumaldi => Greenwood Sun and Growth Is a sunflower field
Elbereth (f) Adanthir Forest of Karsharak Moon, Stars, Portents, Astrology

Scribe Notes

That's not a map

The employer has bogged off and left a guild admin to brief us. He gives us the map wrapped up in a cloth, Eydis opens it up then we DA to see if it's safe. But it's not a map, just a magical block of Heart Wood.

DA says it will open on request, we ask, it doesn't. We poke it a bit and find out that runes become visible when elemental mages touch it, a different rune for each element.

Quentin does a Divination...

  • The wood is old! Ancient magic.
  • Type of magic is Nature, Deep Earth & Fae.
  • Preserved and durable.
  • It had a connection to something that was broken recently. Later work out that the Guild's sealing/shielding/protections broke its link to the world
  • It is almost alive and almost has an ITN.

Amira gets a bunch of Elemental mages at the pub to all touch it at once (25sp in drinks), lighting all the runes up:

  • Air, Earth, Fire, Water (though the water rune gets iced over when Haedric touches it) in the corners.
  • Celestial Light, Dark, Shadow and Stars along the edges.
  • Two words are revealed - we don't know what they are so we ask the Philosophers at the guild. They have to look it up in an old book and translate it as "Not Connected". The language is sort of Elven but older than ancient Elven.

Braegon turns up and is prompted to touch the book, multiple runes light up. He takes us through a portal to his manor in Brastor, we bring a couple of Celestial mages (50sp) to activate the rest of the runes. Everyone touching it there reveals new words, we import philosophers to translate (25sp and Braegon's Brandy). Eydis tried to get one senior philosopher but either the puzzle, Braegon's liquor cabinet or Eydis's charm ended up attracting over a dozen of them.

It asks what do you want? (after translation and some debate) we chant together Health, Wealth and Happiness

When we say Health it slowly responds with: Eat greens and avoid danger.

We say Treasure and get: Lakes and rivers with no water, forests with no trees, and cities with no buildings. Say my name. Amira says map, we get that translated to old-elf and the block opens up revealing a centrefold map that's magnificently illustrated. It has glyphs at various places but no key. Touching and leaning in, it shows us more detail, it even indicates where we are if we concentrate on it.

We think it's a map of Carzala, Brastor, Novadom and surrounds but from a long time ago before any of these places were here. The Filgiso and Greenwood are connected by a forest where Brastor is now.

The glyph in the northern Greenwood forest has some words near it: Alouphis' gold.

There's a glyph for a city in the middle of Sith's Revenge, presumably Panjari; some glyphs indicating Dwarves in the Superstition Mountains; and other glyphs with less clear meanings.

Map is fixed to the block but has a different aura from the block. Glyphs also have their own aura.

  • The Greenwood rune is Alouphis, seems associated with summer/gold.

Drinks, shared meal and more drinks from Braegon's larder; Braegon takes the inebriated philosophers back to Seagate; we sleep in his 'manor' house.

W'ansday 2nd Frost

Briefly consider returning to the guild to consult notes about the places of interest marked on our map, decide to just head to the place 40 miles north that smells of gold.

We walk to Emmitsburg, hire horses (7 x 3sp per day) and buy some food (40sp).

Ride the rest of the day north along the road/track into the Greenwood to about 5 miles after the junction where the trail turns from NNW to NNE about 5 miles from the hills. Set camp with Winter Garden, 30' igloo, 600' of illusory fog, horses tethered outside the igloo and two people on watch.

Late in the night 4 Goblins try to steal some of our horses, we counter-attack, killing 1, capturing 3.

Summer Bees make us feel fine

We question the prisoners:

  • Tenacious G is their chief.
  • Eggsy - enforcer, golem?
  • They live in the hills near the Vampires who scare them

We tie them up and take them with us.

Th'rsday 3rd Frost

We ride/walk NNW into the forest following game trails. We step into a region of summer, seems about 4 miles across, transitional border about 100 yards. Trying to get to the middle, we end up on the other side.

Using locates to keep a straight line we get closer but magic is clearly trying to turn us away.

DA the area: magic, how do we get to the middle? Say my name.

I say Alouphis, ringing noise, and the clearing is revealed.

We step in, clearing, trees in the middle with silks and lots of beehives, extra-large ants, they form up and lead us towards the centre. Very old Elf steps out and invites us in, there's another younger elf (Haldyr) there recovering from injuries. The old elf only speaks old-elven, he gives us mead which lets us talk like bees, combined with mindspeech lets us converse. He asks that we call him Ninleyn. He knew (Lyria) the owner of the block and creator of the map, he has a block too (which he can turn to/from a staff), they belong to the same 'nature' order. He knows she is still alive, otherwise the block would be different.

We agree to a mead-geas enforced agreement not to share their secret names.

He'd be interested in meeting our employer but he'd need to come here.

Their order of nature mages is of Fae origin, insects, plants, nature. His things is Bees. They didn't like the direction the Elves were going and split off (leaving TerraNova) and split up. He has been living here since about the time of the War of Tears and can no longer leave his pocket of summer.

Andratharth (aka Lyria) tried to hold things together, made contact with the others, this map may indicate where the others are.

He would like to know:

  1. What happened to Lyria, can she be helped?
  2. What happened to the others in the order, can they be contacted?
  3. What are the blocks connected to given he assumed the original Heart was destroyed?
  4. He wouldn't mind an apprentice

Saying the 20 names of the order, the map pulses when 7 of them are named:

  1. Andratharth aka Lyria - no location, re-opens to the Terra Nova map showing her as there somewhere near the heart but Ninleyn thinks she is still local.
  2. Aladon aka Ruith - near the Ruby Waters
  3. Alanar aka Orion - Hills of Aldri, 15 miles SW of the head of the Wandle (060x05).
  4.  ?tba - Sumaldi
  5. Aulmanus / Earnal - Filgiso Forest - she is spring, fertility, birth, rebirth.
  6.  ?tba - Forest of Karsharak
  7. Alouphis aka Ninleyn - Greenwood (050x22)
  • (in fancy old Elven) "Heartwood", the block reveals a different map, an old one of Terra Nova. The Heartwood was in the south-west of northern Terra Nova.

Dropping some mead (Alouphis' Gold) on the map reveals the key and more info on the 7.


  • Summer Mead Lasts for a season. Anti-undead (blood is fatal to vampires, all undead will try to keep 10-30' feet away). Protects from heat and cold (equivalent to rk 12 resist cold/heat, stacks). Disease resistance.
  • Curse Removal - 7 x doses to go with us for now
  • Extend Life
  • Pierce Illusions
  • Communicate with Bees

He can teach brewing, nature magic, summer magic.

Frysday 4th Frost

Ride back to Emmitsburg, return our horses.

Shadow-wings (40mph) flying 2 hours north-east to and along the Sweetwater to where the Wandle Rithe joins it.

Land and camp (Igloo & Fog) on the south-east bank where the Sweetwater & Wandle meet.

Back to Summer and Winter

Reapsday 5th Frost

A squad of Brastor Rangers ride up in the morning, we chat about conditions up north.

Maelstrom also turns up sniffing after the map. Camdindel sensed it and sent him. He mentions Lyria but we can't say much due to the Geas.

Iceberg north along the Wandle at 15mph...

Maelstrom comes back half an hour later with Camdindel. We talk by the river bank. Cam's Dad is very interested in Lyria and really wants to talk to us, he has a block of wood and claims Dad was a member of their block order.

  • Syrianth / A....

We agree to ask our employer if we can talk to them some more. They pay us 7,000sp, cast Flying and Feather Fall. They leave and we fly back to the edge of the Greenwood, spend the rest of the day walking in to meet up with Ninleyn.

Sunday 6th Frost

In the morning we update him and he says we can go talk to the Liche. We step out of the glade, summon Maelstrom and lead him in, the place seems to like him, M's footprints glow with light. N & M recognise each other. Both follow the same god, mother nature, world tree, beyond that they're a bit cagey. But M is all in favour of our mission and will help us.

We leave the glade, M sends a message, a while later a door opens in the middle of nowhere and Lorto steps through. Introductions then we follow him back through the door to Cam's tower.

Emerge on the island outside the squat black fortress. Head in to talk with Camdindel (with bodyguard Legion) and Dad. We head to a room and follow Dad through a wall into the Astral to talk privately.

It looks like a library with chairs by a cosy fire, he looks like a normal Elf here.

  • Syrianth was one of the first to leave Terra Nova before the war.
  • Lyria is Camdindel's mother but we're not to tell him, nor anyone else.
  • Using her block, he may be able to track her down through the Astral.
  • He'll reward us for our efforts in finding her.
  • Syrianth - Winter, Death?
  • Lyria - All Seasons, roots and connections
  • Ruith - Spring, Healing
  • Orion - Autumn, Trees & Decay
  • Ninleyn - Summer & Bees

We spend the day while he does his study of the block in the Astral. Quentin suggests using Camdindel's blood to help track his mother.

  • Snowflake for Haedric.
  • Eydis asks for a book of Mind Magics
Moonday 7th Frost
Flying, Featherfall, Strength of Stone, Armour of Earth.

Rescuing Autumn

We are given 1 each of 10 pt Healing potion & Rk 20 Waters of Healing.

Flying 3 hours north east following the Gilder into the Hills of Aldri, there as we pass over the escarpment, all of the non-Elves start slowing down as our magics erode. We land before they fall off, Elves meet us and escort us to a village, wait an hour for someone in charge to turn up, they eventually agree to let us carry on. A few more hours for an elder to turn up to give us tokens (sprig of mistletoe) so our spells don't fall off.

3-4 hours walking east through the forest with some Elven guides - making very good time.

Curtain of sentient trees that part to lets us in to a huge grotto. We're given a place to sleep, eat, drink, sing, dance, wait...

A junior priest Carion comes to talk to us, his mistress inherited the title and block from Orion. But she's not here and is overdue to return.

She is Valindra / Aesandoral, we say her name over the map and it shows her to be about 25 miles east.

Duesday 8th Frost

They gives us magic running potions and we do so, covering about 15 mph without tiring towards and past the head of the Wandle for another 10 miles NE.

Goblin picket line in trees, we make a gap in the line and then sneak up to the edge of a depression/clearing battle ground with a large tree under siege in the middle. Lots of dead undead Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, a dozen or so dead Elves, about 40 living Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, 2 Necros laying siege to the tree.

We hit them at range from a fortified position and work our way through them in the space of 30 seconds. 1 of the Necros, a few ogres, and about 10 orcs escape into the forest.

Autumn Celebrations and Debrief

8 unconscious/slumbering Elves, 4 dead, 7 step out of the tree as it folds in on itself several times until it becomes the Elf Priest, Valindra.

One unconscious human mage prisoner.

The Orc (and co) bodies are decaying rapidly (Valindra caused) and then they start to bubble and turn into an undead ooze which we cleanse with fire.

  • Tent collapses into a staff when Quentin (Binder General) counterspells it. 5 min ritual to raise it as a tent. Arrow & bolt spell catcher. Fire proof, sides as strong as steel.
  • Rack of potions. 20 x 15 pt healing drafts. Made from Orc blood.

Captured mage:

  • Ring - Necrogeny +8 ranks to Necrogeny.
  • Ring - Stream of Corruption. 8 charges of rank 20. Zombies/Putrefied flesh enhance the effects to multiple streams.
  • Cloak - Formerly Living Wraith, Cloak. Drains 1 per pulse. Provides rank 20 Wraithcloak.
  • Bone Heart Spike - Binding Will, GTN: Elf. Ritually stake through the heart for Necro Bind Will.

Walk back west with the bodies and one Orc and the human mage as prisoners. Late lunch and cleaning at the head of the river then on to their camp.

Valindra suggest we talk to Ruith who can probably help find Lyria, he's a master tracker, finder of ways and of being Spring may still be alive.

Going to see Earnal in the Filgiso might be good too, she is also Spring and thus may still be alive.

W'nsday 9th Frost - Th'rsday 10th Frost

Rest, feasting, dancing, recuperate, divinate, interrogate.

Evil Drow/Elves are the bosses, they took control of all the local Orcs and Ogres. Main camp is north of the Drow temple and south of the river. They have about 20 mages - Drow, Ogre Mages, Human & Orcs mages.

As reward for our rescue and general heroism, they offer:

  • Elven Boots - stealth, trackless
  • Valindra does trees, autumn, decay, roots, leaves
    • could teach us to take root, brace into the ground.
Frysday 11th Frost

We get taken to a cliff we could fly from. Fly SW all morning to Slippery Rock to resupply and have lunch. Then fly south to Lyr's Crossing where we land with varying degrees of success near the ford.

With the Elven walking wine still in effect, we make rapid progress along the road towards The Ruby Waters. We're met on the road by guards who are friendly enough. They know of an old Elf known as the Warder, he gives the guards coins to summon his arrows against enemies. I leave a message with some trees for Ruith.

Reapsday 12th Frost

2 coins are tucked into our door jams in the morning. We head downstairs to find Ruith waiting for us over breakfast. Dressed like a wood elf ranger, unusually small bow, sabre, main-gauche, looks old but healthy. He doesn't speak so we use Mind Speech to communicate.

Ruby, Fire and Spring

Haldyr: She could have some of her spirit in the wood, like a Wood Liche, a Wiche.
Quentin: wouldn't a Wood Liche be a Lichen

Ruith touches the tablet and it opens to reveal a lock of hair and a ring (Signature).

He can probably help track Lyria but he can't travel more than 15 miles from the waters without his age catching up with him.

We discuss some ideas but we'll need help so we decide to go ask. He gives us some special jerky.

After lunch we take flight and head east to Camdindel's Tower. There we meet up with Cam, DoD, and co. to discuss what we've learned and seek their help with Ruith's constraint.

Leaving them to work on options, we fly on east to the Filgiso.

Landing between the Volcano and the forest, we call out for Ehrendil using the block and via trees. Some spiders answer and try to lure us to lunch in the forest.

We move to the volcano and scout around until a fire sprite finds us and asks us to wait as she's busy.

We camp on the side of the volcano.

Sunday 13th Frost

Soon after breakfast, a giant mountain goat springs down the mountain and turns into an attractive hippy-Elf, Ehrendil. We talk, telling her of our mission and asking her help.

She summons some stags and we follow her riding into the forest for a couple of hours until we come into her glade of spring. A giant willow tree in the middle is her house. Walking trees (Ents) wandering around.

  • She gives us the gift of rebirth (phoenix resurrection).

She can help Ruith and Ninleyn, but there is a cost, she heads off to collect on a debt to pay the cost.

Moonday 14th Frost

She returns around lunch with a caged firebird.

We get our wings on and fly west and north back to the ruby waters.

Moonlight & Sunflowers

Most of the afternoon flying then Ehrendil studies Ruith for a while and declares it will take a week to do her healing/rebirth.

Spend the night at the Ruby Waters Inn.

Duesday 15th Frost

Fly down to Snake River, land in the shallows and hike west into the forest about 10 miles.

Met by Owls and a big-eyed fawn who check us out then lead us in to a glade around a giant silver birch.

We wait a while, after saying her secret name a knot opens on the tree showing a white gem, we touch it and find ourselves transported into an alternate glade and a cottage bathed in moonlight. Haldyr who was sleeping outside is already here but not quite as substantial.

Elbereth serves us drinks, it turns out she's undead, a Moonwraith and has been dead for hundreds or maybe thousands of years.

She consults the stars, Lyria underwent some sort of rending, she is split in 7 in some way, the remnants are probably north of here.

  • She gifts us Moonstones
W'nsday 16th Frost

We fly 60 miles east to Cam's tower, brief Syrianth, get buffed, 'talk' Lorto into taking us through a door to somewhere closer to Sumaldi.

Exit the door into the pass through the mountains about 60 miles west of Sumaldi.

From there we fly east, landing near the northwest edge of the Sumaldi Oasis Jungle.

Walking in through heavy jungle, Lyria's staff helps make the way easier, we come to a warmer area with flowers growing everywhere, lots of annoying insects. Eventually come to a meadow covered in sun flowers which all turn to face us.

We make our way towards the middle, then use Telepathy and Mind Speech to make contact with the Sunflower-Meadow-Elf-Priest who seems to be lost in being a field of flowers contemplating the sun. Digging down we find his block dispersed like root threads, saying his name again we convince him to gather up as a 1' tall wood golem who can hold a conversation.

He says he has passed on, he's fairly out of it and it's hard to maintain a conversation. He's still powerful but barely sentient. He'd like us to take some sunflower seeds to the others and plant them.

  • Dried sunflower seeds to eat. Each seed counts as a restorative meal.
  • Fresh seeds to plant.

We carefully make our way out of the meadow and then on out of the jungle. Cassie lets Lorto know we're out, he steps out of a door, slightly damaged from his venture to the ruins of Argon's Watch.

We mention going back to the Greenwood, Lorto opens a door to the Greenwood Tavern in Shorapur. Drinks, dinner, Shorapur pub crawl.

Th'rsday 17th Frost

Lorto takes us to Ninleyn's glade. We brief him, with permission plants some Sunflower seeds, Ninleyn helps them grow.

Frysday 18th Frost - Moonday 21st Frost

The seeds grow into a small glade of Sunfowers within Ninleyn's glade. We head back to Sumaldi and bring Ilthuryn's golem back to the new Sunflower patch in Ninleyn's grove.

Duesday 22nd Frost

Back at the Ruby Waters, the ritual is complete. Ruith is a young High Elf.

We fly over the forest of Arlynn to the western edge of the Fastness of Girwyllan where Ruith picks up the trail and leads us into the hills east of the Standing Stones. Up the slope is a circle of about a dozen trees, Ruith indicates that the trail leads here.

The Wrath of Winter and Summer

Telepathy reveals raging emotions from within the mound. Trees at the top are Ents, Iron Bark. Speak to Enchanted, then touching one with the staff wakes them enough that we can start to understand them.

They say they are protecting Lyria, we convince them we have the same motives and they open the ground to let us in.

Stone work, ice covered iron-bound solid oak door.

We melt the ice and open the door, a blizzard blasts out, we advance, sensing two hostile minds within. They attack, an Ice Dragon and a Yeti, Icy Blasts, Ice Bolts, nasty melee damage. We hit them with Fire, Lightning, Phantasms, melee and Quentin - they don't last long. Skeletal remains of several Drow who died thousands of years ago which we loot.

Further in, some cells, prisoners, mostly died of starvation. Dead Elves, Humans, Dwarf, all from long ago.

Further in, a hot door, we prepare to face fire creatures. Get two of them on Telepathy and wait for the Phantasms to deal to them then go in and get jumped by the other two. Breathe Weapons vs Weapons of Ice, fairly quick fight, we're very grateful for the Fire Armour and protection provided by Lyria's staff.

We stop to do Ancient Divination (4 hrs) on the complex, the rooms we've faced seem to be manifestations of rage and seasons (Winter & Summer), there are two more that we think are Moon & Roots. There's something in the middle linking it all.

Indications are that the bodies we've found were the Drow originally controlling this complex until things got out of control.

Healing the Moon and Unsundering

Preparing for Celestial magics, we enter the moon door, seeing a moonlit glade with occasional eyes peering out from under the willows. There's a girl sitting about 70' ahead of us with an apparently injured fawn in her lap. "It's hurt, can you help?"

Wolves move out from the trees and surround us.

We move forward, free the fawn's trapped foot, heal it and give her a hug (making contact with the tablet). This seems to work, the fawn departs, the wolves follow or fade into the trees, the girl takes us by hand and leads us further forward.

More cells, more dead Drow.

We come to a door that has roots through and around it. We use the block to part the roots, pull the door open, then clamber over rubble and around roots through the circular room and north through another corridor into a large room where a forest dragon is wrapped around fractured Lyria.

She has been split by a stone spike that has broken her apart physically, spiritually, and mentally; over the physical, astral, ethereal and Fae. Roots emerge from her and extend through the cavern.

We Divine, search and find a hidden Skeleton Key, then decide we need help. Calling on Syrianth (via Maelstrom) and Ehrendil.

They arrive several hours later, explanations and discussions...

Syrianth opens a portal to the Fae realm, we're in a forest clearing, otherwise the same sundered Lyria, Dragon, girl, and roots.

Portal to the Ethereal, an island floating in the multi-coloured mist, sundered Lyria, Dragon, girl, and roots. The divisive stone has a keyhole and rune controls attached to it. Divination reveals the steps that could be applied to undo it.

Portal to the Astral, sundered Lyria, Dragon, girl, and roots. The divisive stone also has a keyhole and rune controls attached to it.

Amira in the Ethereal, Eydis in the Astral, we enact the reverse function on the stone which brings her back together. Then turn it off.

Place the block on Lyria's chest in the Fae realm, this wakes her enough to retract her roots and consolidate on one plane.

All meet up on Alusia, we get the girl and Dragon to join hands with Lyria Prime which works to join them.

Burn the spike with a Consummation of Fire and Water, flee the explosion.

Then take Lyria to the Ruby Waters for an extensive convalescence, the Ents slowly make their way there to join her.

Debrief and Rewards

W'nsday 23rd Frost - Frysday 25th Frost

Reporting in to our various employers and picking up our rewards...


Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Duration Buffs (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Am Ca Ey Ha Qu Re M/H
Enchant Armour (Am) 20 +42% Def +1 AP 10 ½ hrs Y Y Y - Y Y Y
Strength of Stone (?) ? +? EN ? hrs Y
Resist Cold (Ha) 12 +4 Temp Gauge, -4 Cold Dmg. 7 hrs Y
Protection from Fire (Re) 8 Protection: fire, heat, smoke (non-magical) 9 hrs Y
Fire Armour (Re) 7 32 Ablative Prot. vs Magical Fire Damage 8 hrs Y
Great Heroism (Q) 15 +4% to Strike, +1 Damage, +8% to Reaction & Fear Rolls* 8 hrs Y Y Y Y * Y
Greater Ench. (Am) 20 +21% to 2 of: Com, Mag, Res, and S&S. 4 days CR MS CR CR MS
We bring 16,000sp of Black Myrrh with us to have the option of 8 days with GE on all areas.
From Braegon
Lesser Enchantment for 3 Months - All
Blessing +50 vs Disease/Infection +30 Fertility for 7 Months - All
36 bandages. Take 3 pulses to apply, heal 29 damage. Expire after 12 weeks. - Distributed evenly
Loan of a couple of magic weapons if required: Sabre (+10 +3), Scimitar (+10 +3), Estoc (Unbreakable), Tulwar (All wounds are bleeders) - Reko.
Loan of reusable invested rk 10 Witchsight, once per day, duration 1 hour - Amira.
From Ninleyn
Summer Mead
Curse Removing Mead x 7
Short Duration/Situation Buffs
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Am Ca Ey Ha Qu Re M/H
Ice Traversal (Ha) 12 4 targets, +5 tmr over level ice/snow. 4h 20m *
Enchant Weapon (Am) 20 +21% SC + 7 Damage 25 m
Weapon of Cold (Ha) 12 +13% SC + 5 Damage (+15 vs Fire Creatures) 17m
* On Haedric, Ice Traversal lasts 13 hrs, will be re-cast to be always on.
Eydis' Mandolin -
when played 20' radius, +10SC, +2 dam, +10 fear checks, +10MR vs undead or unholy
Enhance Enchant (Am)
Rank 7
Self Only Buffs
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Am Ca Ey Ha Qu Re M/H
Great Heroism (Q) 15 +16% to Strike, +2 Damage, and +16% to Reaction & Fear Rolls 8 hrs Y
Ice Armour (Ha) 13 20% 3 AP 13 Fire/pulse 1 SG 7 ½ Hrs Y
Igloo, 2' thick walls of bound ice, 15' internal radius, entrance 5-8' high and long. Internal temp -10° but it feels like +8° with inbuilt Cold Resistance. Dur 11 hrs.
Illusory Fog, 330' radius, Fog height 30', 50' visibility. Dur 21 hrs (usually 12).

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Amira Haedric Eydis Amira
Cassandra Reko Quentin Motlie/Haldir

Marching Order:

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Quentin Haedric
Amira Cassandra
Eydis Reko

Double File

Quentin Haedric
Amira Cassandra
Eydis Reko

Single File


Loot and Expenses


Winter: Frost 821 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting Seagate, Brastor 2 Emmitsburg, Greenwood 3 Greenwood, Summer Bees 4 Greenwood, Emmitsburg, Sweetwater-Wandle 5 Wandle, Cam's Tower, Greenwood 6 Greenwood, Cam's Tower
Moon3.jpg 7 Cam's Tower, Hills of Aldri 8 Aldri - Valindra & Orcs 9 Hills of Aldri 11 Aldri, Slippery Rock, Ruby Waters 12 RW, Cam's Tower, Filgiso 13 Filgiso - Ehrendil
Moon0.jpg 14 Filgiso, Ruby Waters 15 RW, Forest of Karsharak - Elbereth 16 K., Cam's, Sumaldi, Shorapur 17 Moving Ilthuryn from Sumaldi to Greenwood
Moon1.jpg 21 Greenwood 22 Ruby Waters, Fastness of Girwyllan 23 Debrief and rewards then back to Seagate. 26 27
Moon2.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Winter: Snow 820 (8)
Moon3.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon0.jpg 12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC2 21 DoC3 22 DoC4 23 DoC5 24 DoC6 25 DoC7
Moon2.jpg 26 DoC8 27 DoC9 28 DoC10 29 DoC11 30 Twelfth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice 820 (9)
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