Braegon's Pass

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The newest and smallest pass through the hills between Brastor and the Sweet Riding.

The road runs through some very rugged terrain that has been levelled and flattened and in a few places the road tunnels straight through solid stone. The road is about 12 feet at the narrowest and considerably wider in some places.

The western end of the road ends as the ground levels out into the broad grasslands of the Sweet Riding.

The eastern end of the pass emerges from the last cutting into a small wooded valley running towards Tobintown.

At both ends of the pass are comfortable defendable caves that are used by patrols in the area.

Carved into the rock face at the east end of the pass:

In memory of Sir Gaius de Malvallet 
and the Knights of the Wrath of Michael 
who died here so that others would live.

A small stream has been diverted to create a gentle waterfall beside the memorial before continuing its way down the valley.