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Current game date for build-up
Harvest, Mid-Autumn 817wk
What do the numbers mean?
Information is only ever completely accurate in hind-sight and even then it gets filtered by opinion but the bold numbers should be a guide to how unreliable the info is.
  1. - First-hand info from a qualified guild member or equally reliable source.
  2. - Second hand info from a reliable source or verified by other sources.
  3. - Third hand info from good sources or questionable second hand sources.
  4. - Fourth hand, unverified rumour.


Ruby Scourge

The RS is playing with the hearts of the Drow. Now has ability to change into a Human, Drow or Elf looking entity. Once a loyal member of the Crying Sable Raven Clan it is now supporting friends within the Drow War Party. [AV-817] 3

The RS also has Count Kree Taijin of Borovia 'a Guild member' who is charmed and working as a loyal servant. [AV-817] 3

The RS is said to be behind the Drow with the use of his kicking dog slave and portal priests Skilzek Drog. [AF-817] 3

Karisi, the Lady of Dark Dreams

The RS has surrounded himself with a powerful Human & Drow cult of Dragon worshipers led by Karisi, the Lady of Dark Dreams. [AV-817] 3


Either Wicca or Rune counter spells should help vs Janx. [AF-817] 1

Weilds a portal with such skill it cuts people in two. [AV-817] 1

Attempted to steal the Kings Scepter.[AV-817] but character actions stopped it. 1


Borovia as at Winter 817

Most of the villages, towns, keeps and other major settlements are abandoned but occasional patrols do visit them, they seem deadly quiet.

Rumour has it the Drow Commander in the Borovia area is Lady Dunmer Moriquendi. She is an excellent Military Scientist & Mage. She has complete local clan (Moriquendi Clan) support and she has two elite bodyguards. 3

Some traders have been spotted taking small shipments by wagon and barge into Borovia. 3

There is some form of social life within the greater Borovia valley with groups of guards and what seem to be noble elves 'Drow' coming in with gifts and supplies by way of the portal. Half a dozen high court social nights of either dancing in the style of a ball, or more often fairs with entertainers from the home land. There are a lot of troops guarding these balls and many people attend. 1

Southern Border

Over the last two years four major forts have been built (by Western Kingdom) in Northern Borderlay across the valley where the Ruv River joins the Montrachet River. There are four major forts and numerous smaller earthwork fortifications. The forts from west to east are Vurdun, Liège, Loncin & Embourg. The first and last are build on ridge-lines in the surrounding hills while the others overlook the west and eastern banks of the Montrachet to the south of delta. 1

Merchants report considerable business stocking these forts.2

Considerable levels of silt and pollution are continuing to flow down the Ruv.1

Borovia Town

Borovia Town as at Winter 817

The weather environment for the area centred on Borovia Town and radiating out for nearly 15 to 20 miles is appalling. The area, including the air above up to several thousand feet, is in perpetual gloom, with thick cloud almost down to the ground level. The air is constantly filled with sleet whipped up by fierce and chaotic winds, making flying within the area dangerous to suicidal. 1 The ground under this environment is near freezing slushy mud and almost all plants and animals are weak or dead. Pools of icy cold water and sheets of frozen icy ground prevail, making travel hard and hazardous. 1

Nearer Borovia Town the forges and fires have polluted the environment to the extent there is ash on much of the ground and the air is sulphurous and poisoned. 1 What remains of the town of Borovia is now home to the Golden Desert Wolves led by Lady Dunmer Moriquendi. 1

Castle Ravenloft

The castle, overlooking Borovia town is held by a group named MoMoLa. 3

Borovia Mines

The trees of the woods and forests north of the town have been logged and there is now a huge open mine. 1

The Dinossz City regular troops, lead by Sub Commander Gredia Dinossz, are housed in the Borovia open mines, which is also said to be home to the Infected Prince Smith and servants.

Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn, works for the Infected Prince.

Infected Prince Smith

The Infected Prince Smith is a were-creature of unknown type, but has been reported to turn into a giant wolf/elf form and a giant mana/magma form. 4

He is a skilled arcane Smith with many shaped items. 4

Infected Prince Smith has over the last few years organised large scale excavation and digging for the sacred crypts. 4

He is able to curse people when he looks upon them. 4

He has imported over two dozen giants who are ruthlessly running many hundreds of slaves. They work in a huge forge and foundry with many large mystical machines used for some odd refinery. 4

Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn

He(?) is a Greater Summoner & Necromancer from an unknown Fae or Seelie realm. 4

It is known that they work with what is known as the Careful Dark Water Servants of the Dark Terror which are thought to be located in Shriven Hills. 4

Is a skilled Portal mage & leader of the Skilzek Drog (a group of serpent mages). 4

Dilxae Baenath is visited by four old friends from Terranova who visit and bring supplies from the old world for the first half of the month (Fruit 817). 4 These are 2 succubi and 2 incubi, hence the half of the month 1

Vallaki Village

The village of Vallaki is in the upper area of Borovia on the southern side of Lake Zarovich.

It is occupied by Dozar City Regional Guard, lead by Sub Commander Wayfair Prev. 1

1,100 troops of average & poor quality. 1

Rumoured to be looked down on by the Drow.

The Caleen Walkers

Sighted in Borovia, patrolling the borders.

They are a capable human mercenary group led by Sub Commander Dan Mich (Human) and is a total force of around 1,800 A grade troops. 1

Elven Isles

The Elven Isles are a group of islands deep in the Western Ocean. Extent of the Isles is about 100 x 100 miles. Approx 3,000 miles west of Seagate, 2,000 miles WSW of Destiny, 5,000 miles east of Terra Nova.

Elven Isles

The mystical Sea Elf town is mostly located offshore underwater with minor elements (large village size) on shore.

There are Human and Sea Elf slaves. 1


A large cloud or fog bank covers a dozen miles out from where the islands should be. It is from the sea level to about 2 miles up. The visibility at sea level is near zero as in under twenty feet. It is cool and extremely still with calm still waters out from the islands for a couple of miles. 1 Enhanced Vision pierces the fog as normal. 1

The icky air making up the cloud is coming from a hole in the ground many miles away. Estimated to be the location of the old Elvish Naval base. 1

There is a school/flock of Greater Undead Flying (Animal-Growthed) Sharks within the fog, they are dispersed over an area of about 1 mile. 1

Guild Library records mention a cloud like the one reported which allowed for some form of undead to move within them. Once you have spent a large amount of time on the Elvish Isles and you can clearly see thru the "fog" or "cloud" and it no longer obstructs your vision at all. (Note to turf from jono)

Aquatic Siren Call

Closer to the islands there is some form of enchanted aquatic song which calls to you. 1

The siren call is from an ancient Elvish item known as "The Sea Kraken Hearthstone" which is resistible at range (several miles) but not up close (within 1 mile). 1 Works on sentient creatures in the water. 1 Water College Counterspells help with the resistance. 1

The source of the Sea Kraken call which is a stone in a deep well 1 which must be open to the sea somewhere down in its depths. 2 The well is accessed with easy within the cave 1

More info about the artefact has been requested from the Elves.

Dolphin Island Harbour and Shipyards

Over a dozen ships are anchored in the shelter of the bay off the western end of Dolphin Island. 1
They are Lord Azzur's ships from the Black Fleet, and an old Cog troop transport ship. 1
They are disguised and talked about as ships from Eltrandor and Destiny. 1

The sailors on the transport ship are mostly moving by small craft into a cave (set into the shoreline) and you can see from some distance that people are working on huge ships in a large underground cave. 1

This matches the rumours of the old Elvish navy base.

The old doors into the cave are open, in ruins and probably could no longer be closed. There are signs a huge creature has bashed its way in. 1

One of the six ships should be ready now (Start of Winter 817), but isn’t for some reason, and the others will be finished their refit within the next three months (end of Winter - early Spring 817). The others are a long time away maybe 8-9 months (Autumn - Winter 818wk). 1

Shark Island

Many hundreds of Drow come and go daily by portal to the islands from Terrenova 'or other areas' and move on to Borovia. 1
The portal to Borovia stands a few hundred feet away from the Terrenova portal. Both are tall arches set into the ground, and even now you can feel the smell of blood magic coming off them.1
They have 200-300 Drow guards - warriors and mages as well as many Drow using them along with many slaves.1

Dolphin Island Headland

On the headland close to the shore is a large camp which is well dug in, well built and is home to 500+ Drow troops. 1

The fog near that area seems to be slowly draining your health, leaving you with a cold chill. Divination shows any form of Necromantic protection (including jade Amulets) are sufficient to avoid the current level of Drain. 1

Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer

Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer

Master Bluevane

Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer has an invisible male companion known as Master Bluevane who is only seen dressed in rich high court dandy fashion who is fixated with luck magic and is always seen with playing cards used in the Drow card game of Prava. 3

Reports from spies & courtiers in the City of Dylath say he may be a Mind mage, Spy & Assassin. 3

Agents in Dylath inform me that that Master Bluevane has become heartbroken over a woman from over the sea and they speculate that this may be Missy Ratajkowski. Others in Dylath do not think Master Bluevane is capable of love and think something else is going on. This is only confused but others thinking that his love is dead, and may have been a sacrifice in the pits of the Dylath temples. 3

Carzala and South

Autumn 817: Some very clever scouts (three different groups) in Carzala are tracked, Jedburgh and the Duke's men make contact, the groups used Wiccan and Rune magics. One location they spent time at is a large family crypt that had been opened and hidden behind a secret door is a newly crafted underground cave, which contains a ring of small standing stones which could be used by a rune mage. At the other locations are hidden boltholes of weapons and food and outfits for fitting in within the general population of Seagate. The investigation at the guild of the dead bodies reveal that two of the five are Drow and three are Humans. Both of the Drow are Rune mages of good level of spells, with a wide range of spy skills. One of the Guild Necromancers points out they used some form of blood magic so we are not able to speak to the dead. It is questionable if they can even be resurrected.


The Superstition Mountain Dwarves are secretly (through middle-men) buying up weapons through Seagate and other sources. 1

Destinian Ambassador

Don Paulo De Marona is the Destinian Ambassador to the Carzalan Court. He is working out of Seagate.

He likes gambling & women. He has a protected aura and his staff & bodyguards work to clean up unwanted issues.

Rumour has it that he will soon be tasked with cleaning up the Destiny name.

Elven Consulate

Grace Wind Estate is the Elven Consulate in Carzala.

They have been buying in extra food and supplies. 2

Sea of Grass

Autumn 817: A large group (500 to 1,200 of tall Kinlu people) came through a portal somewhere in the Sea of Grass (Often this area is a portal to the Pasifika area) move through the Sweet Riding and head south-east skirting Brastor Holdings and at night moving towards Novadom. 1

A small group of Kinlu scouts (10 people) made contact with Dwarves in some form of well hidden depot in the foothills outside Novadom. 1

Goblins were found coming through the Beth Salem portal on the Sea of Grass, interrogating them revealed that the Drow somewhere on Alusia have been throwing goblins into a portal in attempts to send them places. According to this group of goblins most of the groups died in the attempts. This suggests that the Drow are using some sort of brute force method to try and subvert portals, which may be how they have done it in Borovia and the Elven Isles.

Divination of one of the goblins requested

Gatar Depression

Brastor traders say that when in the Gatar Depression, they noticed 'strange lights & sounds' coming from the evil Dark Watch town in the area. They avoided it. 3

They did say that they had trouble crossing a large disturbance in the ground which was 50 foot across and cut into the ground left and right for as far as the eye could see. It was as if some giant monster had ripped up the ground. 3

Superstition Mountains

Buying up weapons through Seagate and other sources. 1

Some people seem to be undertaking scouting training on the edge of Borovia Hold. 3

The Borovian levy are training to get ready to be deployed into Borovia and maybe the Elvish Isles. They are getting the support of some unnamed merchant prince in Brastor covertly supplying equipment for them to use. They have these bombs which when let off on the ground create a hole which vanishes after a short time. Items can be hidden in the hole. It can somehow be opened later on by the person using the bomb.

Clan Chief Dunbait Hammerstrong III is planning on hosting a gathering of those wishing to resolve the Borovia Drow problem.

Princess & War leader Mordrin is Princess of the Path (walks in the world) and a great war leader and she is able to call the Axe Alliance to arms. Many legends speak of this and her ability to re-open and re-start the Great Forge & Furnace.


Autumn 817: In the south of Brastor at the head of the Champion River the Temple of the Knights an entity was disturbed investigating the temple. In the resulting combat many guards were killed and other Knights who quickly came to their aid also suffered wounds. The intruder was probably one of the Janx.


Local merchants supplying Dwarven traders in the foothills out of town, with large amounts of food which does not seem bound for the Superstition Mountains.

A huge band of soldiers and warriors who are clearly Drow are working with the Dwarves outside of Novadom. They have moved off down the coast south, from Novadom. Someone in many markets across many cities (Arzdorf to Tycho) has been attempting to purchase St John's-wort. Many tons of St John's-wort has been stolen in Brandenburg which has increased jitters in the market. The demand is well beyond normal. Prices for this are expected to go up.

Please consult with Herbalists about uses of St John's Wort

Five Sisters

Autumn 817: The Elemental Brothers, disguised as Elves from Aśan, travelled from Tycho City to Adjepbar then Kirkul, looking for someone, probably Janx.

Adjepbar concerned about foreigners trying to gain influence over the mystical Blue Sands trade.

Odd trading ships are sailing under the Aśan flag.

Western Kingdom


King Ulric plans to appoint Baron Clementine of Seagate to lead the mission of the Rapiers to Borovia.

Aurora inserted into court politics.


Autumn 817: more fighting in Sanctuary than normal and someone said it was a shipment or cargo of goods at the core of the troubles. 4

Autumn 817: Some Drow are in town wanting to recruit a three troupe of entertainers, for the next years service. 3

Kings Rapiers

This elite band of 200 Halfling Fighters (and occasional Mage) has great stature in the Western Kingdom as the loyal protectors of the King. All are well dressed and have red tri-corn hats. They were previously known as The Tricorne Hobbits of the King's Rapiers.

Rumour has it that the King of the Western Kingdom is sending The King's Rapiers to remove the Drow from Borovia at his (step-)sister's request.

Some of the Kings Rapiers (20 or so) were seen in New Seagate in Autumn 817. They regularly dine at Alphonses. 3

Rumour has it that Lady Celene of Alfheim, Ambassador to the Western Kingdom is rumoured to be about to give a gift to the new Captain of The Kings Rapiers, once appointed. 3

Brandenburg and Caulder

Lord Azzhur is involved - extent to be determined. Some of his ships are at the Isles.

Two guild spys in Brandenburg city report they are being watched. [AF-807] 2

Missy Ratajkowski

A companion of Lord Azzur

Lord Azzur of Calder is romantically involved and is said to be in love with the capable and alluring Elven courtier - Missy Ratajkowski who is said to have been rescued by Lord Azzur from the Drow in the Elvish Isles. 3

She is said to be the most one of the beautiful woman in the Western Kingdom, and this is supported by the fact that she turns heads in public and people stop in the street upon seeing her. Even your agent has said that his heart skipped a beat when seeing her. 3

She is known to speak many languages and is said to be a good and kind person who loves poetry song birds and kittens. She has given arms to the poor and supported many issues within Calder and courtiers have noted that she receives letters from any that have had the good fortune to deal with her. 3

She is said to be on good terms with Reeve Stephen Willowtown and Lieutenant Duncan Sil who are both trusted servants/agents/henchmen of Lord Azzur.

Reeve Stephen Willowtown

Is a worshipper of Kukulak (Khulian God of Storms), who somehow has a combination of Wicca, Air & Ice magics.

Lieutenant Duncan Sil

He is a ship's’ captain and a mage, of great skill. He is a skilled Blood Binder, which has allowed him to create and animate his two dozen steel guard.[Caulder] [AF-817] 2

The Steel Guard

These Steel Guard are animated and enchanted warriors (with magical weapons) which are immune to magic spells, fast and agile and twice as strong as a person. They can fly. [Caulder] [AF-817] 2

Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan

Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan is known to be in exile from the Empire of Azuria. She does not speak the common tongue. She is said to be close to Lieutenant Duncan Sil one of Lord Azzur’s henchmen. [Caulder] [AF-817] 2

812 WK stopped off in Calder during a journey and was captured. Her six maids died within the first three years.
814 WK her family was cursed never to enjoy the sun by the current Emperor of Azuria.


Destiny came to an understanding in 812 WK. The Dons were approached by agents (Master Bluevane) of Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer. The agreement was for Destiny to -

  • Not work against any Drow ships or fleet for the next five years.
  • Not support or work for the Western Kingdom or merchants of the Western Kingdom.

Destiny got paid a large sum in coin for this service in early 813 WK.

Destiny was again approached by agents (Master Bluevane) in late 813 WK with an offer for both the Drow and Destiny to get rich. The plan was for Destiny to purchase the islands from the Drow and then on-sell them to Alfheim. It looks as if Don Paulo De Marona (Destinian Ambassador to the Carzalan Court) will soon be tasked with cleaning up the Destiny name.

Terra Nova

The War Party is said to have gained more power with some form of magical pool in a far off land across the sea - maybe the Elven Isles as

The War Party were involved supporting the Infected Prince Smith to be granted permission to come to Borovia by Lady Dunmer Moriquendi who is said to work for Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer Moriquendi.

It is said that the Dinossz City will gain much standing and honour if they open the sacred crypt in Borovia.

They (Dinossz City troops?) have been trying to raise the money to get Count Kree Taijin from one of their allies to return him to Borovia to help with the mid winter ritual.


Borovia Task Force

Sir Celladoor Bladekind is now appointed by the Alfheim Court to lead the expedition into the human lands to free it of Drow. He is a fast mover and it is expected that he will act within the year. He mostly has the support of the Beltan Elves, who are led by Captain Willowhelm. 2

Elven Isles Task Force

Mistress Quillian Warthold has been tasked with sorting out the Elven Isles. She leads a team of Elvendar Scouts and water mages. A limited number of enchanted cords are available to people who will spend time on the Isles. Quillian Warthold is expected to be leading the 1,200 Elven Scouts and Rangers. 200 Sea Elf scouts & water mages. At this stage the Elves are expected in Seagate sometime in 818 WK at Grace Wind Estate in Carzala, and they will arrive by flying Beltan ship.

Delph and Pasifika

Trade from Pasifika going west is pretty much non existent at present, so Pasifika appears a dead end for following leads on the Drow lands or the Empire of the Sun. 1

However there are already reports from the Drow city of Misra on Delph indicating that their Sea trade appears to be suffering due to some kind of anomaly, possibly some kind of magical pool which is presumably in their harbour. 3