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The College of Binding and Animating Magics

This relatively uncommon and urbanised branch of the Thaumaturgies is best known for their creating a variety of Golems as magically animated servants and for each of their number harbouring ambitions to take over the world.

Commonly known as "Binders" and are widely speculated to be a debased offshoot of the ancient and mysterious Shapers.

Rules and Common Interpretations

This section is for clarifications and common interpretaions of the rules related to the college. Golems and golem related magic are covered in their own page.

Itemisation (S-7)

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day + 1 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 300
Base Chance: 25%
Resist: None
Storage: None
Target: Object

Effects: One object is transformed into a representative figurine of itself. This spell will fail if the target is not free-standing or if the target does not fit within a 5 foot (+ 1 / Rank) cube. The figurine will look like the original item but have the structural strength of soft wood and will have no moving parts. The figurine will be 1/12th of the size (min 1 inch in its longest dimension) and 1/10th the weight of the original. Any items contained within the target will not be affected, and may destroy the item as it shrinks. The figurine will revert to normal when the spell expires or the figurine is broken.

What Can and Can't Be Itemised
If the target is conceptually an object then it is itemisable. If it is a collection of discrete objects then it is not. Examples:
Can Be Itemsised Can't Be Itemised
A Flask of Water An uncontained volume of water
A Bag of Sugar A Bag of Apples
A cubic foot of ice A cubic foot of bound water
An empty pack A pack full of adventuring equipment
If you were to empty a 2lb bag of flour then you get a pile of flour, if you empty a bag of half a dozen apples then you get 6 apples. The bag of flour is conceptually one object, the apples are discrete objects.
An object is generally solid, self-contained, discrete. A bucket of water is an object, the water on its own is not, but if you freeze it then the block of ice is an object.