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Best Death


  • Autumn 805 - Kern - Charged towards a keep to fight the defenders - and was whirlwind vortexed at the doorway.
  • Summer 805 - Mordred – Was alone among undead and fought on to the bitter end.
  • Spring 804 - No vote
  • Autumn 804 -Silverfoam - being ripped apart by the air elemental. He spent the two rounds before his inevitable death raising everyone else's moral. (Cheer up - it's not happening to you)
  • Summer 804 - Human - While attacking a church he died on the first stroke even though he's immune to most things except fire, acid, and holy water. The gargoyles were throwing holy roof tiles.


  • Autumn 805 - Talon - While in the lowest level of the Dark Tower, the rest of the party were killing their way towards the Dark Lieutenant while he was doing a ritual. Talon, did an end-run around the fight and managed to pour Waters of Gaia on the sacrificial victim, disrupting the ritual, before being killed.
  • Summer 805 - Gerald – He was being attacked by two flappy skin things. He went into close, and could not get out.
  • Summer 805 - Gok – After being nearly drained by the artifact, he was hit by a TK rage/ That killed him.
  • Spring 804 - Gerald – Attacked by skin golems that coated him with poison gas
  • Spring 804 - Millizant – Was in the Middlemarches in the slow portal. Hellfire elemental and undead attacked knocking Millizant off the path into the swamp.
  • Spring 804 - Radon – was pushed into death for a short time.
  • Autumn 804 -Jhiselle - was firebombed by Brightflare. Since she is pacted to Sier, Brightflare is now a thief magnet.
  • Summer 804 - Reck - She was death cursed to die in 24 hours. So she decided to hold a wake and drank herself to death.