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of Elves lead by Dorian out of Alfheim and into the east.

A very large force of aether ships of assorted sizes left Alusia to counter a hereto unexplained inter planar threat. This very militant group of Elves were determined not to let the light fade over Elvish achievements. Their raison d'etre is that the past glories of the Empire prior to the war of tears must be restored at all costs.

Their symbols include a red heart in a gold cup (Like a C on its left side) on a gold cross or a outline heart shape. Banner, flags and tabards worn tend to be white with green detail.

---The Great War---

The Beltan have been engaged in conflict with the Calamar for a very long time. How long is difficult to say given the prevalence of time altering magics used by both sides but a conservative estimate is about 30,000 years. As a result, the entire Beltan culture is shaped and defined by this ongoing conflict.

That the Beltan are winning is beyond questioning. They can point to a series of victories and achievments all pointing towards eventual total victory in the foreseeable future. That they are currently fighting on their plane of origen, have major supply problems and are almost totally alien to normal elves are merely seen as the vagaries of war on what are very fluid fronts.

Beltan are soldiers first and pursue other trades as secondary considerations. Farming, crafts, art and culture are all performed by sqauds and cadres of warriors all for the greater war effort. Growing potatoes is a military exercise of the same importance as seiging strongpoints or scoutng enemy positions. A Beltan knows their every effort is going towards victory over their enemies.

---Beltan Physiology---

Beltan are different from more mainstream elves. They emphasise strength, hardiness and dedication to the cause over other more ethereal concerns. While more fecund than other elves millenia of conflict has resulted in the average Beltan having a natural life expectancy of about 500 years. Only occasional Beltan are immortal like normal elvenkind. Since your average Beltan rarely survives past 100, it's not something they notice much. To normal elves the Beltan seem to be a race of adolescant soldiers.

---Return to Alusia--- As the Calamar started a concerted influx into Alusia To Ruska with Love the Beltan Elves followed them home. In 808wk they established a training base and hospital in Elfenburg.

---I want one as a PC!---

No. That would be silly. Why would anyone want to play a warrior caste elf in a combat centric game? Actually the Beltan would like access to some of the wierd artifacts that Guild members stumble across. Several junior scouts have been sent to apply as Guild members.