Beauty and the... Two Beasts?

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Scribe Notes


GM: Kita
Season: Winter 822.
Night: Thursday
Location: Online
Level: Lowish

  1. Elidon - talented Elvish archer
  2. Boom Boom - clumsy alchemist (Supervising GM)
  3. Remel - elderly cook. Scribe and Mil Sci
  4. Snowdrop - talkative ice mage
  5. Kaitva - Axe carrier. Party Leader
  6. Rhoswen - Repairer of things

DreamScape Library on Storybrooke, on the plane of Children's Playground


To help fix the storybook of Beauty and the Beast.


12,000sp, two healing potions and any loot the party find

Scribe Notes

I'm really sorry Remel but I couldn't resist stealing your scribe note journal, while you were napping, and making edits and additions to it before putting it back but, I felt I had to - Snowdrop

Summary Notes

  • Meeting Pixie and Walter. Head to the Library, attacked by Bandits
  • Defeat the bandits lead by Monsieur Wood
  • Meet Ollie at library. Shop. Enter "Beauty and the Beast" book
  • Enter book and meet Belle
  • Fight the violent violet vine
  • Collect remaining ingredients. Meet dragons. Make potion and awaken father.
  • New chapter. Head to Castle via forest. Fight wolves.
  • Find castle. Release Belle from cells. Beast flees castle.
  • Release imprisoned staff. Find unconscious real Beast.
  • Chase, but loose fake Beast. Return baby dragons. Prepare castle for attack
  • Fight undead hordes and fake Beast. He surrenders, it is Gaston. The Jester gave him power to do this

Full Notes

Pixie and the Six Adventures

We settled into meeting room five, the one with the good chairs, and our employer, a young girl called Pixie, explains to us she has received a message from help from the Dreamscape Library. She is from the plane “Children's Playground”, that a few other guild parties have visited in the past. In exchange for some money and healing potions she would like us to answer their request for help, which we quickly agree. We introduce ourselves to each other and fill out the guild paperwork. The next few hours are spent making various arrangement - obtaining lesser enchantments, Kaitva buying amulets and Boom Boom buying what some could consider an excessive amount of grenados. I spent most of my time in the Guild Library doing research on the Plane as well as experimenting having fun with the Waterbreathing spell Remel had previously cast on us

A few hours later we walk though the cupboard in the guild kitchen, the portal to Children's Playground and find ourselves in a cellar. Pixie leads us up some stairs and through stately rooms and introduces us to a young child called Walter, he acts much older than he looks. Walter is surprised to see us, not aware Pixie was seeking help. Walter explains they received a message from the Dream-scape library seeking help as to find their missing chief librarian, who has been missing for five days. Walter kindly casts Enchantments on us, and provides us directions to the Library in the town of the Season Wood.

Monsieur Wood and the Four Giants

The party, accompanied by Pixie, head east from The Valley of the Sun along a well-made brick road. Winter is approaching, its cold but not unpleasant as we travel through rolling plains and fields. The first three days are uneventful and pass quickly, however on the afternoon of the fourth day we are set upon by bandits – a large 6ft tall hairy man wielding an enormous sword, accompanied by four hill giants and an archer, demand a toll of everything we own. It should be noted that the hill giants were wearing pink tutus and costume faerie wings, so we were basically dealing with Monsieur Wood and his Fairy Men

A violent battle follows; Kaitva takes on two of the giants on her own and is staggered by mighty blows, Boom-Boom expertly dispatches on a giant on his own, Elidon peppers the battlefield with arrows, Rhoswen and Snowdrop fight and defeat a giant between them. The party are victorious with the giants slain, Monsieur Wood looks at the bodies littering the battlefield and flees, disappearing in a cloud of pixie dust. I really want to know how he did that as it looked awesome. The sole survivor, the archer, surrenders and is bound up – we interrogate him but he can tell us very little. The party heal and search the bodies of the giants. I claimed one of the faerie wings as my own and we discovered that they convey featherfall but reduce stealth as the wearer tends to stand out. We spend the day walking and about midday we reach Season Wood, where the land transitions into snow. Pixie explains there is a crystal in the library that controls the seasons in the town. The ranger begs to be released but we hand him over to the town guard.

Ollie and the Ornate Library

Ollie - assistant librarian

The Library, an incredibly ornate building, is the centre piece of the town. We enter the library and it is just as ornate inside as well and appears to be much bigger that it looks from the outside. We meet Ollie, a 10ft half giant who is the assistant librarian, who is pleased to see us answer his request for help. He explains the books in the library are gateways to the plane, where every book is a story on the plane. Only the librarian can open the books, this stops anyone else messing up the stories. The Librarian went missing some week ago and all the books became unlocked and stories messed up. Ollie spent weeks fixing the minor mistakes but there are ten stories that he needs help to fix, he cant do that himself as he needs to look after the library.

Ollies offers us a few stories to help fix, we reject the story of dragons and another what is undersea (Boo! I was really keen to do that one). The pages at the end of the story are blank. We settle on Beauty and the Beast. We need to wake up the father of the main character, Belle, so the story can continue. Ollie advises us to seek our Belle, she can help wake her father and fix the story. We find a picture of Belle in the book so we know when she looks like, and Ollie describes Mr Quill to us, the chief librarian. We decide to head into town shopping before we head into the book and buying some weapons, armour and minor magical items as well as a few "cutesie" items ... hehehehe. Upon returning to the library Ollie gives Elidon a book, as he is a talented story teller, that will show us the story and show us any other problems in the book. Ollie opens the book and says some magical words that summon a glowing portal that then moves over the party and pulls them into the book.

Belle and the Violent Violet Vine

As we orientate ourselves, see see a town wall in front of us and we can hear singing drifting across it. Reviewing Elidon's book we learn that Belle will be killed by vines trying to create a potion to help her father awaken from an enchanted sleep. We head through the gate and into the bustling city of Villeneuve and find a large group of people in the town square singing, we spot Belle sitting near a fountain. Approaching Belle we quickly learn she is aware she is in a story and asks where were from, we provide a number of different answers and she isn’t impressed. We explain were here to help her, and her father, but she is not convinced and heads off. We try to follow but lose her (I didn't, but they lost me too), but Boom Boom has a revelation and we look through Elidons books for an illustration of the house and manage to walk through town and find Belle's house where I was waiting for them.


Belle has found her father asleep, and she cannot awake him. She invites us in and we determine her father is cursed, we cannot help him but there is a herbalist in the town Belle believes can assist. The herbalist Yesanith Olaxina is an older looking lady with curly grey hair, she can make a potion and requires the following ingredients;

  • Water from a wishing well – not in town.
  • Bouncing spider juice – in the forest, can be in town. Size of your fist. At least one.
  • Angels trumpet - a flower
  • Morning dew
  • Poison from a violent violet vine – will attack if we go to near. Flower in the middle.
  • Butter scotch

After some discussion we decide to take on the Vine and let Belle locate the other ingredients, we will meet her back at her house that evening. We head into the forest to the north, where the Vine has been seen. After some hours we locate an enormous plant, the size of a house. Casting all our spells for combat we start firing arrows and bolts at the oversize greenery. Its shoots vines out 30 feet to attack the party, squeezing and poisoning us. Kaitva delivers numerous deadly blows with her axe while we try to untangle a near dead Elidon and unconscious Boom Boom. To a cheer from the party, Snowdrop finishes it off the Vine with an ice bolt. Yay! I think I was more surprised than the others. "I killed it? Oh! I killed it. I KILLED IT!!! A healed Boom Boom retrieves the flower, and a few other parts of the Vine.

Wells and the Tiny Dragons

Having secured the vine, Elidon checks the book and discover Belle will fall down a hole in the forest and die. Remel is able to locate Belle via his amulet and about an hour later the party find Belle, alive and well, (I had already found the hole by falling into it and alerting Belle to it's presence. Fortunately the featherfall in the wings kicked in.) just before she falls down a second hole, while looking for the jumping spiders. We search for another few hours and find and successfully capture some spiders, Belle falls down a well but is not seriously injured. We return to Belles house and have chilli for dinner. Hot. Hot! HOT! Thank goodness for the ice-cream

The next morning Kaitva and Elidon rise early and collect dew from the grass. Following a filling breakfast, we head into the forest and find the Angels trumpet flowers, a few hours later we locate a well. We throw down a bucket into the water but are unable to retrieve any water, detecting the water is an illusion Remel climbs down and finds a cavern with a small dragon sitting on top of a horde and a small pond. The rest of the part climb down and we retrieve water and make wishes (just in case). Remel ask the tiny dragon if it wants to accompany us and it agrees, we take a small bag of its horde. Elidon spots a second dragon and it wants to join us too. Both sit on peoples shoulders.

Having found all the ingredients, we return to town and take them to the herbalist then retire to Bells house for lunch as the potion will not be ready until the afternoon. Elidon tells us Belle will now be mugged when were return with the potion so we look menacing and stop Gauston talking to Belle. The potion awakes her father and Elidon tells us Belle will be locked in the Beast's dungeon and never released, Cogsworth was never able to convince the beast to release her.

The Forest and the Vicious Wolves

Vicious Wolves

Walking up the following morning we find it has been snowing, the land is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Belle doesn’t join us for breakfast and we discover her and her father are gone. Looking at Remels amulet we discover she is 5-20 miles to the east, and Elidons book says she is at the Beasts castle. Enquiring with the guards on the east gate we discover Belle left a number of days ago, the party have moved to the next chapter of the book. So much for my swim in the icy lake I was so looking forward to. Boo!

Quickly packing the party depart on foot to the east, Elidons magic makes conversing the snow-covered roads a much simpler task. For reasons I won't go into, I was wearing a green, leafy, faerie dress which went with the faerie wings. Should have had my Ice Armour on as well as it turned out. Around midday a pack of vicious wolves attack the party, their vicious blows knock down Boom-Boom and tears off his ear, and appears to kill the dragons. After a vicious fight all but one of the wolves are slain, and the remaining one killed. Elidon and Kaitva were highly irresponsibly supervisors of the dragons and their poor supervision got them “killed”, but fortunately the dragons reappear in the sacks that contain their loot. In our defense we could not get to the dragons tactically in the fight without putting our own and other party members lives in more danger, the dragon should not have run off far enough to not be able to be approached by a party member quickly Their crystal pendants that they were wearing were also glowing. After a number of potions of healing, the party are ready to continue their journey.

The Party and the Beast

Chip, Mrs. Potts' son

After a few hours walking though the snow we arrive at a dark and ominously looking castle that is surrounded by an enormous wall. Slipping through the gates we head around the back of the castle and try to gain access through the servants entrance. The locked door defeats us, but we convince Chip, a talking cup, to let us in. Taking us to the kitchen we talk to Chef Bouche, the stove, who lets us know the Beast is out of sorts and Lumière wont talk to the Beast, which is why Belle won’t be released.

We hunt for Lumière and find him in the enormous library, he is upset as he believes Featherduster has been flirting with the Beast. We convince him to talk to the Beast and have him release Belle – as she will capture the Beasts eye. Lumière sees the wisdom of this and things suddenly get blurry, when things have returned to normal we see Lumière is missing and the light through the windows has changed. Eildon reviews the book and Belle now dies at dinner with the Beast.

We leave the library and fail to quietly sneak around, attract the attention of the Beast. He is in a foul mood, he is not willing to listen to us and orders us to leave. We manage to contact Belle with magical communication and she quickly appears and calms the Beast. He agrees to listen to us and we head to the dining room for lunch, we explain the issue and come up with a plan to prevent harm coming to Belle at dinner that evening. The Beast agreed with the plan and the party all quickly fall asleep.

Awaking we find that the Beast and Belle have disappears. It appears when we have resolved an issue with the story we are moved to the next crisis in the narrative. Elidon checks the book and it appears much has changed – Beast has fled the castle with the rose, Belle is imprisoned and will die, and the remainder of the staff are locked up. Using our magic we find Belle imprisoned in the tower and Featherduster trapped in a bucket of water in an adjacent cell. Following some healing Belle and Featherduster explain the Beast raged, knocked Belle unconscious and imprisoned both of them. We think the Beast is no longer compelled by the narrative or is being impersonated. It's also time to get serious

A Rose and the Great Reveal

We descend from the tower and begin searching the castle for the imprisoned staff. By now, I've switched back to my regular armour as it's no longer appropriate to be frivolous. Its an enormous castle so we walk round all the main rooms calling out peoples names. We find Lumière in the ballroom, discovering he is in the chandelier positioned high in the room. After some searching we located a hidden panel that reveals switches that lower the chandelier. Lumière explains that after we fell asleep the Beast was dragging Belle into the tower, he tried to stop the Beast and was thrown into the chandelier. Continuing our search we reach the kitchen, the Chef is where we expect – its difficult to hide a stove. He explains he saw the Beast head outside with Ms Potts and returning without her. Heading outside. we find that some of the gardens look disturbed. We dig around (well it was me doing the digging, dunno what the others were doing) and find Ms Potts buried, she is relieve to be rescued. We also find a scroll of summon undead.

Our searching reaches the bedrooms and we hear sounds from inside a Wardrobe, but the wardrobe insists it is following the Beasts orders and will not open up. After some conversation we learn the Wardrobe is an opera singer, and we convince it to sing, mainly by me challenging it to a 'sing-off', which allows us to get inside and rescue a bound Cogsworth. He explains the Beast imprisoned him as well. Explaining recent events, Cogsworth is shocked the rose is missing and explains it’s a crucial part of the story and must be retrieved, he also believes Chip is in the west wing. Reviewing the book we now see the rose is lost and Belle is kept imprisoned in the castle forever.

We search the west wing and must answer some riddles to get past a rather vexing door. We find Chip stuffed inside a chest, with another small dragon, light blue in colour and called Droplet. It wants to accompany the party and hops in Remel's shoulder. Chip is relieved to be rescued and Ms Potts is overjoyed to have him back. He explains the Beast went into the cellar before imprisoning him. Heading to the cellar out initial search reveals nothing, but on close examination we find a hidden door. Snowdrop is able unlock the door and we find the unconscious beast in the room. His aura shows that he is part of the Story so we heal him up and he regains consciousness. He explains that before Belle arrived at the castle a short, halfling sized person with elf like pointy ears visited, requesting the Beasts assistance to change the story. The Beast declined and tried to get rid of them, only to fall unconscious and waking up for the first time now. We think this creature has been impersonating the Beast. The Librarian? Or someone from another story?

After some discussed we decide we must head off quickly and retrieve the rose. The snow make it easy to follow the fake Beasts tracks, which lead into the Dark Forest (The Dark and Spoooooky Forest).

Spooky Forest and the Dragon

Following the tracks through the cold winter night we enter the Dark Forest and soon arrive at the edge of an enormous lake. The tracks continue across the ice so we cautiously follow, however the sound of cracking ice stops us in our tracks. We slowly retreat, but disaster strikes as Elidon falls through the ice. Remel casts water walking and helps him climb out of the water. Using water walking the party able to safely navigate the party across the ice to the far shore.

Following the the tracks for some time we find ourselves approaching a cave, and discover some skeletons buried under the snow. We approach the cave and enter it cautiously, only to be confronted by a terrifying sight – a fully sized dragon, asleep, with the rose in its claw. We retreat out of the cave and talk. The book shows tells us “The flower is crushed by the dragon, belle returns to the town.”. Quizzing the baby dragons they tell us is their mother, so we decide so throw ourselves at her mercy and return her children.

Fortunately, the Dragon, Rena, is pleased to see her children returned and happily returns us the rose. She explains her children had been trapped and could not return to her. She introduces us to Fife, a tiny piccolo who was following the false Beast. Fife explains the False Beast will attack the castle with undead the following night, we decide to retreat to the castle. Returning the rose to the Beast, and explaining the impending attack, we site down for dinner and plan.

The Final Chapter

The following evening we stand in the castle, the cold wind buffeting us, guarding the enormous doors and awaiting the attack. Over a dozen dozen skeletons shamble out of the darkness, BoomBoom lobs grenados at the approaching line but they ignore the flame and keep marching towards us – some alight. We stand in a tight formatting, gripping our weapons as we await their arrival.

Kaitva makes quick work with her axe, slaying many with her wide sweep and battle starts. Rhoswens durability save many of us from more serious damage, and we slowly cut down the skeletons as a wave of zombies approaches. As the zombies are perishing under our weapons the battlefield changes as both the dragon and its children land on the castle roof as well as the fake Beast entering the fight. As the fake Beast is followed by a rainstorm and surrounded by some of the party he surrenders, reveals himself to be Gaston!

Gaston explains he wanted to be the main character of the story, and was granted powerful and scary creature he called the Jester.[More information to be added] We have a late night celebration with the inhabitants of the castle before we finding ourselves back in the library with Ollie. We sit and explain out time inside the story, as Ollie listens intently and with great concern. We bid him goodbye and return on foot to the Valley of the Sun, explaining what happened to Walter before we return through the portal to the guild kitchen.


  • Kaitva - "Snowdrop. It's rude to lick people without permission."
  • Snowdrop, after falling in - "I found the hole"
  • Snowdrop - "No one plans to fall in a hole. They just do it".
  • Kaitva - "A coin a day keeps the dragon at bay"


  • Boom Boom - having lost Belle Boom Boom suggest we look through the guide book for a picture of her house, which allows us to find her.

Story errors fixed

  • Belles father is cursed asleep and never awakens
  • Belle is killed by the Violet Violent Vine
  • Belle falls down a well and dies
  • Belle is mugged
  • Belle is never released from the beasts dungeon
  • Belle dies at dinner with the Beast
  • The Beast imprisons everyone and flees castle with the rose
  • The flower is crushed by the dragon, Belle returns to the town
  • The Beast and Belle are killed by undead

World laws

  • Main people know there are in a book; Beast, Ms Potts, Cogsworth, Lumineer, Maurice, Belle and her father (that we know of)
  • Centre of Storybrooke is a place that characters from all stories can interact, when you go there an instance of the character goes there.



Children's Playground

  • Valley of the Sun - Walters Tower
  • Season Wood - Dreamscape Library
  • Storybrooke - The plane inside the stories
  • Villeneuve - town inside the Beauty and the Beast book that Belle lives in


  • Pixie - employer, works with Walter
  • Walter - powerful enchanter
  • Monsieur Wood - bandit


  • Mr Quill - Chief librarian
  • Ollie - assistance librarian
  • Yesanith Olaxina - herbalist in Storybrooke


  • Beast (Real) - enormous grumpy creature. Imprisoned by the fake Beast
  • Beast (Fake) - halfling sized person with elf like pointy ears visited the castle, requesting the Beasts assistance to change the story. Impersonated the Beast. illusionist/shapechanger?
  • Chip - Mrs. Potts' son, who has been transformed into a teacup.
  • Lumière - The kind-hearted but rebellious French-accented maître d' of the castle, who has been transformed into a candelabra
  • Mrs. Potts – The motherly castle cook, turned into a teapot
  • Flume – A maid and Lumière's sweetheart, who has been turned into a feather duster
  • Chef Bouche – The castle's chef who has been transformed into a stove.
  • Cogsworth – The Beast's majordomo, the head butler of the household staff and Lumière's best friend, who has been turned into a mantel clock.
  • Fife – tiny piccolo
  • Rena – dragon in cave near the castle. Has three small “babies” that the party return; Droplet
  • Jester - a scary and powerful figure that granted Gaston power and supported him disrupting the story


Daily pattern

‘’How much time does the party spend sleeping, eating, travelling, doing rituals, etc each day’’

Travel Magics

‘’What travel magic options does the party have, how far per cast/or per day if duration is longer than usual travel time.’’ ‘’Can the party eat/sleep/etc on the mode of transport.’’

Watch Order

First - Katvar, Elidon
Second - Boom-Boom, Remel
Third - Roswen, Snowdrop

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File

Katvar, Elidon
Snowdrop, Remel
Roswen, Boomboom

Single File



  • Katvar - racial darkvision
  • Elidon - racial witchsight
  • Snowdrop - racial infravision
  • Remel - Witchsight (talent)
  • Roswen - racial witchsight
  • Boomboom - racial/college infravision


General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur EL BB RE SD KA RH
Water Breathing (Re) 18 Gills. Breath and see under water 19h Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water proofing (Re) 8 protects completely from all forms of non-magical water damage. 27h Y Y Y Y Y Y
Buoyancy (Re) 8 float at whatever depth they choose. Change depth 21ft/action 9 hr ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cold Resistance (Re) 8 protects the target from the effects of temperature down to -16C. -3 from cold based attacks 9hr ? ? ? ? ? ?
Waters of Healing (Re) 6 neutralise vemon and heal 1 EN. If no venom then heal [D-5]+6 14min ? ? ? ? ? ?
Fireproofing (BB) 9 Protects against non-magical fire and heat effects up to the equivalent of a bonfire. Also protects against smoke effects, heatstroke and sunstroke. 10 Hours ? Y Y ? Y ?
Fire Armour (BB) 9 Protecton from xx points of Fire Damage 10 Hours ? Y ? ? Y ?
Durability (Rh) 10 +3 protection(Armour smithing) to max of equivalent steel armour(max weight 22lbs) 110 Mins ? ? ? ? N ?
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur EL BB RE SD KA RH
Weapon of flames 6 DM +3 SC +0%7 11 Mins ? Y ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?

Other effect

Magic Rk Effects Dur EL BB RE SD KA RH
Sense danger ## sense the presence of a hazard to the Adept’s life or wellbeing Always ? ? 49% ? ? ?
Detect Hidden (ranger) ## In a natural setting a ranger may notice hidden entities, or recognise an ambush or trap before they walk into it # Hours ? ? 48% ? ? ?
Recognise danger (Navigator) recognise non-magical danger at sea before subjecting the ship to it. # Hours ? ? 58/72% ? ? ?
Create Fog 20 In addition the conjured mist has the effect that all entities within the fog have their Strike Chances reduced by 25% due to limited visibility. Visibility is reduced to 1 hex. The spell of Water Breathing completely negates the effect of this spell. 126mn ? ? ? ? ? ?
Rainstorm 10 The caster summons a miniature rainstorm, radius 15 feet, that appears over the target’s head (little dark rain cloud, tiny lightning bolts and all). If the target fails to resist, the storm will follow them for the duration (even inside buildings), completely soaking everything not waterproof in 10 seconds. The distraction caused by the storm will add 20% per Rank to any rolls the target makes that are of a mental nature (i.e. require thought or concentration) or 10% per Rank to other rolls.

All characters in the area of effect will suffer these effects although the effects are halved if they are not the actual target of the spell

5.5 hr ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? # Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?

Loot and Expenses

SP & other cash value loot

Monsieur Wood and bandits

  • 4 sets of giant armour.
  • 4 tutus – magical, defese
  • 4 sets of fairy wings – magical floating/feather fall
  • Amulets (2 luck, 2 amethyst, 2 beryl)
  • R5 composite bow (+5SC) (edited)
  • 120sp


  • Scroll of summon undead

Significant Items



Minor Items



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain
Frost (7)
  1 Guild Meeting
Meet Pixie, travel through portal
2 Walk to Season Wood 3 Walk to Season Wood 4 Walk to Season Wood 5 Walk to Season Wood. Bandit attacks 6 Arrive at Season Wood. Enter book. NOTE time entries are unreliable as we are in the Book plane. Meet Belle and fight VVV.
Moon3.jpg 7 Collect remaining ingredients. Meet dragons. Make potion and awaken father. 8 Travel into forest. Fight wolves. Reach castle. Talk to Lumière. Time passes. Lunch. Time passes. Release everyone, including real beast 9 Prepare for undead attack. Fight. Win Dinner 10   11   12   13  
Moon0.jpg 14   15   16   17   18   19   20  
Moon1.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26   27  
Moon2.jpg 28   29   30    
Snow (8)
  1   2   3   4  
Moon3.jpg 5   6   7   8 Back to Library. Discover many weeks have passed. 9 Walk to Villeneuve 10 Walk to Villeneuve 11 Walk to Villeneuve
Moon0.jpg 12 Walk to Villeneuve. back to Guild 13   14   15 Solstice 16   17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC 2 21 DoC 3 22 DoC 4 23 DoC 5 24 DoC 6 25 DoC 7
Moon2.jpg 26 DoC 8 27 DoC 9 28 DoC 10 29 DoC 11 30 Twelfth Night  
Ice (9)
  1   2  
Moon3.jpg 3   4   5   6 First Plough 7   8   9  
Moon0.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon1.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon2.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30