Barrens of Sith

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Terrain Type: Waste

The Barrens of Sith were created by Sith in the cataclysm which destroyed Panjari. Once a forested valley, only a few broken game trails remain in the wasteland created when Sith wrought his great magic.

The whole area is still under the affect of the powerful curse. Spirits of the former inhabitants are trapped within the desolate rocks, occasionally escaping just enough to feed on living creatures foolish enough to venture into the area before they are dragged back down by the effects of the curse.

Barrens of Sith map

History & Major Events

Autumn 805wk

Harbinger of Death - Guild party investigates Gates of the Dead, Malice and brothers.



Gates of Death

At the base of a spur of hills near the western edge of the Barrens is the site of an ancient temple. In the time of the Minzuli Empire this temple was the site of their Gates of Death - a safe haven for their dead where they would be safe from Necromancers and the like. Now it is a ruin buried below 20 feet of rock and debris, but the gates still exist. Exactly what it is has not been investigated but the theory is that it is some sort of spirit-bound area or sub-plane that contains the spirits of all those who were interred within the gates.

Southern Coastline

Presumably this was once a beautiful coastline similar to neighbouring areas but now the curse that lies on this land affects the shore line and coastal waters. Now the beaches are usually covered in the decaying remnants of sea life that have come too close to the shore line.