Barony of Mont Azur

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Barony of Mont Azur
Flag of Mont Azur Shield of Mont Azur
Baronial Seat Amstel
Languages Lalange
Lunar Vulgate
Established church Raphaelite
Head of State Louis de Papillon
Area ?
Population 15,000 (200 FY)
Currency Silver Rial
Existed 111 FY -

The northern most barony of the Duchy of Tuscana, bordering on Bowcourt. This heavily forested alpine area has few settlements but is rich in unexploited minerals. Considered by many to be a province of County of Haute Loire even though it is officially independent.



A small fortified village surrounded by a number of valley hamlets and home to the baronial manor.


A heavily fortified keep and attached garrison town, originally built by Bowcourt sometime around 620 WK. Located at the foot of a long valley which runs southsouth west into the mountains. This valley leads to a relatively low altitude pass over the mountains.