Barony of Centrale Campagna

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An area of open fields and tree lined roads in south eastern Tuscana. Half of the County of Campagna. It is currently ruled by Countess Lucile del Corrino, who is also official baroness of Centrale Campagna.


The country is split west-east between rich countryside, with many extensive farming communities, and open plains, with substantial tracts of cereals and seed plants.

City of Granada

Built on an artificially raised hill of the plains of Campagna, the city of Granada is over fifteen miles in circumference at the base of the hill with the upper wall nearly twelve miles long. Granada is much more like a small barony in itself rather than a large city, with a large lake dominating the layout. Much of the land is young woodlands, with the High Lords compound, the palace and the commercial center quite separate.

The city is dominated over by the Tower of the Arcane, a slender spire of alabaster white rock.