Barony of Antico

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The southern most barony in The Duchy of Tuscana it lies on the north western edge of the Sea of Grass. Due to a historical disagreement within the ruling family, it still a barony, rather than a county. The current ruler is Baron Calvi of House Allemano.


The barony is bisected by the Clear Water flowing from north to south. To the west, the mountains of the Sierra Padova rise steeply. East of the river is rolling countryside which peters out into plains of the Sea of Grass.

Sierra Padova

The Sierra Padova is the mountain range which runs along the western side of the Clear Water. It has three major peaks, Mount Raman, Mount Mindolin and Mount Pire, from south to north respectively.

Mount Mindolin

Mount Mindolin is the central peak of the Sierra Padova range. It had extensive Dwarven mines and was rich in iron ore and platinum, mithril and gold, and in lesser amounts silver and copper.

City of Lubeck

This is the oldest occupied city in Tuscana. While Thorn predates it by millenia, itself predates Hamburg by over 200 years. Built on the eastern bank of the Clear Water this city is really a town in size. Built around a small market square, its cobbled streets are narrow, with three and four story buildings crowding the center. The city is under the authority of Baron of Antico but the leader of the city is the Burghermeister.

The city is reputed to have been continously occupied since its initial construction but, with no major fortications, it has always been subject to outside control.

There is no bridge across the river at Lubeck but a frequent ferry service runs during the hours of daylight most days of the year. For miles both up and down the river on both sides are hamlets, many with their own daily ferry to Lubeck and back.

City of Breslau

The city's walls were constructed using an artifact in 23 FY (623 WK). Due to a lack of research into the artifact, the lands around the city were rendered sterile. At present the land within a few miles of the city is empty save short grass and a few flowers.

In 30 FY House Allemano relocated from Lubeck to the empty shell of Brealau. Built to protect Tuscana from raiders on the plains it had substantial walls but little else at the time.

Max Legan

Max (b774wk) is a Horse trader based in Breslau. He came to Tuscana some 8 years ago and started work with Henson traders where he worked hard and he took over the business when Henson was injured in a raid on his stock in 801. Max is a well respected man with connections to many breeders and other traders in Southern and South-eastern Tuscana. He has done well with his trade and has expanded his holdings to encompass more complimentary businesses such as:

  • Scoble Blacksmiths
  • Allardyce Leatherworks
  • Dysheart Wagoneers
  • Bartel Coopery

He has left capable managers looking after the day-to-day operations in these businesses (for a share of the profits) and they continue to do well.

He was engaged to a young lady named Tessa Conroy and were to be married in 803 but she died in a fire 2 months before the wedding. He has been a sought after partner since but his heart is not in it as he still loves his Tessa. He is prone to periods of depression and is often going away for long periods "looking for new stock", during which time he has capable people looking after his holdings.

Brenda Demph

Brenda came here with her brother Connor as a refugee from the wars around her home in North Western Aladar and she decided to stay here in Breslau when she met Astron the innkeeper in the summer of 797. They courted for that year and in 798 they married. Brenda was a quick learner and she has helped the business grow. Astron died in 800 of the plague and Brenda has been left to carry on the business.

Brenda operates the Golden Hooves Inn in Breslau and she has become part owner in the Breslau brewery along with 9 other Inn keepers who sought to create a local supplier to cater to their needs.

Society and Politics

House Valdheim

This Family has taken over an estate in the hills of the Sierra Padova and has a number of Acres planted with wines that seem to flourish in this environment. The planting was started in late 805 when the Valdheim Family took over the estate in some deal with the Baron of Antico (society gossips are trying hard to find out the details of this possibly scandelous rumour) and the family have since bought in some labourers to asssit with the planting and extensive remodelling of the estate.

Sir Herman Valdheim is a known figure in the social scene in Antico and to some extent Tuscana at large when he accepts an invitation to an event which is a rare event as he is often away on business across the Western Kingdom. His immediate family of 6 are fine looking young adults and several are in the sights of local nobility and nouveau riche. The extended family living on the estate is around 30 and is causing a stir for their new ideas on estate management and land production.

House Allemano

Gryphon’s Flight Estate

This Wine estate has been established for some 80 years but had fallen onto hard times in recent years. In 805 the estate was taken over and some new varieties were planted which the new owners hope to rejuvinate the reputation of the Estate. The total area of the estate is some 640 acres

In the future, and at peak production, the Vineyard could produce grapes enough for 20 gallons per Acre with 200 acres being put aside for the planting of grapes. A further 100 acres will be planted with Cork trees, Olives and a variety of orchards containing plums, pears, apples and other fruit trees. 100 acres of Oak trees have been established across the Manor in ten 10 acre stands. The remainder of the estate is pasture or other crops that the estate workers plant for their use and it provides well for the food needs of the estate.

Most of the workers of the old estate left when the new owners took over and so new local labour was taken on to supplement the 20 'family' of the owners.

Social Events


Birthing Day

The people celebrate the day of birth for the local youngsters who see this as the day they choose between childhood and adulthood.

Eligible children come forward this day to offer themselves for trades, industry, tenure and professions in general.

It is a great day of celebration and much feasting as the following day work starts in earnest.