Baratary River

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The most important waterway for commerce in the Western Kingdom.

The Baratary River has its headwaters in the Dragonspine Mountains beyond Gracht and Syborite, and from there flows down along the western border of the Marquisate of Middlemarch, through Innesburg, and the Barony of Baratary, and marks the often contested boundaries between Aquila, Aladar, and Bowcourt, before passing the Barony of Dumas, joining with the Montrachet River and then emptying into the Ffenargh swamp.

The navigable length of the river used to end at the Ffenargh, but in early 790's dredging work undertaken by the Theocracy opened a route to the sea, greatly increasing trade on the river.


The Drow invasion and the associated destruction of Zumular and the local area, as well as the flooding at the end of the invasion has caused massive changes at the southern end of this river. An in-depth examination and mapping of the changes are needed to verify channels of movement.