Bad Karma

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GM: Andrew W
Session: Summer 810 WK
Night: Tuesdays
Location: Mt Albert (Phil's)
Level: Very High

  • Caprice - Human Female Thaumaturge, played by Kelsie - Scribe
  • Eric - Dwarven Male Namer, played by Mike H

Gerald (GM Info) is a male Human Illusionist played by Struan - Party Leader

  • Morgan - Human Male Darkmage, played by Michael Y - Mil Sci 1
  • TDP - Human Male E&E, played by Phil
  • Vychan - Stone Giant Male Earthmage, played by Sean
Princess Malia, heir to the Kalingan throne, and member of the Maryn court-in-exile.
  1. To return back in time to warn Lords Agni and Aditi, great Rajas of the native Dakhini peoples, of an impending cataclysm so that they may prepare a plan to save the native peoples.
  2. To investigate the workings of Karma and its "Guardians" on the way to and from the time-rift that lies near the centre of occupied Dakhini.
  3. The guild would also like some geo-political information on this old/new part of Alusia.
  4. To overthrow the Karmic guardians, with some assistance from the court-in-exile.
Each successful hero may choose from: divine gifts from Lord Agni or Aditi; ancient lore; political favours from the Consociation court-in-exile; or payment in gold, as per their individual moral compass. The guild will also pay a pittance for current information on the land of Dakhini and its inhabitants. Any artefacts seized from the Guardians will be split with the court-in-exile proportional to relative contribution of party and court.

Diary - Session 1

1 Meadow

The Briefing

Gerald explains: Winter 809 a guild party brought a large (~800 by 400 miles) chunk of land (Dahkini, a penisula and now an island, as some of the edges didn't make it) forward in time 26000 years (one great year), with a ritual which took a day for those performing it. Meanwhile, 360 years passed in the rest of the area being moved.

TPD voices concern over what may have happened to the denizens of the sea bed when Dakhini arrived.

Most of those performing the ritual, the court and council had their minds burned out and are now vegetables with mininal to negative WP and MA.

During the ritual there were four apparent betrayals

  1. Surya/Orias absorbed the rest of the celestials.
  2. Indra subverted the children of the court elves, channelling sme of the power to them, so that in their subjective 300 years, they have become demi-gods. They are now known as the Guardians of Karma and control the island of Dakhini.
  3. Aim absorbed the ritualists when they became too burnt out to function.
  4. The party attempted to bring Brihadhra, queen of Kalinga and her daughter Malia, to power instead of Aista-raina, The High Queen.

Malia briefs us: The children of the court (the Guardians of Karma) are creating havoc on Dahkini, flying around on chariots and ruining everything.

The mission is

  1. Travel back in time, using time rifts known to us, and warn Agni in advance, as he was warned, and return an item to him (This will help us track the rift.)
  2. Scout out the Dakhini peninsula/island and the Guardians of Karma for damage and cultural shift.
  3. Put the Guardians, the children, firmly in their place. The need to be disciplined, but not too harshly, as they are the offspring of the Court.

The court-in-exile have their base on a small island just off the coast of the Dakhini island. She will come with us and direct us there if we travel on Morgan's flying ship, or we can travel by Aditi's whim.

2-4 Meadow


We leave on Morgan's ship at noon. Taking a route south of the Lunar Empire and North of the Isles of Adventure, we travel for 2 days and arrive about 2pm on the 4th at the port of Devapura on the island Deva, a couple of miles across, populated by rice paddies and goats, about 3 miles northwest of Dakhini.

Malia tells us that the children don't come over the water, but some of them take potshots. The court got to the island and put up protections before the children were organised enough.

We arrive at the port, a mixture of fishing village and royal palace. Gerald, Caprice and Vychan will be disguised as elves, so that we will be listened to.

While we wait for Malia to be ready to disembark, a group of Dawon, Tiger people, bluster and look dangerous, denying us egress. As Malia arrives, they form an escort and we set off towards the palace. Various critter types fall on their faces and make obeisance to Malia as we pass, all but the Dawon.

As we arrive at the palace we see only human servants and Dawon guards. We are presented to Parjanya, Mistress of Rain and Agni, Master of Fire, who are of the few councillors relatively intact. We are then escorted to our rooms and will convene again later. On the way to our room we discover the strange internal geometry of the palace, in which elves are not to notice such inconveniences as stairs and corners. We discover ourselves to be of the ground when various magics fail, and request a ground floor suite which is hastily prepared. We have a large lounge and two bedrooms with floor cushions for the non-elves to sleep on. There are human and Vanara, Monkey people, servants about.

Meeting with Agni

We go and meet with Panjanya and Agni again. We are told:

  • Many of the young ones are blue or black skinned, with multiple arms.
  • A couple of the races have disappeared due to internal warfare.
  • Proper segregation of the races has broken down.
  • The orcs are no longer rebelling as they should be.
  • Humans used to be bureaucrat but are now merchants.
  • The children are demi-gods of their favourite pastimes.
  • Pacts may not work so well on Dhakini. Learned abilities will still be known but given powers will not.
  • He says that he was draining the participants to stop them from burning out, but Amelia stuffed it up.

We are given a map of Dakhini showing the cities.

Agni gives an item (an amulet to be used as a pendulum) to Gerald to find the time rifts, (Gerald gave it to him), and gives him a letter for himself.

Parjanya leaves us alone with Agni.

He becomes very forthright. He expects that as mercenaries we should have no qualms about killing the Children.

He wants us to recover the sanity of the damaged courtiers, particularly as it was the fault of the previous party, who stopped him from protecting them when they were too burnt out to be of use.

None of his minions who have been killed while spying on Dakhini have "returned" to him. The guardians seem to have control of the passing of the dead, and they join the cycle of reincarnation.

The Guardians of Karma, if killed, quickly reincarnate so are very difficult to "kill". However, they are then weakened for some months.

Session 2

We arrange to meet with the chariot grooms in hope of finding a way to disable the chariots. They are are a Human and a Vanara, freshly scrubbed.

  • The chariots are powered by
  1. Air elementals, an even number (the fire elementals are just for show? for attack?) or
  2. Flying animals, an odd number, 3 or 7 are best or
  3. Some just fly (small pulling animals such as lap dogs are just for show)
  • The chariots can stop in mid air.
  • There is area around the chariots that is "solid", it can be stood on, or weapons dropped from the chariot land on it. It is about two feet wide generally but but also extends out as far as any wheel spikes, which can be 6-8 feet long.
  • They can carry 3 to 4 people/creatures, weight is irrelevant.

Evening of 4 Meadow

Interview with Aditi

We meet with Aditi for a military perspective. He rampages in on a black stallion and comes in through the window. As he is holding back, those who fail to resist takes 5EN rather than being blinded.

He was not on Dhakini, so has lived through the 26000 years. He tells us:

  • The guardians are good at defeating devils and demonics, being mortal and unpacted should be to our advantage.
  • His team have wiped out about half of the Guardians, but they have been breeding. The newer generations are not as powerful. There are now about fifty in total.
  • Brahma, who is anywhere, and Vishnu, who is everywhere, will turn up wherever the Guaardians are attacked. If attacked at a home base they will all turn up.
  • Home base in early summer is Saivala in the SW or Mahendrum in the SE.
  • If killed they come back in about 2 days, in there own bodies, but are not at full strength for about a year.
  • They all have multiple arms even if not deployed. They have college magic, usually one or two colleges. They have unlimited casting fatigue.
  • The most dangerous
  1. Indra - bolts of light, shows off, not as strong, not much tougher than Aim.
  2. Vishnu - too slippery to destroy.
  3. Durga - passes off spec grevs.
  4. Kali - time and death, rips out organs, even from demons.
  5. Surya/Orias
  6. Shiva - likes beauty
  • They might be bound by an oath, if you can get the right oath, particularly Indra who was brought up in Dharma (an oath on his mother)

Aditi gives Caprice a potion to take if she is scared, because she is a coward.

He curses us with +10MR vs immortals except the Warrior Duke.

He is willing to aid us with troops. We can call him from just offshore of Dhakini. We discuss creating an invocation to leave with him in the past, to call him with now.

To the Rift

We find the area by following vague directions, a rive and the pendulum. It is just south of the word Chedi on the map. There is a 500m long meteor scar through the jungle.

Turns out Gerald doesn't know how to use the rift. Last time they rode the meteor. A DA on the pendulum tells us that aside from finding portal it tracks portals.

The pendulum point to an 8" rock. The previous party moved the rock in the past. On close observation this is not the same rock. Vykhan lifts the rock, which is much heavier than it should be until it is lifted. Underneath it is a blue glow like still lightning about 12" high. DA's determine that touching it will transport you at least one great year and rarely takes fatigue. Gerald puts an illusionary rock over it.

Our first meeting with a Guardian

We notice that something is watching us from about 400ft away. It is about 3ft high, wider at the base, like someone sitting crosslegged. As we approach it glows brightly under witchsight. When he notices that we can see him he becomes more invisible, only visible to infravision and special senses. When he notices that some of us can still see him, he becomes physically visible.

He is sitting on a lotus flower, so he must be The Mystical Brahma.

He challenges us and Gerald tells him we are Hari (which he made up).

He can detect the demon taint on Eric so banishes us from his realm. Since we were already planning on leaving, we do. As we are leaving, he seems to grow bigger. By this and other actions, he seems to be trying to impress.

We go through the portal in a chain. Vychan leads in but Gerald comes out first, following the pendulum.

About 28,000 years ago

The stars have moved, so we have not come out exactly a great year ago. The moon has no craters.

The pacted are back in contact.

The mana is still corrupted from the War of Tears so Dark magic eg Morgan, and harmful or evil spells take less fatigue, while good spells take more.

We need to find Agni, who should be at the capital, Savira, a couple of hours fights NW.

We decide to travel as a group of dwarves so we will be asked fewer questions. We notice something moving in the jungle, probably gnolls. We fly off.

The city has lots of light. We land two miles from the city on the main approach, get rid of the wings, and walk to the gate. There are about 60 Rabari guarding the gate.

We say that we have a message for Lord Agni and they say they don't have a Lorf Agni, but they do have a Lord Aditi. We say that will do so 20 of them escort us in. (Aditi wasn't here when Gerald was, so we may have gone back further than we expected.

Dawon guard the palace door. They take us the long way to Aditi.

Meeting with Aditi mark 2

We all resist so none of us are blinded, but he isn't holding back this time.

We explain that Agni and he, himself, send us back with a message for Agni. He says that Agni is uncivilised and runs through the jungle setting fire to snakes. He insists on reading the message, then keeps it and says he will pass it on, when Agni has calmed down.

We leave, before Gerald can say something that gets us all killed.

We need to get the pendulum to Agni. We think to post it via the bureaucracy.

We should give an invocation to Aditi before we leave.

Session 3

Still the 4th

We find an unoccupied room in the palace and settle in to divine the pendulum, to make sure that we don't need it to get back, and Caprice and Gerald attempt to compose an invocation for Aditi, which can be modified into an abjuration.

The pendulum cycles through time and apparently was never created. It has most recently been used to reset a protal and its existance makes the portal stay that way. So we don't need it and will post it to Aditi.

Agni gets the Pendulum

While we are boxing it up, we notice some agitation in the palace, and when we leave notice that one of the quarter of the city is on fire. What are the chances that this is not Agni?

We go to the bureaucracy area to post the box but it is closed. (It is one o'clock in the morning).

We use a crystal of vision to check what is happening with the burning. There is a 60' pillar of flame over a marble shrine building and within it is Aim, shooting fire about and giggling. There are also a number of salamanders and a giant riding salamander. Caprice decides to just go over and drop the amulet in Aim's pocket. We go to the area and she slips it over his wrist, since she can't spot a pocket.

Back to Now

We leave the city and fly back to the portal. We buff for combat, in case Brahma who saw us before is waiting. We go through: Morgan, Eric, Vychan, TPD, Gerald, Caprice, arriving and 1.25 second intervals into an ambush.

We are in a 15 foot square, 30 foot high, whitewashed, windowless, doorless room with a grate on top, and a foot of lampoil on the floor. There are about a dozen Dawon up top throwing spears, and a four-armed blue elf shooting a bow a couple of arrows at a time, always EN or specs. The area feel strange, vibrating or tingly. The walls and grate are strange, some kind of fake, but definitely there. Tunnelling a wall has no apparent effect.

After they shoot at us for a while and we cast a few spells, another Guardian from out of sight offer parley. The Dawon assemble some hoselike apparatus which they aime at us while we talk (in modern Elvish). He is Murugan the Protectorand the archer is Krishna. Murugan protects this land and the "place for which younreturned". Brahma complained that we threatened him, but when we deny it Murugan is not surprised, but they reacted because some of us are demon tainted.

We figure out that tje fortification is some sort of standing wave created by Krishna musically. Gerald makes a hole in th grate with an Audial Illusion nad we climb and fly out.


  • Krishna is a Bard, weakness is mass damage, MR is 62 but flickering.
  • Murugan is Earth/solidity, weakness is isolation, EN/FT~150.

They want us to leave. Gerald asks how to request passage. Murugan says that the four of us (not demonic) can apply through normal bureaucratic channels.

Murigan escorts us off shore, and we circle back to Devapura, arriving about dawn.

Note on dates

Alloces said you are roughly 6,800 years after his ascension. The last party learnt Orias claims to have ascended 34,786 before present (BP). Alloces presumably ascended within a short time either side of Orias. 6,800yr after Orias' ascension is 27,986BP. As Aistaraina rather than Bellethiel is High Queen, its after ~28,300BP. The big Dharma shift hasn't taken place yet, so its at least 1,400 years before Gerald's last visit. The last party was here in 25,920BP. The flowers at the shrines indicate it's Late Summer. The Moon is Gibbous and waning, as it was in the present.

So you are probably somewhere in the millenium 27,320-28,300BP and possibly in or close to the century 27,950-28,050 BP. A decent astrologer, or a navigator with time and charts, could tell you what day of the year it was fairly precisely, and which Astrological Age you were in, by doing this. Or you could ask someone who wasn't a lying, cheating, deceiving, malicious, evil, demon.

The date was: Entering Govannon's Forge on the 20th day of the Lion's Merciful Tears, in the 392nd year of the reign of Aistaraina the Great [27,915BP, or 27,105BWK].

5 Meadow

We rest and recuperate during the day.

We also question a local priest of Dharma
Re Dharma

  • Power is generated by each persons actions, right or wrong.
  • Paper work is important
  • Power is short lived, a weeks maximum buid up
  • Power flows up the heirarchy.

Re Karma

  • The priests pray for stuff to happen, the guardians turn up and do stuff.

In the evening we raid the mainland in the guise of devils and capture a Karma priest. (The repsonse time of the Guardian is about two minutes, but we are gone by then).

Zmeya slip into the lands of death while on Dakhini and can see/feel a vortetx of pressure pulling towards the centre of the island.

Questioning the priest of Karma

  • The priests ring a bell or sound a conch etc to call the guardians.
  • We get a list of which guardians are responsible for each area.
  • The "Gods" judge the dead and they later are reborn in a new body.
  • Power comes to the guardians when they are judged, rather than a bit at a time.

We discuss ways to deal with the guardians:

  • Evacuating all the people.
  • Killing them off one at a time.
  • Killing off Indra.
  • Having noone die for a period of time.
  • We will go and talk to death as he will not be happy with the guardians interfering with his power over death.

Session 4

Visit to Death

We write a note for death, leting him know that we are coming to visit him at the Temple of Death north of the Lunar Empire, because of some problems in the area that we feel he would be interested in. We show it to Vychan's eyes.

6-9 Meadow

We fly to the temple on Morgan's ship, going around the empire. On the way we see a huge storm on the horizon below us. It appears to be behaving normally, but is unseasonal. As we overfly it, summon air currents break off and start to follow us, but we outdistance them..

We arrive at death around dusk of the 7th, and buff. We visit the temple, frogs in mouth except for Gerald and Caprice.

Death says he has an agent in the area, Kali, and doesn't believe what we tell him, and that we should work with her. She has been his agent since sometime during the transit, but hasn't let him know the the land has arrived, or that there is a population of the 10 million people there.

We return round the other side of the empire to avoid the storm, but it appears to have dissipated anyway. We arrive back at Devapura at dusk on the 9th.

10-12 Meadow

Vychan's eyes itch during the day, which make it difficult for him to sleep. Maybe we should show death a note to tell him that we are working on a nocturnal schedule.

With a few more raids by us and Aditi's temas we ascertain that the Guardians live in the high mountain areas and that the places that each one comes to are scattered rathe than an area each.

Temple Raid

We decide to raid a festival. We pick out 10 festival for minor guardians within 120 miles over the next few days and pick one at random on the day so as to be unpredictable. We go on the night of the 12th.

It is a festival to an agricultural god of fruit and vegetables but not so good at trees, in Valmiki. We will try to capture her.

We buff, including innocence and "protection from light" potions, remove our wings and walk into town disguised as demons disguised as people disguised as demons, and join the party. As we move through town towards the centre the population goes from near naked gnolls to more elaborately costumed high ranked critters.

Near the centre we spot some artificial light so we head there. There is a small temple there, occupied by a woman wearing too much makeup and a man in an elephant mask (probably Lakshmi and Ganesha, more important than we had planned, at numbers 5 & 7) and two people, probably the priest (a brahma) and headman. There is an area of about 30ft diameter clear of the crowd.

DA information: Lakshmi - short-lived sentient, elf, major power: reembodiment, college E&E, <100 EN+FT, <100MR Ganesha - short-lived sentient, elf/elephant/drow, major power: obstacles, college Binder, EN+FT: answer is sideways Priest - major power call master.

Caprice moves to the front of the crowd to do her DA and notice that the area is kept clear by what seems to be an awe effect from Lakshmi (dampened by her makeup (makedown?)). She meets Caprice's eye, and then alerts Ganesha.

Combat ensues. Our plan is to trollskin the guardians, so that we don't have to worry about killing them. We open with a flash of light, Ganesha braces himself in the temple and is not killed by a 52EN blow. We decide to switch magic damage to him and physical to her. Ganesha gets trollskinned but Morgan kills Lakshmi before her trollskin. (Hurting her or even sneaking up behind her with evil intent makes you feel bad, but Morgan cares not).

We also discover that we have "Karma" which increases when we do damage to Lakshmi.

Then we discover that our trollskin plan was a really good one as Kali comes out of Lakshmi's forehead. She looks directly at Vychan, winks and hacks him down.

Kali's powers:

  • Death aspect at least close relative possibly more.
  • Attacks from behind even when in front.
  • Multiple arms=multiple attacks.
  • Her laugh causes fear check.
  • Her attacks remove quickness.
  • Reflects spec grevs (but spec grev on a riposte got through).
  • Ft damage from arrows hurt her. Spec injury reflected.
  • Damaged Vychan his percentage of undeadness in damage points.
  • Poison and draining seem to heal her.

DA weakness: life.

Morgan does enough damage to worry Kali so she picks up Lakshmi and leaves, phasing out in the next pulse. We still have Lakshmi's arm.

Meanwhile, Ganesha is holding up the temple, magically making it into a fort, but it is burning down, with some magical powder of Eric's, which has also got up Ganesha's nose/trunk.

Session 5

Temple Cleanup

Vychan tunnels away the columns Ganesha is holding onto and the Temple roof falls on him. He appears to be knocked unconscious and begins burning, along with the Temple roof.

Vychan, with assistance, removes the chunks of Temple roof and then we sleep and petrify Ganesha. As this is accomplished and Wings are being restored to the party, Caprice spots some figures flying in from the Northwest. From a distance the "Chariots" appear to be a Giant Eagle (30' wingspan), an Elephant and a Chariot pulled by 7 horses.


We fly off and quickly determine that they are flying a bit faster than we are and also that the Eagle is tracking us. We've only just got enough time to make it to a forest's edge about 10 miles to the southeast. A couple of bolts of Light/Fire/Lightning reach us but no significant damage is done.

We briefly hide in the forests edge whilst setting up a diversion and arranging to Wind walk through the forest. Further area attacks attempt to find us in the forest, including a Light/Fire/Lightning Elemental whilst we prepare. Just as we are about to head off we spot a Glowing Chariot racing across the ground towards the forest being pulled by Elementals (Possibly Amitrigata's Chariot?)


The Windwalking through the forest succeeds in evading our pursuers, though Caprice and T.D.P. do get slightly lost. Luckily they are able to Locate both each other and the rest of the party, relatively quickly. We wind walk again to a point even further away and on the "wrong" side of a hillock from our potential pursuers and then switch back to Shadow-wings to head back to Devapura.


Arriving safely at Devapura, we unstone Ganesha, remove his items and ensure he is still sleeping. Much divination is done (see Ganesha's items) and we determine he's been under the effects of many Buffs and Damage attacks in the last while but very little healing magic.

His items include amulets of protection from stasis, made from Kali's fingernails, that have been created since our encounter with Krishna and Murugan.

He is given to his family to look after. They turn him into a topiary and plant him in the garden.

Then discussions are had over the next course of action for us.

Session 6


13 Meadow

We chat to Alloces about how the guardians use Karma

  • Some use it to power themselves, some use your Karma to inflict harm on you.
  • Shiva causes damage and wounds
  • Vishnu gives imediate bad luck
  • Lakshmi inflicts Karma
  • Brahma inflict bad luck over a longer span
  • Rama causes you not to be able to lie

(Vychan has no Karma stat as it just slips off him).

Death's Minion

We have a visitor. Turns out to be Tin, an agent of Death, who has sent him so that wwe can take him to Kali.

Rogue Storm

The storm that we saw the other day has finally got here. It hits just before dusk, and precogs show fires on Morgan's boat so we buff. Air magics attack the ship, to little effect since we were prepared, then the ship is attacked by 2 air elementals. DA shows that they have been summoned by air magic, by a master of theirs. They get banished.

Garden Renovation

On our return to the palace we discover that the topiary of Ganesha has been replaced by a mundane topiary of an elephant.

Aditi kills a few Vanara gardeners. It turns out that Hanuman, the Lord of Monkeys, directed the gardeners to make the swap. (He didn't used to be an elf unlike the other guardians, but a monkey hero). His thing is trickery.

We're not making much progress here.

Another Festival or Two

We decide to attack another festival, but to make it one closer to the coast so that we can expeditiously retreat.

We choose the Festival of the Snake Wars. We should expect Durga the Invincible (pro-snake) or Kartikeya (anti-snake). Nobody important is there so we try somewhere else.

We find another town (on the way in Morgan trips. Brahma?) and in the temple are three guardians and a couple of tigers. These three, Jatasura, Munda, and Rahuturn turn out to be into Drugs, Drunkenness and Music. Brahma is also there.

We charge in with trollskins blazing and they scatter. Brahma pops out, then arrives back with Shiva (trident with flames which purifies part evil or part good entities including Vychan), flail with air knockback,Club with earth damage), Kartikeya (big mace), Aryaman (many weapons) and Durga (trident turns into snake, scimitar poisonous, spits poison, rain of snakes, posseses dead allies including the tigers). Durga dies a few times, Kartikeya and Aryaman die and Kali comes out of each of their heads. Tin attacks her and is slain creating a conduit for Death.

Session 7

Kali takes the bodies of Kartikeya and Aryaman.

By this stage Shiva is down and we manage a trollskin on him. Death phases in as we collect prisoners and loot, but two of the prisoners die along with all of the local crowd as Death appears.

Death takes Tin and the oar and strides of after Kali.

We head back to home base, noticing on the way Shiva's out of control chariot with the 4 elementals.

Shiva has Fire, Air. Earth, Water, Necro and Illusion magic. Durga has Snake which is a branch of Water.

14 Meadow

Lots of divination.

We keep Shiva and the other prisoner in stone form, and cart the statues and corpses around with us everywhere we go, so as to forstall a repeat of the Ganesha incident. Shiva took two pulses instead of one to petrify, and appears to move and heal while in stone form.

Amitra-ghata and Kubera are Shiva's parents.

Around midday we recieve a message to meet Aditi.

He is miffed because we've haven't reported in this morning. He tells us that a rock has landed on the town with an arrow carrying a message that they would like to negotiate a prisoner swap. Aditi would like some of his minions back but we are unkeen. We will take it under advisement.

We decide to have a chat with Malia about our goals but she seems rather vague today. She has been letting others take her willpower to heal themselves. So we try Queen Brihadhra, who seems more focussed, but still don't get any useful information.

Experimenting and Ambush

We borrow an incubus with resurrection for some experimentation. We will try some resurrection and killing of a prisoner here and on Dakhini. Into the bargain we can see if Kali turns up or nab Brahma when he turns up. To this end we use Gerald's defence spell, which makes you partly illusion.

We unstone Shiva because we don't trust the stone form to hold him, considering his elemental power, and he immediately start to turn to mist. He is chopped down and stasised before he hits the ground.

  • Resurrection works on Devapura.

Flit over to Dhakini.

  • Gently kill the prisoner. Kali doesn't turn up. His spirit starts wandering of towards the centre.
  • Resurrection works but takes longer as his spirit has to wander back to his body.
  • Brahma turns up so we ambush him. Illusionary Body works to allow us to see him, as does "Concealed Weapon". Maze works temporarily but he can tear his way out. As he fades out to escape Eric and Zmeya are able to follow him and bring him down in the land of the dead. We turn him to stone and take him back to base.
  • TDP's soul sucking sword doesn't suck hard enough to overcome the local pull to the centre.

We resurrect our experimental subject again, and fly back to Devapura.

Session 8

We put the stone Brahma into TDP's ship and shrink it. During the shrinking ritual Glass hears a voice in his head, and later Tpd hears it. It turns out to be Vishnu, thinking that he is talking to Brahma, due to an item. Rank is 20, MA is 32.

We fly over to Dakhini to experiment with restoring Karma, esoecially Morgan's, who now has about 230K=23 added to all dice rolls.

Vychan (because he has no Karma stat) throws a bag of puppies in the river for Morgan to rescue. Morgan gets back 1 point. The same puppies don't work twice. We try heaing villagers. One healing or giving an apple to a child give back one point. This is too slow.

Eric spots a giant 50ft wingspan eagle in the distance (Vishnu) but he doesn't approach.

Back to Devapura.

15 Meadow

At dawn we attempt to remove Vychan's undeadness using the firey trident, but it doesn't work. It seems it will need to take an hour.

During the day we check for devastation from the storm so that we can help out to gain some positive karma.

About midday Vishnu contacts us with mind speech and wants to negotiate over Brahma.

That night we go and do good deeds, and Morgans recovers about 30 points or 3 on the dice.

We find a dead child who is still linked to his spirit. We take the body, and using Zmeya to check on his spirit, track it. We follow the trail upriver, then up the mountains (Ricksha) which are snowier than they should be.

We crystal ball the top of the peak from about 7 miles away. There is a temple like marble building with seating and fruit. One of the hammock seats move as though there is someone on it. There is a landing platform about 60' down suitable for a giant eagle.

Zmeya is sent to check closer in the spirit world but doesn't return.

We windwalk in. Stealth fails. Under an illusionary terrain the place is packed.

Lakshmi, Katakeya, Murrigan, Krishna, some tiger troops, Ganesha, Rama, Indra and Surya are there, but they don't seem ready for us. They all appear "inked" (later found to be a 'Protection from Celestial Void' defense magic.

Combat ensues.

Session 9

Surya has a light flashing tulwar that removes all dark magic in an area.

Indra has a spell similar to fireball but the worst of fire, lightning or light damage is taken.

Some of them run out through a crack in the back, while the others hold us off, and many of them escape.

The combat is ended by Sarasvati casting a flash flood of snakes and boths sides yielding the field.

Session 10

We end up with Indra dead (killed by his own side before we can capture him), Ganesha and Hanuman surrendered and turned to stone. Murugan is defeated but that causes him to turn into a small mountain, so we leave him.

When Indra dies, Tin comes out of his head instead of Kali and proceeds to take him back as Kali would have. He is taking her place while death gives her a talking to. We get him to delay and take a route that we can follow.

We all go out through the back of the temple. We walk for ages through a misty tunnel. Eventually it comes to a "glade" with many tunnels off. The second on the left goes to the lands of the dead.

The lands of the dead here have a "karmic slope", ie to Vychan it is dead flat, to Caprice there is a slight slope down to the left, to Morgan it is a cliff. The more karma someone has the darker blue they are. Vychan is yellow, with an orange robe.

Vychan carries Morgan. We walk across this for a couple of hours, till we come to some foothills with some trees. Everyone else has stopped. We climb the foothills with great difficulty, meeting only another guy in a orange robe, who thinks we shouldn't be here!

From the top of the foothills we can see the palace with the Halls of Judgement. Tin takes Indra in and takes him to a bedroom and puts him down. He comes round and we talk to him about what we are doing, and try to convince him that they should do as the elders say. This has the expected effect. He thinks they are old fuddy duddies.

While sitting there he is regenerating and eventually escapes by casting a light arc, like a fire arc spell, so we catch him again. This time we turn him to stone. We stash everything in Morgan's room. Six other guardians who are here escape.

Looking for Zmeya, we find in the basement some pools, which Tin explains to us. He is surprised that we aren't planning to enter them. Zmeya is in one, waiting to be reborn but is a bit stuck because she is a god thing. She will probably be reborn in 2 or 3 days, probably as a snake person. If I want to make sure she is reborn where I want her I should talk to Krishna as it is he who decides.

Tin tells us we have to leave within three days, though he doesn't think we will be able to.

We loot the palace (which has no kitchens or food, it seems not to be somewhere where people live). We get furhishing and jewellery, magical musical instruments, a giant peacock, some tigers, some chariots and their flag.

We cross back ove the foothills, but are unable to make any progress back across the slope, so we leave via Gerald's access to the fae mists.

16 Meadow

We arrive back mid afternoon on the 16th, ie time has passed one to one, though dawn didn't come till we got back. Karma has now spead to 2 miles from shore, 1 mile from the Devapura.

Session 11

We investigate whether iron will work to stop them casting. It seems that their magic is normally cast as we do, but that they may use karma to help. So iron should work to stop them casting on Devapura (not that we will trust that). We find that remove curse does not remove karma. A divinate is done on Indra. He is golden hued. He has been subject to quickness, but it is karmic not E&E. He has had earth, serpent and celestial buffs. He has a huge karmic pool, which was created at the time the subcontinent arrived. It appears to have replaced his dharma pool. His light arc was cast with fatigue but karma was used to allow him to not prepare.

We enclosed Indra and most of in an air-tight, light-tight, wall of earth box illusioned to look like the room we attacked him in. Caprice charms him and we interrogate him. He seems to believe that he has charmed Caprice and Vychan. Foolish mortal!

He believes that he convinced Surya to show him how to twist dharma into karma. He took his mother with him at the last minute but the karma fried her brain. He attempted halfheartedly to get her fixed up.

We come to the conclusion that the dharmic system cannot be restored, and that it would be better for the Council to join them and that being older and more versed in courtier skills they will be able to take over from within.

Agni thinks it should be possible to integrate those that he drained during the ritual, before he was so rudely interrupted, but those still with dharma will not be able to.

We discuss this compromise with Queen Brihadhra and Hanuman (he says that although he has been working with them they have caused a lot of trouble and many of the races have been wiped out), then with Vishnu via the mindlink, and we let Indra think that it was his idea (he later changes his mind).

Session 12

We negotiate a loot split with the council, return of items to the guardians in return for knowledge from them, and payment from the council. Oh, and return of prisoners.

Agni and Orias particularly want Surya not to get his stuff back, and Aim want anything containing his fire back.

The factions spend three days negotiating their truce. Unfortunately, by this time Zmeya has been born.

We then pop back in time and leave messages on giant stone blocks in modern merfolk, warning the merfolk to get out of the area by the date of the arrival of Dhakhini. This saving of the population regains everybody 100 karma.


Using Eric's spell swap rings we can all have anyone's self only spells. But we don't have unlimited Fatigue

Magic Rk Effects Dur Cap Boz Zme Eri Ger Mor TDP Vyc
Armour of Earth (V) 20 +42% Def -1 Dam 21 Hrs Y Y N Y Y
Enhance Armour (T) 20 +22% Def -6 Dam -3 End Dam 21 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Strength of Stone (V) 20 +21 EN,PS or AG 42 Hrs EN EN EN Y Y EN Y Y
Strength of Darkness (M) 21 +12 PS (+22 PS Morgan) 220 Min (12 Hrs) Y Y
Fire Armour (V) ?? 100 Protection ? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (M) 21 150 feet open sky, 75 feet underground 11 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Erotic Dance (C) NA + to MR and FT (night) til dawn 32 17 17 17 17 17
Waterproofing (T) ?? 6 days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Disguise Mind (G) 15 What is this? 7 days Y Y Y ?? Y Y
Deep Pockets (G) ?? 15 pockets 7 days Y Y Y Y Y Y
Contingency (T) ?? 6 days Y Y Y Y Y Y

Most durations are assumed to be enhanced. Illusion durations are semi-permanent.

First long term buffs date from the 3rd.

  • Ring of Field Commander + 7 melee defence to all
  • Enhance (T) Rk 20 (special)
  • Invisibility (T) Rk 13, (G) Rk 12, (C) Rk 11
  • Quickness (T or C) 5 targets
  • Waterbreathing (T) 8 Hrs
  • Waters of Strength (T) Rk 8, [d-2]+8, 45mins
  • Disguise (G or C) Rk 15, change race or gender, enhanced dur 32 Hrs
  • Trollskin (V)
  • Shadow Wings (M) Rk 11, 41 mph, enhanced dur 11 Hrs 30 min
  • Weapon spells (M) Rk 21 Night Blade, -8 Die Roll, +8 Dm, enhanced dur 46mins


Payment From Agni

  • Removal of Agni's Eternal Flame from Eric.
  • Deal between Caprice and Agni for 'Control Salamander' spell in return for unspecified services. Technically not a pact.

Payment From Aditi

  • Aditi's Benign Curse: Gerald, Caprice, and Morgan have been cursed by Aditi (Alloces) to have MR-30 against Alloces and his minions until 5 Meadow 811WK. As a side effect, they gain MR+10 against all Powers (Gods, Angels, Demons, creatures of Heaven and Hell) for the same period. If the curse is not removed by 5 Ice 810WK, the MR-30 against Alloces and his minions (but not the side effect) becomes a permanent effect, and not a curse. This effect is not removed by death.
  • Aditi's Malignant Curse: TDP has been cursed by Aditi (Alloces) to have MR-10 against all Powers (Gods, Angels, Demons, creatures of Heaven and Hell) until 5 Meadow 811WK, and MR-30 against Alloces and his minions for the same period. If the curse is not removed before it naturally expires, it becomes a permanent effect, and not a curse, and TDP gains MR+3 against all Immortals (Gods, Angels, Demons, creatures of Heaven and Hell) permanently, except Alloces and his minions where he still has MR-30. This effect is not removed by death.
  • Potion of DutchDemonic Courage: The imbiber of this slug of Brandy will have the courage of Alloces the Warrior Duke. Their WP will increase by 10 (to a maximum of 32). They will be immune to all Fear, Awe, Agony, Necrosis, and similar effects that demons may ignore, and all control or 'binding' magics (as per a summoned Alloces), and will attempt to maximise carnage regardless of friend or foe, by attacking in melee until they are triumphant. This is a form of extreme berserk rage. They cannot be stunned, or rendered unconscious through low or negative EN, until their EN reaches negative half its maximum. The character will not use spells, manouver, or undertake other actions apart from charging and maximally effective melee attacks. Every action that they fail to make a melee attack, by being restrained, slept, etc. will cause them 5 EN damage as their intestines attempt to reach out and throttle the enemy. Alloces will probably be aware when the potion is consumed, and attempts to avoid bloodshed by 'laywering' the conditions will likely result in Alloces sending minions to fulfill the required carnage quotient. Potion Duration 2 minutes. A gift to Caprice for admitting cowardice.

Payment From Elvish part of Dharmic Council

  • Some Arcane Lore.
  • Caprice - Avoid Magic Resistance Lore.
  • Eric - Lore on Poison Antidotes.
  • Gerald - Lore on Advanced Project Image
  • Morgan - Ritual of Descending into the Void
  • TDP - Ensorcell Wounds
  • Vychan - Advanced Earth Freedom of Movement Lore

Payment From Karmic Guardians and Hanuman

  • Some of the below loot. The rest is traded for Astras or one of Hanuman's tricks.
  • Caprice - Hanuman Trick: (TBC). Also gets her snake goddess/spirit back in a baby Dimasa.
  • Eric - Hanuman Trick: Speak while shape-shifted.
  • Gerald - Narayanaastra (Surrender-or-be-repeatedly-shot Arrow).
  • Morgan - Unlock a secret of the Mask - Shadowmask as addition to Shadowform.
  • TDP - Hanuman Trick: Xanthius Armour can be instantly turned into a Lemon via secret command word.
  • Vychan - Varunaastra (Flash Flood Arrow).

Payment From Death

  • Death's Servant (Eric, Gerald, Vychan). Gain the Necromantic talent of Necrogency. Marked as a Servant of Death. Will be expected to run errands/missions for Death. Cannot rank beyond Rank 10 until at least one mission performed for Death. Resurrection Base Chance -10%.
  • 'You call that Death?' (Caprice, Morgan, TDP). Is unaffected by the next instant death effect (that they fail to resist, or otherwise cannot protect themselves against). This includes Whitefire, Whirlwind vortex, other 'drop dead' effects, and meeting Death.

Item Picks

  • Caprice gets: 12 Amulets of Stasis, Parashu, 2 Death-defying Tigers, Kartikeya's Peacock and Chariot, 2 Agneyastra arrows, 3 Aindraastra arrows, Twashtar, and a magical Sitar. Total Valuation: 70,000sp
  • Eric gets: Amulet of Succubus Luck, and Glove of Masonry. Total Valuation: 4,500sp
  • Gerald gets: Amulets of Iron, Jet, Hypericum, Succubus Luck, 3 Agneyastra arrows, 2 Aindraastra arrows, 2 Parvataastra arrows, and 4 Vajra arrows. Total Valuation: 29,100sp
  • Morgan gets: Amulet of Succubus Luck, Fire Shield, 2 Death-defying Tigers, Surya's Seven-horse Chariot, Mighty Composite Bow, a Scimitar of Light, and Orias's eyeteeth in an Amulet of Luck. Total Valuation: 42,500sp
  • TDP gets: no items. Total Valuation: 0sp.
  • Vychan gets: Amulet of Succubus Luck, and 4 Beads of Calm. Total Valuation: 19,000sp
  • Aditi/Agni get: Incubus Fang amulets, Trishula and Vel (with Agni's eternal flame).
  • Hanuman and Lakshmi get their stuff back, except Hanuman's Amulet of Orias. All remaining items and limbs are returned to their previous owners, in return for Astras / Lore.



  • Amulets of Iron, Jet, Hypericum, Elderflowers, Demonic Luck (Succubus fangs). Demonic Luck is as per normal Luck amulet, except +5/+5 vs demonics and their agents.
  • Amulets of Protection from Stasis (x3). If the wearer fails to resist Stasis, one amulet is frozen in time, instead of the wearer. Each on its own breakable red cord.
  • Parvataastra (Arrow x2). Two of Ganesha's arrows have been enchanted with the Parvataastra. If the arrow is lodged in a target (usually from an Endurance blow), a ‘mountain’ (Parvata) will fall on the target from the skies. This is resolved as per a Rank 20 Falling Star arriving simultaneously with the arrow. Each arrow can only summon a ‘mountain’ once, as the arrow breaks under the impact of the mountain. Each arrow costs ep to make.
    (The third arrow has been used up by Gerald attacking Hanuman in the Mountaintop combat)
  • Parashu. This is a close-rated battle axe with four blades. Stats as per Battleaxe, except SC +10, damage +3 (due to weapon-smithing), Melee and Close. It is made of a Bronze alloy, and may have weapon spells on it. Battleaxe skill may be ranked to Rank 9 for use with the Parashu, although normal Battleaxes maintain normal rank limitations. Use Estoc EP for Ranks 8 and 9
  • Ankusha (Ankh). This martial-arts weapon is a sharpened goad with a pointed hook, which is good for herding elephants. It also can be used to give defence in close (not melee) combat. Stats as per War Pick, except SC +15, damage +2 (due to weapon-smithing), one-handed, Melee and Close. It is made of a Bronze alloy, and may have weapon spells on it. It ranks as per Main Gauche, but belongs to the Blunt class for Warrior.
  • Arrow-deflector Large Round Shield. This large round shield allows the wearer to use their current melee defence against arrows (but not other missiles).
  • Elephant-Hide Leather Armour. AP 7/2, AG-1, Wt 15lb, sized for elf.
  • Ring of Wind walk Rk 6, BC 70%, 3 charges.
  • Ring of Trollskin Rk 10, BC 83%, 2 charges.
  • Glove of Masonry. By running their hand over a masonry building or wall, the wearer can learn about the quality and style of the construction, and any current flaws or weaknesses.
  • 15,000sp of gold jewellery (~4 pounds).
  • Statue of Ganesha.


  • 15 Bracelets of Awesome Grace. These fine gold bracelets each provide a -1 die modifier to all rolls on the Awe tables, both for the wearer, and for anyone affected by Awe effects produced by the wearer.
  • Ring of Mass Charm Rk 6, BC 48%, 2 charges.
  • Ring of Disguise Rk 15, BC 96%, 3 charges.
  • 6,000sp of gold jewellery (~1.5 pounds).

Shiva the Destroyer

  • Shiva is alive, badly injured, and Stasised.
  • Khatvanga (war club). This giant maul of stone is treated as a magical weapon with statistics as per Giant Club, SC+20%. It appears to be a concrete manifestation of the Earth Hammer spell, but is not resistible. When thrown, it returns the following pulse (the wielder may automatically catch and re-prepare it as a free action), and it may be thrown as part of a multi-weapon melee action. War Club or Giant Club skill may be used.
  • Vayvayaastra (flail). Shiva’s flail has been enchanted with the Vayvayaastra, which creates a gale that ‘lifts armies into the air’. When a target is struck, they will be knocked back (30-PS) feet and fall prone (no damage). If they hit something solid on the way back, they will take falling damage as if they had fallen from a height equal to the distance yet to travel. If the wielder knows special-knowledge air magic, the distance is increased to (5×(Rank of magic)-PS) feet. The knock back takes ep to use.
  • Trishula (trident). The head of this trident is enchanted with Aim’s eternally burning fire. As per trident SC, damage + 5. All damage caused by this trident is physical, but protections from magical fire may also be applied to all damage.
    In addition, any successful strike against a creature whose nature is partially evil will cause damage proportional to the lesser of their evil and mortal nature each pulse. e.g. a Campion (born of incubus and woman) will suffer 50/pulse. A pacted agent who has sold their soul (which is more than most pacts demand) will suffer 10/pulse. If the target somehow survives until the following dawn (continuing to take damage each pulse), the lesser of their evil and mortal natures will be burnt out.
  • Leopard skin armour. This light scrap of pelt, barely sufficient for warm-weather decency, will provide two AP (1 vs EN) for each elemental college that the wearer knows at least 60 ranks of magic from. It does not stack with other armour. Weight 0.
  • Composite Bow. This composite bow requires extraordinary strength (PS 36) to string and wield. It has +10 strike chance, does +4 extra damage, and has twice the normal range of a composite bow. It is non-magical.
  • Beads of Calm. Each of these bracelets and bicep-rings of brown beads ensure that the wearer's concentration on a summoned elemental can never be broken. 4 in total.
  • Amulets of Iron, Jet, Hypericum, Elderflowers, Demonic Luck (Succubus fangs). Demonic Luck is as per normal Luck amulet, except +5/+5 vs demonics and their agents.
  • Amulets of Protection from Stasis (x3). If the wearer fails to resist Stasis, one amulet is frozen in time, instead of the wearer. Each on its own breakable red cord.
  • 21,000sp of gold jewellery (~6 pounds).

Kartikeya the Fierce

  • left hand, still attached to shield.
  • Fire Shield. This large round shield also acts as a Rank 20 Heat Shield. The shield is shattered when the damage absorbable by the spell is exceeded. The shield will repair or re-forge itself in a campfire (or hotter) in one hour.
  • Gandiva. This composite bow is self-correcting, and can be used during any sort of manoeuvre (such as flying, tumbling, falling, or in a windstorm) without penalty. Normal penalties apply for range, snap-shooting, etc.
  • Agneyastra (Arrow x5). Five of Kartikeya’s arrows have been enchanted with the Agneyastra. If the arrow is lodged in a target (usually from an Endurance blow), the target will start to burn (no resist), for 3 points of fire per pulse, due to Aim’s eternally burning fire. This will not be quenched by removing the arrow, applying water, extinguish fire, or other mundane effects. Any Power can stop the burning, as can the application of Holy water, or the blessings of a priest of a water, healing, or anti-demonic power. Each arrow costs ep to make.

Aryaman the Bold

  • right arm, still holding a spear.
  • Vel. The head of this spear is eternally burning with Aim’s fire. As per spear SC, damage + 5. All damage caused by this spear is physical, but protections from magical fire may also be applied to all damage.

Jatasura, Munda, and Rahu

These 'lesser' guardians collectively have drugs worth 1,500sp, musical instruments worth 1,000sp, and 3,000sp of jewelery on them. Two dead, one resurrected several times.

  • Amulets of Hypericum x3, Elderflowers x3, Demonic Luck x3 (Incubus fangs), Iron x2, Jet x1, Demonic Luck is as per normal Luck amulet, except +4/+4 vs demonics and their agents.

The Mystical Brahma

  • Brahma is alive, petrified, and stored on TDP's bottled ship.
  • Amulets of Iron, Jet, Hypericum, Elderflowers, Demonic Luck (Succubus fangs). Demonic Luck is as per normal Luck amulet, except +5/+5 vs demonics and their agents.
  • Amulet of Protection from Stasis (x1). If the wearer fails to resist Stasis, one amulet is frozen in time, instead of the wearer. On its own breakable red cord. Recovered via counterspell
  • no gold jewellery - his is all illusion.
  • A Black Stone of Vishnu. The possessor of this stone is always in Mind Speech with Vishnu.
  • Twashtar - a peeled stick (wand) that causes crowds or armies to turn upon themselves. It is targettted on a mass of people. Resist, or anyone that you do not know personally (e.g. you know their name and several personal facts) is perceived as an enemy. Twashtar is an Astra, and costs 1 permanent WP to trigger.


  • Hanuman has been captured and let go.
  • Amulets of Beryl, Hypericum, Elderflowers, Luck (Orias’ eye teeth). Luck is as per normal Luck amulet, except +25/+25 vs Orias and his agents, and MR+10 vs all celestial magics.
  • Amulets of Protection from Stasis (x2). If the wearer fails to resist Stasis, one amulet is frozen in time, instead of the wearer. Each on its own breakable red cord.
  • Aindraastra (Arrow x5). Five of Hanuman’s arrows have been enchanted with the Aindraastra. When the arrow is fired, it becomes a shower of arrows that rains down upon the enemy. Every hex within 20 feet of the targeted hex (total of 61 hexes) will receive 3 arrows, hitting those with defences of less than 50, 100 and 150 respectively, each for D+8 FT damage. Each arrow can only be used once, as it is consumed in the process. Each arrow costs ep to make.
  • Toothpicks. Two toothpicks, one of teak, and one of ash.
  • String. 20 foot of knotted string in a range of short lengths.
  • Fishhooks. 4 mithral fishhooks.
  • Boar bristles. Three bristles from a razorback boar, tied with green cotton.
  • Whistle. A whistle.
  • Needle and thread. Bronze needle, white, black, green, blue, red thread.
  • Leaves. A number of leaves from various trees and shrubs.
  • Mango. A ripe and warm mango.
  • Eggs. A hen’s egg, and a snake egg.
  • Rice. A handful of rice.
  • Begging bowl. A wooden bowl.
  • Belt knfe. A bronze belt knife.
  • Geas All geases on the party have been lifted.


  • Amulets of Iron, Jet, Hypericum, Elderflowers, Demonic Luck (Succubus fangs). Demonic Luck is as per normal Luck amulet, except +5/+5 vs demonics and their agents.
  • Amulets of Protection from Stasis (x3). If the wearer fails to resist Stasis, one amulet is frozen in time, instead of the wearer. Each on its own breakable red cord.
  • Scimitar of Light. Any weapon spell cast on this scimitar becomes a Rank 20 Sword of Light spell.
  • Ankusha (Ankh). This martial-arts weapon is a sharpened goad with a pointed hook, which is good for herding elephants. It also can be used to give defence in close (not melee) combat. Stats as per War Pick, except SC +15, damage +2 (due to weapon-smithing), one-handed, Melee and Close. It is made of a Bronze alloy, and may have weapon spells on it. It ranks as per Main Gauche, but belongs to the Blunt class for Warrior. The Ankusha contains three charges of Rank 10 Control Animal (usable only on elephants, range touch, BC 100%).
  • Vajra (Arrow x4). Four of Indra's arrows have been enchanted with the Vajra. When the arrow hits a target, a Rank 20 lightning bolt travels from the target back along the path of the arrow for 60', causing D+12 damage as per the Air College spell. The lightning bolt consumes the arrow. Each arrow costs ep to make.
  • Armour of Golden Light. Indra's gold-encrusted armour is enchanted to provide additional protection. AP 14/4, AG-3, Wt 55lb, sized for elf. It is covered with sequin-like reinforcing and is very garish. If the gold shininess is covered (by cloak, illusion, etc), the armour is only AP 10/0.
  • 33,000sp of gold jewellery (~9 pounds).
  • Composite Bow. This Composite Bow has no string and is badly warped. It has been water damaged frequently, and is probably irrepairable. It looks very pretty.

Halls of Judgement Miscellany

  • 15,000sp of stray gold jewellery (i.e. ~4 pounds of jewellery that has fallen down the back of the couch in various rooms).
  • many yards of silk, some with gold embroidery or semi-precious decorations.
  • several pieces of furniture - stools, fans, low tables, and carved ivory and wooden ornaments.
  • Chariot of the Elements. This large chariot is around 10'x8', and can hold four people. It has 15' long scythe blades extending from the axle on each side. The chariot is designed to be pulled by four creatures: Elementals of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The traces contain a harness for each type of elemental. If an elemental is successfully harnessed, the harness will 'maintain concentration' on any control magic on the elemental, and provide a MR of 90% against Banishment. The chariot will move on the ground at up to 20mph + the minimum of the four elementals' Ranks. If fewer than four elementals are harnessed, the chariot will not be pulled in a controlled fashion - instead, it will move like a small wagon being pulled by elementals on a string.
  • Chariot of Kartikeya. This small chariot is around 4'x4', and can hold only one person, seated as if on a throne, under a parasol. The chariot traces are designed for a single giant peacock (or any other magical flying bird standing 4 foot high). The chariot will fly through the air at up to 30mph + 2/Rank in the adventuring skill of Flying Chariot (teamster/cart/flying mount type skills will serve for manouvering rolls, but not increase speed beyond the base 30mph).
  • Kartikeya's Peacock. This giant semi-sentient peacock is bred and trained for pulling flying chariots and hunting snakes. It will fight to defend itself, if directly attacked. In almost any situation it will attempt to move to strike at a snake, in preference to the commands of its driver, including situations that may greatly endanger the chariot or driver. It is unlikely to attack snakes over 30 foot long. Stats as per Eagle, except Strike Chance and damage against serpents are doubled. It is immune to all venoms and serpent magic.
  • Surya's Seven-Horse Chariot. This large chariot is around 10'x8', and can hold four people. It is designed to be pulled by seven flying horses. Any horse that is harnessed to the chariot may be affected by Celestial Wings (despite the spell restrictions on sentience, size, body shape). The horses will need to be trained to pull a chariot while flying. The chariot will move at the TMR of the unencumbered horses on the ground, or at up to 30 mph + 1/Rank in Horsemanship or +2/Rank in Teamster.
  • Four Death-defying Tigers. These large Bengal tigers (3 females and 1 male) have been permanently enchanted to be unaffected by proximity to Death. They interact with ghosts, spirits, and other dead insubstantials as if solid. They can walk, and hunt, in the lands of the dead. They are unaffected by the talents of Death, his minions, and all necromantic or instant-death magic. They can be resurrected by any Rank 8 Healer (even elves). They otherwise are normal tigers, with normal life-spans and health - i.e. decidedly mortal. They are not domesticated, but are used to living around people, if not sharing with them. They will not attack elves or monkeys (except in self-defence).


Part of the negotiations for peace will involve the Guardians of Karma offering to teach Astras in exchange for certain of their items. An Astra is both a Weapon and an Incantation. More info can be found here. There are specific conditions for using Astras, the violation of which could be fatal. The nature of the Incantation prohibits the conditions from being learnt via divination. The incantation must be learnt to understand the restrictions. However, the restrictions tend to be slightly obscure, poetic, and vary with the creator. For example, some Astras cannot be targeted against the innocent, or against their creator, or used while the wielder is angry, or drunk. The prohibitions will be in the final write-ups, customised for the character. Magical weapons may not be enchanted with any form of Astra (except the unavailable Pashupatastra). Any weapon with an Astra may not be enchanted with any weapon spell. The full list of Astras is included below.

  • Agneyastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. If the arrow is lodged in a target (usually from an Endurance blow), it will combust, and the target will start to burn (no resist), for 3 points of fire per pulse, due to Aim’s eternally burning fire. Demon-kin will be unaffected. This will not be quenched by removing the arrow, applying water, extinguish fire, or other mundane effects. Any Power can stop the burning, as can the application of Holy water, or the blessings of a priest of a water, healing, or anti-demonic power. Each arrow costs 500 ep to make.
  • Aindraastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. When the arrow is fired, it becomes a shower of arrows that rains down upon the enemy. Every hex within 20 feet of the targeted hex (total of 61 hexes) will receive 3 arrows, hitting those with defences of less than 50, 100 and 150 respectively, each for D+8 FT damage. Each arrow can only be used once, as it is consumed in the process. Each arrow costs 500 ep to make.
  • Brahmaastra: This Astra can be used on any defensive weapon (e.g. shield, main gauche, staff). If another Astra is unleashed on the wielder, the wielder can choose to counter that Astra (without using any actions), rendering it instantly ineffective on all its targets. Each weapon costs 250 ep to make, and 1 permanent WP for each use.
  • Brahmasirsha: This Astra can be used on any large melee weapon (e.g. 1½ or 2-handed). On a successful strike, it will remove immortality from members of mortal races in addition to its normal damage. This results in one of two effects (the target may choose which, there-and-then): (a) any life-prolonging, or anti-aging magics that have affected the target will be removed, and the target will instantly become their chronological age; (b) the target will not ever be affected by any life-prolonging, or anti-aging magics in the future, and will age naturally from this point forth. Creatures that do not age naturally (those that are racially immortal, such as demons, elementals, undead) are unaffected. Each weapon costs 1000 ep to make, and 1000 ep for each use.
  • Mohini: This Astra is not stored, but uttered as a Fire action. Any form of illusion or sorcery in the vicinity is dispelled. That is, all Illusion, Fae, Glamour, Mind, Sorcery, or similar styles of magic within 100 feet of the utterer will cease to work, whether temporary or permanent, spell or ritual, item or curse. Only those effects by Gods and Beings of Power, will persist. Permanent effects and items are likely to resume working when at least 2 miles away, or 24 hours later, although some of them may be destroyed or permanently depowered. It costs 1 permanent MA for each utterance.
  • Nagaastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. When the arrow is fired, it may not miss, and on impact, it changes into a deadly serpent. The snake will be in close with the target, and often inside their armour. The type of snake will vary with each arrow, and be unknown until the arrow is fired (e.g. cobra, mamba, python, or oddity). Each arrow costs 250 ep to make.
  • Nagapaasha: This Astra can be used on any large melee weapon. On a successful strike, it will change shape and bind the target in coils of living venomous snakes (e.g. multiple asps, cobras, mambas, and/or pythons). After 30 seconds, or when the target is dead, the coils of snakes will revert to being a weapon. Each weapon costs 250 ep to make, and 250 ep for each use.
  • Narayanaastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. When the arrow is fired, it becomes a shower of arrows that fires high into the air, then continues to rain down upon the enemy for a minute. Every hex within 30 feet of the targeted hex (total of 127 hexes) will receive 1 arrow per pulse, hitting those with defences of at least 40, each for D+8 FT damage. Those who throw themselves prone, surrender, or submit, are regarded as having defences less than 40, regardless of their magical defence, and are thus safe. Each arrow can only be used once, as it is consumed in the process. Each arrow costs 500 ep to make.
  • Parvataastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. If the arrow is lodged in a target (usually from an Endurance blow), a 'mountain' (Parvata) will fall on the target from the skies. This is resolved as per a Rank 20 Falling Star arriving simultaneously with the arrow. Each arrow can only summon a 'mountain' once, as the arrow breaks under the impact of the mountain. Each arrow costs 500 ep to make.
  • Pashupatastra: This Astra must be used on a great magical weapon, with a personal connection to the enchanter. It is triggered by the mind, the eyes, words, or a blow. If it is used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the Pashupatastra will destroy its wielder. Against a worthy target, it is said to be irresistible, capable of destroying creation and vanquishing any being; this is not strictly true, but it will destroy a target completely, irrespective of the target’s nature. Each Enchanter may only create one Pashupatastra. It is impossible to know what cost will be paid for each use of the Pashuparastra in advance. This Astra is not being offered to party members.
  • Sammohana: Any non-martial item may be enchanted with this astra. It causes entire hosts/armies to collapse in a trance. When triggered, everyone in a 90° arc and within 500’ of the wielder must resist or fall into an enchanted sleep for 30 minutes, as per Rank 12 Enchanted Sleep. Each item costs 250 ep to make, and 1 permanent WP to trigger. The triggering will be obviously directed at the enemy, and the sleep will occur in a wave eminating from the enchanter.
  • Suryastra: Any item may be enchanted with this astra. When triggered by waving vigourously (or being used for a melee attack), it can create a dazzling light that dispels any darkness within 30’, and also removes all magic from the Dark, Shadow, and similar branches of Celestial. Permanent dark/shadow celestial magic is suppressed for 10 minutes, while temporary magic is dissipated. Each item costs 250 ep to make, and 1 permanent FT to trigger.
  • Twashtar: Any item may be enchanted with this astra. When the item is targeted at a group (crowd, military unit) and triggered, it causes them to mistake each other for enemies, and become hostile. Each person in the group must resist, or perceive all others in the group as an enemy, except those they know personally (e.g. know their name and several personal facts). The group must have less than (WP×WP) entities. Each item costs 250 ep to make, and 1 permanent WP to trigger.
  • Vaishnavaastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. It can be fired at any target within line of sight. Once fired it will always strike and cannot be thwarted by any means, except by the will of the enchanter. It will travel at speeds exceeding 100 mph, pass through solid objects, circle until the target returns to the plane, until it hits its target. On striking, it will do normal damage, plus 1 point of damage for every mile it has travelled.
  • Vajra This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. When the arrow hits a target, a Rank 20 lightning bolt travels from the target directly towards the archer (it is 60' long, and inflicts D+12 damage, as per the Air College spell). The lightning bolt consumes the arrow. Each arrow costs 250 ep to make.
  • Varunaastra: This Astra must be used on arrows or chakra. When the arrow strikes a solid surface, it transforms into a small trickle of water. At the end of the subsequent pulse, a Flash Flood will arrive, releasing torrential volumes of water for thirty seconds. Each arrow costs 500 ep to make.
  • Vayvayaastra: This Astra must be used on a morning star, flail, or similar heavy articulated weapon. It is said to bring about a gale capable of 'lifting armies off the ground'. When a target is struck, they will be knocked back (30-PS) feet and fall prone (no damage). If they hit something solid on the way back, they will take falling damage as if they had fallen from a height equal to the distance yet to travel; less substantial things may be skittled. If the wielder knows some special-knowledge air magic, the distance is increased to (5×(Rank of magic)-PS) feet. A weapon may be enchanted with the Vayvayaastra for the cost of 2500 ep, and the knockback costs 100ep to use.


The Maryn court has been overthrown 26,000 years ago, 360 years ago, or six months ago, depending on which timeline you have experienced. The diverse local religions (Tribalism, Angelism and most importantly, Dharma) have been expunged from the Consociation, and replaced with a corrupted form of Dharma called Karma. Karma, amongst other effects, causes reincarnation, makes elves mortal, and prevents Immortals from operating within the area. The religion is administered by a gaggle of crazy chaos-tainted elves calling themselves the Guardians of Karma, and led by Indra, a rogue noble of the court. As the guild was deeply involved in related events, including causing the complete mental destruction of the High Queen Aistaraina and her Inner Council while Indra built up his power, it seems fitting that they send some more reliable agents to repair their damage.

None of this is necessary to read.