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A coastal Empire along the northern coast line of the southern content to the south of the Islands of Adventure and west of Arabie and the Ellenic States and run by Michael Parkinson. It has a strong Persian flavour, and much dynamstic infighting. To the south of the coastal Empire is a huge desert.


An Empire: the last [legally divine] emperor is in permanent hibernation, following a recent civil war [ended 792 WK]. Now ruled by Regents. The empire comprises 6 independent Satrapies (like duchies); most of which are highly isolationist & suspicious of outsiders. Foreigners should not enter uninvited. Little local foreign trade. Each Satrapy is partitioned into Nomes (like counties). A realm of contrasts: bridges of solid light, floating islands, ships that fly, interplanar trade portal; but feudal serfs forbidden to own money, & naval vessels driven by non-magical winds.

Language.: Common has entirely replaced the many original, historical tongues (since 401 WK, the ascension of Empress Caroline, d. 597 WK) but in Kingdom, rather than Western, alphabet.


  • Dimazcus, a coastal city and hub for trade.

POI: BROAD SOUNDS; City of Emerald walls (the Imperial capital).


VIPs: Thorn (vampire, has employed several parties).

Pop.: about 95% humans; some hobbits, dwarves, Erulein (following the Great Flights of 109 WK); very few elves.
An Azurian elf is typically a male non-mage; robuster, but stupider, than his Western cousins.



Giant lions live in the desert. They appear to be unnaturally created (as a species), but otherwise mundane.