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Arwen Valenta is a female human earth mage played by Simon White.


Arwen is 5' 11" tall 146lbs Human female who appears to be in her mid teens, with brown hair and blue eyes (PB 23).
When not in armour what she wears is highly dependent on the situation, and which of her non-adventuring professions she is currently active in.

She is almost always seen with a highly ornate and beautifully crafted rapier and a plain simple main gauche. On adventure this is joined by a beautifully crafted battleaxe, several throwing daggers a sabre and a spear

While on Adventure she may wear either highly ornate silvered Jousting Armour with a beautifully crafted woodland scene curved around the chest pieces (Artisan Rank 15 - of Dwarven manufacture, NOT Demon) or Plate armour made of green jade that floats around her body.

If mounted she will use her sabre (not rapier) normally and either her main gauche or a small round shield.


Will refer to herself as Lady Arwen and has the ability to pass this off sucessfully. If to her advantage to do so. Does not however have any claim to titles at this time (will not outright lie, but happy to let people come to the wrong conclusion).


Arwen is resident at Bolton Manor when she is not out on adventure and took key part in the construction of Bolton Manor for Thorn


Master Troubadour
Skilled Ranger, Mechanican


Fluent (or better)
Common, Elvish, Orcish

Secondary Languages
Eldaran, Reichspiel and Silent Tongue


Somewhat accomplished Earth Mage

Primary Spells
Strength of Stone
Hands of Earth
Armour of Earth
Summon and Control of Earth Elementals
Wall of Stone
Diamond Tipped Javelins
Equisite Hearing (improve hearing and stealth)
Meld Matter (as it says)
Magma Weapon (a unique weapon spell
Leaf Bed (improved fatigue recovery, and enables safe drops from low heights)
Viper Bite (Gives Arwen a venomous bite in melee / close combat)



  1. 795-1 Summer, Escorting Ensemble
  2. 796-1 Summer, A Diplomatic Undertaking
  3. 796-3 Winter, Al Addions Lamp
  4. 798-4 Spring, Lese Majesty
  5. 799-3 Winter, Enter the Cockroach
  6. 799-4 Spring, Travels with Father Bob
  7. 800-4 Spring, Scrying Thy Neighbour
  8. 801-2 Autumn, Into A Strange Land
  9. 802-3 Winter, The Needs of a Tree
  10. 803-1 Summer, A cunning rescue
  11. 803-3 Winter, Rebellion of the Heir
  12. 804-2 Autumn, Sunken Doomed
  13. 804-4 Spring, Twin Blades
  14. 805-2 Autumn, Siren's Prize
  15. 809-2 Autumn, Up The Garden Path
  16. 809-3 Winter, Maid Service
  17. 809-3/4 Winter/Autumn, Trials of the Hafted Weapon
  18. 810-1 Summer, Peak Downs Return
  19. 810-3 Winter, Sand Storm
  20. 810-4 Spring, Echoes in Eternity
  21. 811-1 Summer, SauRus's Curse Removal Quest
  22. 811-2 Autumn, Brides of Blackrod
  23. 812-2 Autumn, Western_Coils of Sand and Jumping Tigers
  24. 813-1 Summer, A fading light from the West
  25. 813-3 Winter, The Wicked Witch of the Wet
  26. 813-4 Spring, The battle of Simia Orichalcae
  27. 814-2 Autumn, A Plan may be forthcoming

Services Offered

Mechanician - Specialising in construction of buildings and estates. Highly experienced in fortification construction, particularly using Earth Elementals and Binding Earth as part of the construction process.
Master ranked Troubadour and is willing to consider assigments as such.
Services of a more subtle nature can be arranged.

GM Information

Arwen's talent of DA provides the Generic Truename of a target entity
Has Enhanced Vision as a racial talent
Has Coloured Dark Vision as a racial talent (so can DA at night for example)
Has racial talent of Earth Child , on dropping to below 0 endurance will turn into an Earth Elemental
Can 'leech' (copy) defenses from friend, foe and neutral parties nearby
Arwen is physically and in appearance 16 , however she is actually 20 years older.
Arwen is a highly skilled Assassin, and reasonably skilled Spy and Thief
Can teleport at will as a fire action (range up to 10 miles, either line of sight or memorised spot)