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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Arth 1: In Search of a Relic
GM: Paul S
Season: Autumn 820 wk & Winter 820 wk
Night: Weds
Level: D&D 5e (5th Level) at start

  • Breme - Dwarven Priest of Hestia & Gaia (Mum) played by Stephen M
  • Ara - Human Warrior played by Audrey S
  • Nash - Half Orc Necromancer/Wizard played by Chris C
  • Astorio - Human Warlock played by Dean E
  •  ?? - Dwarven Monk played by Chris R
  • Mayhem - Halfling Trickster played by Jim A
  • Pogue "Pokey" Proudfoot - Halfling Bard played by James
  • Blatch - Human Warrior played by David
  • St Berys - Half Elf Paladin played by Chris
Holy order of benevolent protectors
Hired to do a job - find a holy symbol lost for eons and immensely valuable
An opportunity to gain wealth and also goodwill from the gods

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Day 1

We (the Band of 8) low-class (none of us are elves) adventurers met up and were briefed by our Cleric on an urgent mission for the his Church. We are to follow a map to the suspected location of a very rare metal Holy Symbol lost for many years and supposed to have great associated powers. We'll earn the goodwill of the church by doing so and of course get a free map as well. It appears that the map is a copy of a copy that has been around a while and is always sold for a sizable sum of funds. We were told to be subtle so others didn't know what we were about and to beware of at least 2 other groups that are also currently looking for the treasure but involve the evil overlord elves as part of their groups.

We immediately leave grab our stuff and board a barge heading down river as our target is a town 200 miles south (the closest river point to where we are heading) some (approx) 5 days travel. We travel the night.

Day 2

We come to xxx and find a party we think might be the one we were warned about but can't find anymore information and flee before the bard gets us into trouble. Another night travelling on the barge

Day 3

Another small town come up but we're in a strong current and the captain decides to not stop and ride the faster pace towards our destination.

Day 4

We arrive at xxx.
We depart heading westwards after saying to everyone that we were heading north so as to lay a false trail - oh so cunning!

Day 5

Day 6

Session 2

Day 7

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Session 1

Session 1

Blah blah blah



Breme (4 hr) => Gnash (4 hr) => Astorio (4 hr)
Ari (2 hr) => Mayhem (4 hr) => Pokey (4 hr) => Ari (2 hr)


  • 6 x Bronze Longswords
  • 1 x Bronze Longsword with +1 Enchantment
  • 1 x Silvery (Titan metal) Longsword - drop of glowing gold-like metal. (Ari)
    - Glowing bit is drop of blood of Walen, Durin, or Gustavus
    - has some properties of steel for slaying Elves (unhealable for 1 week)
  • 1 x Poniard with Elven Script - burning blade - blinding flash to Elves, Gnomes, Fae. (Mayhem)

Armour engraved with heraldry and storied - light fairy metal (glamour), bronze armour that has accumulated stories. Accumulates the stories of all who have held or worn the armour

  • 1 x Full Plate - AC 19 (Breme) Story rewritten
  • 7 x Half Plate AC 17 (Ari)
  • Several Studded Leather Armour
  • Light bronze chain
  • Scrolls of spells

Several Silver or Gold rings:

  • One Gold/Silver ring - Heirloom ring – adds 1 to Enchantment/Charm spells. Connected to a bloodline, recognisable, storied. Story rewritten
  • Ring of Shooting Stars
  • Ring of Spell Storing, can store 2 x 3rd level spells.
  • 3,600 gp - Several promissory notes later converted by Mayhem. A small amount of coinage.
  • 5,500 gp of gems and small coinage
  • 2,500 gp worth of small Diamonds (6 of them worth 300+)
  • Silk tents
  • Food & Wine
  • Trade goods
  • 1 x Farasi – Sky Blue coloured fae horses, omnivores – Friendly to Breme
  • 2 x High quality war horses – transferable to us
  • 6 x quality Arabians
  • 5 x Regular horses - to rescued traders to get them home.
  • 1 x Farasi – Blue-Green coloured fae horses, omnivores – almost tolerant of Pokey, we have to let it go.
  • 1 x Trained Warhorse – too loyal to old master. Becomes a packhorse for the traders.
  • 6 rescued traders. From city of Angelica, friendly contacts for the future.