Arnaud de Montfort Esq

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Accomplishments (not commonly known)

  • Saving several campions of Sallos and pregnant concubines from church
  • Started events which should lead to Sallos becomming a god
  • With party, saved city of Rocar and Seir worshippers in southern continent from destruction
  • Possibly helped re-activate temple of Bune in southern continent
  • Helped organise rebuilding of Great temple of Murmur in See of wizards
  • Helped kill great hero and guardian angel threatening see of wizards.
  • Stole half of plane eating city of Tokals plane shifting device stopping them spying on Elusia and making invasion difficult
  • Taught Legion counterspells for crystal magic and location of crystal dragon
  • Mutated captured worshippers of Botis before releasing them with strange metal chalice and orders to raise a chaos army for Botis
  • Laid to rest a revenant in northern Cazala by feeding her a graverobber