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Inclusive for all GMs:

All and any GMs are welcome to use the Arcane Points system. If you would like to add any items please feel free to by contacting me and the item can be added.

In general the idea is to empower players to shape the direction of items for their characters. If the GM wishes they can give out Arcane Points along with cash as payment for employment. As a general guideline we expect that this will be done in line with exp point progression.

6 - 12 Bunney, 10 - 22 Low, 18-32 Medium, 28-46 High, 48-65 Extreme

Other awards:
Party Leader: 0-15, Party Scribe: 0-15. Writing for the SGT: 5-15

GM'ing without playing in the same season: 20. Gm'ing while playing in the same season: 10

Example of a Arcane Items chit

Adventure:  Back to Willow town           Date: Summer 807 WK
Character:  Blackthorn

Arcane Points: 25             GM: William Dymock-Johnson

Adding items:

Feel free to add items - create sub groups or if you are up for the workload creat a new Law having Seven Sets of items to it.

Aims of Arcane items system

Empower players to shape of character direction independent of a GM within the confines of a sandbox.

Less work load of items for new GMs, and a example of some items.

Standard items so GMs will become familiar with them.

At the same time creating groups of items which are exclusive so only one of five are able to be purchased/used by a character allowing for diversity amount similar characters.

An attempt at encouraging characters out of high protection armour (particularly casters) for lower protection armour with other shiny bits on it.

An attempt to get player to remove (by sale) older items for less numbers of new items.

A sandbox to test items / ideas with an expiry date (with some refund) - such as wands with 'Extended Prepare actions' on them. Thief items supporting group-play.

An attempt to support Heavy Warrior / Tank type of characters with high EN items not necessarily high Armour items.

Aims and timeline

At this point I am aiming to roll in items from other GMs and have all sets to a point where the are acceptable in the next three months. At that point I would like to form a working group to take ownership with the aims of balancing costs & items, and balancing sets and groups and the set bonus they provide. If anyone is interested in taking on this 'labour of love' please feel free to contact me by email. --Jono (talk) 03:06, 5 March 2013 (MST)