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An area which I understand to be in the east of the Islands of Adventure and South of both the Lunar Empire and south and east of the Ellenic States. I understand this area to be run by Jacqui Smith and be Arabic in style and flavour.

Known Cities


The city of Samakar is built on an artificial hill near a river. The ‘hill’ is made up of layers of ruins from earlier civilisations, slowly sinking into the desert sands. The town, and its neighbouring river, are the only splashes of green in an otherwise tan and dusty plain. Samakar has a ruling Sultan, who is highly respected, but his governing officials are not well thought of. Samakar may have some connection with the similarly named plane of Salamaka, with which it trades. The Library of Samakar is famed throughout the civilised world. It contains the originals of every piece of paper, papyrus, or parchment to be carried through the gates. There is a small problem with demons sneaking into the city in vegetable carts. While all religions are respected, and their gods venerated in the Streets of Temples, the major God of Samakar is the Fire God Mazda, patron of civilisation, knowledge, and culture. Most people are devout worshippers of him. Almost anything or anyone can be bought and sold in the multitudinous bazaars of Samakar, and their wide range of cheap but effective magical drugs and spices is particularly recommended. There is a head tax currently in force, which students are exempt from; however, Seagate is known as a place in which a mad mercenary guild is based, and in which there is no higher learning or valid students.


Wasyrat styles itself as The Central City. Located at the narrows of Sylk Bay, Wasyrat lies on the major trade route linking Huzuz and Al Hywyuf. Despite its key location, however Wasyrat is a rather sleepy town, marked by none of the bustle of the great cities that flank it. The Central City is but a quaint waypoint for ships that travel along this golden route, and its residents are content with their position. The majority of the city's commerce and business activities center around providing services to traveling merchants. It also is a key point for certain international trade, particularly from the shadier of the Baronial towns. It has strong historic links with Ilsig, and migration between these towns is still common. The Al Carion family runs most of the more profitable parts of Wasyrat's economy. Wasyrat has a bad reputation amongst Elves, although visitors are treated most courteously.

  • Costas Al-carion, the Harbour-master
  • The Great Library of Wasyrat, a large 3 story stone building (with basements) containing a lot of knowledge - some known, some awaiting discovery!
  • (The Ravishing Philosopher), an Inn/Tavern located next to The Great Library of Wasyrat. Frequented by librarians and such. Ice magic keeps the beverages cool. Djinn bouncer and Erudite bar staff.

Legendary Cities

The Main cities in this realm are

  • Al Hywyuf, the City of Intrigue. A gray, industrious city, Al Hywyuf is set in the low valley of the river Al-Wahral and is cloaked in the smoky stench of its foundries and kilns. The shroud seems to nurture the clandestine, for in the city's dark alleys and back rooms the deals of smugglers, thieves, and unscrupulous power brokers are made. The city is ruled by the Sultana who is 60 and in ill health. Some consider her a wise and fair ruler, while others consider her a dark-hearted schemer. In many ways Al Hywyuf seeks to be a rival of Harzuz on issues of culture, politics, and economics. This city is noted for its crime, pollution, foundries, coal, iron, steel, weaponry, armour, metalwork, slaves, information, and pottery. Al Hywyuf foundries turn out some of the finest weapons in Arabie. Each year, the Janissaries of Qyundra commission hundreds of high-quality swords and spearheads from the foundries. Many great weapon-smiths and armourers come to Al Hywyuf to practice their craft.

  • Harzuz, the city of Delight. One of Arabie's most spectacular cities, its shimmering spires can be seen for miles across the water, inviting sailors to approach. Here the first Grand Caliph received the vision of the Lore-giver. Today the city is still the seat of the Grand Caliph in the heart of the enlightened lands. Its ruler the Grand Caliph is the most powerful man in Arabie. This vast city is known far and wide for its beautiful architecture, often called Harzuz the Golden. Its domes and minarets are clad in gold, tile, and inlaid glass, all reflecting the sun. The city positively glows with some notable features including the Grand Caliphs Palace, the Gardens, and the Grand Bazaar. The Golden Mosque is the object of pilgrimage of most Arabiens. The city is known for its far-ranging merchants, its universities, sages, and textiles.
    • Ahmut el Sahrim, the Harbour-master

  • Halwyra, the City of Reflection is one of the Cities of the Heartland that are located on the Golden Gulf and close to Huzuz. Halwyra is one of Arabie's few major inland settlements. The city is perched on a lonely bluff overlooking the dry bed of the Wadi Mayla. Despite its isolation, Halwyra is a bustling little city, serving as a chief trading post between settled Arabiens and the desert-dwellers. Both city and wilderness people mingle on the streets. An underground slave trade is said to flourish here, and Halwyra is a stopping place for caravans en route to Al Hywyuf. Similarly, adventurers and would-be heroes use the city as a starting place for expeditions into neighbouring lands. The city is noted for its livestock and durable goods in addition to being a major trading post.

  • Oyundra, the City of Powers. A major power in the northern reaches of Arabie, the great city of Qyundra is ruled by Janissaries who are fiercely devoted to the Grand Caliph in Huzuz and Qyundra is Arabie's bastion against the uncivilised realms beyond. The city's defences have been built over the centuries in response to pirate raids and barbarian incursions. Today, Qyundra is the best-fortified city in enlightened Arabie, presenting a stern gray face to the north. This city is noted for its well-run and well-treated slave market, its Janissaries, amour, and trade in northern goods.
    • Mal Tarshim, the Harbour-master

More details to follow.... ... Jacqui still yet to populate this page with details from past adventures