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Nastiness Rating 1/10

The Unicorn Duke


Amdusias appears as a silver unicorn. He will shed this insubstantial form and take on the shape of a tall, thin man with a white beard after a few moments. His transformation is accompanied by the sound of trumpets.

He has the power to command trees to do his bidding, and knows all True Names. Amdusias is a Guardian of Filial Piety.

Known Agents and Followers

  • Known to work with elven slavers.

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests

  • Will punish those showing a lack of his chosen virtue: Filial Piety (love and respect for one's parents).


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

  • Serendipity had a series of encounters with Amdusias throughout 807 to 809WK, wherein he offered her agenthood several times, and she killed his avatar in response.