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Travel around Alusia is not necessarily restricted to normal means of transport. As well as the interplanar portals which lead offplane there are magical, permanent, portals which facilitate travel between two points on Alusia itself, usually referred to as intraplanar portals. Most of them have been set up in ancient times but, lately, Adepts of the College of Rune Magics have constructed links.


Access to the established Portals is not a given conclusion in that only those PC's and NPC's who know of their existence and have been given dispensation to use the portals may do so.

Dispensation may be given as reward since the use of these portals can save time, effort and lives each time they are used.

The Elven Portal network is a case in point. The use of this network is generally limited to those who already have access through various means or to those elves (generally elves) who have done service to the realm, serve the 'masters' of the portal network (those who maintain and 'fix' the network when needed) or some other special being.

In game

Portal Networks are not made for general use in the DQ mileau as they represent a substantial investment by the PC's or NPC's concerned. The obvious exception to this is the Rune Mage who creates a temporary portal network when they travel and thus that network would be available to that Rune Mage and their party for the adventure.

Portal Networks are almost always temporary as the frequency of earthquakes and the like means that positions will change and thus make the travel between points either impossible or fraught with Danger/Displacement/Death.

Guild Portal to Tycho City

This Guild members only two-way portal which takes people (and stips their fatigue) between the Guild Grounds on the outskirts of Tycho city and the Guild Grounds outside of Seagate. The portal is secured at both ends by Guild Security. The Guild will halt any activity that they think is commercial and levy tax on goods.

The guild also has a Chapter House (small walled castle with a large tower) in Tycho City which has a permanent portal between the two areas. Food & Accommodation are the only real services at the Tycho Chapter House.

Guild members will (on request) be helped thru the portal to the Seagate grounds as needed.

Rumoured Networks

The common intraplanar portal networks known are:


Locations of interplanar portals are:

Lunar Empire Portals

It is rumoured that the Lunar Empire have access to the knowledge to make new portals. This maybe the case but if it is something has deterred the Lunar Empire from making more portals. It may simply be the the price, cost, or consequences of making them. The Empire currently has 13 publicly known portals all between large cities, and all under the firm control of the 'Guild of Transport and High Travel' and their guards.

Guild of Transport and High Travel
In the Lunar Empire and Tycho City, one of the large an powerful Lunar Guilds operates. The Guild which is a cornerstone member of the of the Emperor, known as the Guild of Transport and High Travel, has the 'By Imperial decree no group shall be allowed to charge money for the transport of people or goods between cities excepting representatives of this guild'. This effective monopoly has granted them huge wealth. Members of the public can use the Guilds magical portal system for a large fee.