Alusia 3

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(One of the Alternate Alusias)

Alusia 3 (named Alusia by its inhabitants and numbered to avoid confusion) is some form of mirror to Alusia Prime.

Drow inhabit Alfheim, the petty tyrants and dictators of Western Alusia hire mercenaries from the Seagate Assassins Guild for their dirty little wars, and in the south the Sorceress of Masada maintains her Circle of Light, driving back the undead and foul beings, and leading her golden dragons and paladins in the protection of the last free peoples in an otherwise evil world.

Although beset on all side by enemies, the forces of the Sorceress recently received new hope when a Guild party visited as they bought with them a mighty ally for the Sorceress; the superheroic Primus, and two silver dragons from Empyrea; Falx and Silitellimut.