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Nastiness Rating 8/10

The Warrior Duke


Alloces appears as a man with a lion's face and eyes made of hot coals. He wears burnished armour and rides a great war horse. Alloces' flesh is like red gold. His voice is harsh and booming. Those who look directly into his eyes see their own death and are blinded for one to two weeks afterward.

In the normal course of events, Alloces may not be bound, compelled, charmed or controlled.

Known Agents and Followers

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests

Alloces desires bloodshed above all things, and will turn very nasty if there is no fighting for a prolonged period.


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

Winter 807 encountered by MDK Kit Father Broc Lizette and Silverfoam in the city of Shorapur in the Five Sisters. The party retook the city with the help of three Gabrielite Nuns killing the Avatar and his minions and the resisdent Vampires. MDK was credited with the kill shot.