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Name: Alexander Dartane
Race: Flying Squirrel
Gender: Male
College: Necromancer
Level: Low
Played by: Manu Erwin


Alexander is a black furred 1' high squirrel with green eyes that ocasionally flash red.


Alexander's father decided he should go and do something useful with his life so he ...

The last 12 years (799 - 813) has been a life full of love and adventure (albeit not the normal adventuring you might think of) for Honey and Alexander as they have travelled around a lot of Alusia (Mordeau, Boucourt, Aquilar, Caldersfield, Artzdorf, Flugelheim and then back to Seagate) as Honey is/was a free spirit. This 8 year period of frantic scampering and swooping through forests (and cities) was one of great excitement and adventure for the both of them, however more recently they settled back in Seagate to (sedately) scamper around the rooftops and also for Alexander to improve his tattooing, due to Honeys decreased ability to scamper.

Consequently his first three exploits after finishing his training are largely overshadowed by his recent decade or so of life with Honey. He has had occasion to 'improve' his Evil Eye glare at folks who have displeased him, as well as minor improvements to some general magics (Wraithcloak and Rigor Mortis) however his major focus has been tattooing, and enjoying a slightly more sedate life with Honey.

The last year has been consumed with Honey's old age catching up with her, a careful journey back to Sunshine where she had a brief burst of energy before passing peacefully away. Alexander buried her near where they first met and returned to Alusia.



  • Common (6 Spoken and Literate)
  • Elvish (0 Spoken - 8 Literate)
  • Draconic (0 Spoken - 4 Literate)


None known



Alexander has been involved in the following adventures:

813 WK
Autumn - Black Watch Chronicles V: Hand of Fate - GM: Ben Taberner
799 WK
Autumn - The Trouble with Farmboys - GM: William Dymock
798 WK
Spring - A Universe Is Born - GM: Jeff Leddra
Winter - Epileptic Jelly - Mana Leak in the Vaults GM: Andrew Withy

GM Links

A GM cheat sheet is available for Alexander. It is detailed on a separate page for ease of printing.

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