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Aleria is a plane that is connected to Alusia by a permanent portal. The Alusian end of the portal is beneath the Seagate Guild, the Alerian end is in a locked room in an old fort on the outskirts of Trading Post.

The majority of births on the plane are female (about 90%), the plane has a female dominated society with men having a subservient leisurely role primarily focused on breeding.

Colleged magic is rare, possibly non-existant. There are rare magic adepts of various sorts and many people of Aleria have magical talents that are usually inherited.

Technology is more advanced than that on Alusia. Daggers, Swords, and flintlocks are the most commonly used weapons. River travel is via Steamboat.


Map of Clan Wansbone Area


The city upriver from Trading Post. Home to the Porter Clan.


The capitol of Aleria. Home to the ruling Renashaller Clan.

Trading Post

A trading post and stables at the river landing, run by cousins of the Wansbones.


Renashaller Clan

The ruling queens of Aleria.

Wansbone Clan

NB Ages as at Spring 805wk.


  • Patrice, mother of Elder and Sylvie. Dead
  • Jean, mother of Amelie and Corinna. Dead
  • Georgette, mother of Katya, Serena, and Cullen.
  • Clarissa, mother of Prudence and Lititia. Dead
  • Annette, mother of Francine, Jerome, and Cordelia. Dead


  1. Elder Wansbone (34)
  2. Amelie (33)
  3. Sylvie (30) - Their best tracker.
  4. Corinna (27)
  5. Katya (25)
  6. Serena (17) - 'Elder' of the younger sisters.
  7. Prudence (16)
  8. Letitia (13)
  9. Francine (10)
  10. Cordelia (7)


  1. Cullen (nearly 17)
  2. Jerome (9)
The Wansbones have 7 neighbouring clans within easy reach: Brindle, Wainwright, Smithson, Potter, Shilleen, Adamson, Cartwright.

Porter Clan

The Porters are a trading family, operating warehouses, wagoneers, and steamboats on the rivers. They are noble with ties to the Queens. A Brother of the previous generation was married to the current Queens predecessors (their elder sisters). The previous Queens, the Porter Brother, and many others including important Porters were killed in an explosion in a theatre (the assassins were neither identified nor caught).


  1. Elder ?
  2. Cara
  3. Naomi


Spring 805wk
A representative of the Porter clan was named as being the employer of Yana (and the other 3 mercenaries), hiring them to abduct the Wansbone and/or Wainwright brothers.

The elder sisters were caught kidnapping and marrying (a fake) Wansbone brother in a sting operation and sentenced to exile. Their involvement in the theatre explosion was confirmed during questioning.

Whistler Clan

Similar background to the Wansbones. Covert Ops during the civil war, acquired a noble from the losing side to 'en-noble' their descendents. Their Brother is married to the current Queens.

Wainwright Clan

Farming family as far back as they can recall, no dark secrets, nor links to any noble families. Clever, have a brother (Marcus) who was to be traded for Cullen to be the Wansbones husband. Marcus was also kidnapped by us but they didn't know about it until a week after the Wansbones did (presuming it took longer for the memory obfuscation to fade). Their fates are linked with the bad stuff that is coming, both were targets of the bandits. There is a secret passage into the Brothers room which the family did not know about until we told them and it looks like it hadn't been used for years (prior to us). Their Father is still alive, he is in his 50's.

17 years old, 5'11", long brown hair.
Eldest, Madeline, Katerina, Janelle (full sister to Marcus), Marjory, ...

Brindle Clan

Elderly father, 1 young brother (Balin). Suspected in-breeding.

Smithson Clan

Have a brother (Ricard).

Potter Clan

Shilleen Clan

Adamson Clan

Cartwright Clan

Jonason Clan

Lands are beyond Smithson clan.

Rose the Oracle

Tall, old woman, part-fey, seems benignly indifferent. Oracular ability only applies to questions she is asked, until she is asked she doesn't know the answer and thus is unable to volunteer information.


Blind albino mind(ish) mage. Lives in the forest north of the Wainwrights.

Yana & Co (Mercenaries)

Hired by a representative of the Porter clan to abduct the Wansbone and/or Wainwright brothers. Yana was their contact and has done illegal work for the Porters before.

Following their capture and a deal for information, they now work for Dramus as part of his personal guard.


The Fae of Aleria avoid contact with most of the residents of Aleria, this has not always been the case. It is suspected that a long time ago some Fae interbred with some of the locals which is the source of their magical abilities. It may also have had something to do with their odd birth rates.

For several centuries the Fae had been in decline due to half of their people leaving and establishing the Fae kingdom of Asheth. They have now been reunited and are expected to recover.