Albrecht of Grymeron

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Physical Description

Albrecht is a green goblin mage who stands almost 4 ft tall, if you include his 2ft tall hat, meaning he is actually rather short (1ft 8inches tall). He has bright green skin, an orange beard and wears good quality but definitely ostentatious clothes. No armour is readily discernable but his clothes are likely to have special properties that have yet to be divined.


Albrecht's tribe is the Imboo Goblins (one of the dozen or so Goblin tribes on Grymeron) and his home city is Gribbit

Known Items

He carries intricately carved and in-sigiled staff which has a dragonet sized statuette (Aracrom) at the top that is alive in some fashion. He has many deep pockets (permanent) hidden in his clothes and such like He carries some mushroom items which allow him to hide in when the occasion calls for ‘discretion’


A dragonet sized statuette atop Albrecht’s mage staff

Known Abilities

Albrecht is a scroll guardian mage which encompasses one or two colleges but not quite like those on Alusia at present. He has some form of blood based magic, fire & illusion.


He usually travels with 2 Fungi warriors aka Mushroom warriors