Albion the Mad

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Played by Nick Baldock
Better known as Clare's Husband.


Albion is your usual tall skinny, slightly effeminate male elf.
Once he used to be a bit of a clothes horse but lately he has been living a life of poverty in a Monastery.
These years of monastic life has helped him regain his sanity after his latest love tryst in Hell.

Vital Stats

  • Race: Elven
  • Sex: Often and varied
  • College: Sorceries of the Mind
  • Social Status: declines to answer
  • Pacted: declines to answer

Demons Encountered

  • Sallos
  • Selter - Sallos's 2nd in command
  • Drakmatch - takes a liking to Albion.
  • Seir - Granted Ablion with Gaseous Form after helping to save a city of his followers
  • Renove - encountered twice now, both times in hell. He has gifted Albion with a magical dagger in the hopes of fostering a closer relationship. (Summer 807)

Powers of Light Encountered

There are powers of light? What are they then?

Special Abilities

Manticore Essence
Albion’s essence has been changed and imbued with the powers of a manticore (sorta). Each of his fingernails may be fired as a dart (stats as dart). The nails will regenerate at one per day. When all nails in a hand are expended MD is reduced by 1. If regenerating due to trollskin for example, Albion can regrow a fingernail instead of re-gaining an EN point. The arts of a rank 4 healer (graft skin) restores rank fingernails (takes 30-2xrank minutes).

GM William Dymock-Johnson

Potion of the Secret Flame – Invulnerability
The drinker of this potion has permanently (until death) become ‘invulnerable’. The method of this invulnerability is detailed below.
It is a partial titan aura. This has several effects.

  1. It reduces incoming damage by 10 unless there’s some reason it wouldn’t. EG it protects against bolts, dragonfire, fireballs and large sticks. An insubstantial blade or necrosis (which rots your insides) is not affected.
  2. It enhances the beauty of the individual by 3 points (but not over racial maximum).
  3. It is visible as a pale, translucent blue aura which provides weak illumination as a single match. They become easy to notice and loose 15 from stealth. This aura is like a shadow and so will not be hidden by walking unseen (but will make the character appear as a ghostly form).
  4. The aura can be DA’d. If questioned on ‘weakness’ or some such the protection is ineffective against that person (who did the DA). If they are under the effect of a rank 10+ mindspeech they can share this with those also affected by the mindspeech


Recently recovered a single, almost up to date Character sheet after a change of address and pc failure.
Numerous adventures have yet to be added to the Wiki. Numberous Christmas Beach Adventures have also not had scribe notes created.

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