Aladarian Congress of Lords

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The Aladarian Congress of Lords

  • Date 1st Held: 3rd Blossom 806
  • Date of Annual meeting: 5th Blossom


This yearly event sees the Nobility of Aladar gather together to discuss the issues of importance to the Duchy. The usual issues discussed would typically be law & order, trade agreements, border issues, cooperation agreements, guild issues and the like.


The nobles owing fealty to the Duke or their nominated representative who have the authority to make agreements should attend the Congress.


The Congress will be presided over by either the Duke or the next most senior Noble present at the Congress. The role of the presiding noble is to call the start of the Congress and the close of the Congress along with making sure the event is undertaken correctly, with decorum and dignity according its status.


806 - the 1st Congress

The first Congress in Spring 806 was held in Zumular, Zumular and saw the investment of Baltmund Alagaad as the new Duke of Aladar and the elevation of Xavier Sartoris as Viscount of Zumular. The congress also agreed that Neueranfang would become the Ducal Seat along with land between it and Castle Festung becoming a Ducal Demense.

807 - the 2nd Congress

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 807 will be held in the town of Grobbety, seat of the Viscount of Grobbety. The Congress Festival will be in the town of Grobbety over the 6th-8th of Blossom.


  1. The Aladarian Navy was under the command of the Lord High Admiral of Aladar who was also Viscount of Zumular until Spring 807. At the 2nd Aladarian Congress of Lords the position was split from the Noble role and the position of Lord High Admiral of Aladar became an independent position. The 1st holder of the new independent position is Davydd Sartoris who took command in Spring 807.

808 - the 3rd Congress

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 808 was held in the town of Clyfland, Clyfland


  1. The 3rd Aladarian Congress of Lords in 808 voted additional funds for vessels and troops so the Lord High Admiral can expand the navy to combat the growing pirate threat off the Aladarian Coast.

809 - the 4th Congress

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 809 was held in the town of Baltheim, Baltheim


  1. In a small footnote hidden under the title 'Miscellaneous Public Works' the congress voted to reconstitute some of the Royal Aladarian Regiments, namely the Royal Aladarian Heavy Foot Regiment, Royal Aladarian Cavalry, Royal Aladarian Lancers, Royal Aladarian Engineers and Royal Aladarian Artillerists.
  2. The Congress prompted by the Northern Border Barons has become increasingly aware of 'bandit' raids and such activity in the disputed lands and the 50mile border area between Aladar and Aquila. Reports of widespread rape and pillage as well as destruction of lands and property have been increasing over recent years. Tensions are rising in the area and summary justice is being meted out seemingly regularly with reprecussions across the lands. Increased patrols are ordered and alternative actions have been advised to the Duke for further thought.

810 - the 5th Congress

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 810 was held in the town of Westmarch, Westmarch


811 - the 6th Congress

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 811 was held in the town of Ferezilar, in the Viscounty of Ferezilv. Viscount Tomm Froggatt of the Froggatt Family who is also the Lord Warden of the Marches hosted the congress which included the marriage of 4 noble families at the same time.

The congress heard that the last of the repairs to fortifications and other important structures that were damaged during the baronies war have been completed. The report also stated that a number of modernisations and improvements were made at the same time which added to the cost and complexity of the repairs but we required and best done at the same time as any repairs to the various fortifications. The end of the report detailed a list of the repaired fortifications and structures as well as a number of additional ‘Watch Towers’ that were not listed in the original report but this was explained as a clerical error and the clerk responsible had recently died.

812 - the 7th Congress

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 812 was to have been held in the ducal demense of Neueranfang and hosted by the Duke for the first time. The Drow invasion of Spring 812Wk put paid to that and the Congress was called off due to the call up of Ducal troops across the realm to help in the fight against the Drow.