Air Bastards of the Shattered Queen

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Air Bastards of the Shattered Queen
GM: William Dymock-Johnson
Location: William's house
Season: Spring 817 wk
Night: Mondays
Level: Medium. No, really.

Anghamrabad, a clerk.
Flying ships. Shadow demons. Complete bastards.


What? You need more?


Oh very well. Raiders from the Shadow Realm have appeared demanding payment, often in the form of lifeforce / souls and then taking it when people won't cough up. Find out what the bloody hell is going on and stop it. Oh, and they have made off with a High Lady of Alfhiem. That may be important too.

Scribe Notes

Session 1 - meet, brief, etc

We met at the guild and ... ... all got eaten by demons.(nearly)

Our erstwhile employer seemed to be worried about the shorter end of the party. Apparently, he has the idea that we might borrow some of his things. At least he didn’t eat our dwarf this time. Our Mission is to rescue the high lady of Alfhiem by next Tuesday week. This to stop the involvement of Isil Eth who if she becomes involved will cause severe repercussions. Discounted tactics to delay Isil Eth include starting a major land war in Asia - somewhere near Hindia (note this was one of the more sensible suggestions), kidnapping her, shopping expeditions etc. After interviewing Mayhem’s prospective father in law, we make our though a portal to Ladlaugh. The place is busier than I remember it.

There is a shipyard for floating ships. They look pretty. Inside one that hadn’t been completed there was an unreal clock that some elves were singing to. Mayhem locked the door to keep it safe and we were ushered out on suspicion of being hobbits. We decide to go under cover of darkness to borrow the unreal clock, if we haven’t already. The search of the closets proved inconclusive. Henric bravely 'occupied' the elvish female guard while the rest of us used a warping of the wood on the bottom of the vessel (a previously unnoticed - lower entrance) to enter the ship. We put in a temporary illusionary replacement clock and borrowed the original for some 'servicing'.

In the morning, we found out that some runes said that the Lady was taken but not why she in the grove where she was taken. We also do not know what music to play to the clock. It is decided that we will go out into the forest and that we will play with some levers on the clock.

After some lever pulling we go back into town and we find sick elves attending a party at the palace. A plague from the Marquis of Archers. It is the 8,000th year of Glorath rule (1600 after Panjari). We find and CURE Lady Heleria. We liberate some artifacts to preserve them for future use and leverage

Back to the woods and more lever pulling. In town, there is a 30-foot-tall black pyramid. Rapid backing off ensues. Should we take some hoard? Some more fiddling with levers. There is a deserted village. When are we? There is a 14-year-old elf. He is to become the 23 legion. He is not beaten on principle (i.e. he will catch up to us eventually) Henric gives him a prophesy for his future which gives him a glorious warrior path to follow with the love of his life at the end.

Some for lever pulling and we find the remains of a huge city. “Here is the site of the rebirth of the Elves. If you look to the left you will see the remains of the place” – a very chatty Gollum. When are we now?

Session 2 - More Time

Some questioning of the gollum lets us know two things. One he is the last one because there are no more binders and two it is 807,204 years since Panjari. Also there are elves hiding in the trees that are being hunted by the tree squids. The elves are shorter than I remember and they are short lived now. Quentin tells us that the furry tree squids are Squibbons(They carry straws). The tree squids tell us they are Engineers. Given what our long term human was doing to them at the time I tend to believe them.

We are grateful that we made it out of the squid era so after some careful study by our resident philosopher buttons are pushed. The trees are now rotten and there are lots of webs. A dead person who had a wiggly dagger told us that his stop the living trick didn't work and he promptly died when he got here. We are we believe in the shadow lands. A shadow hunter called Narell tells us of drow that did not pay after asking for help.Narell is hunting trackers (9 armed starfish with tentacles) and would like us to stop scaring his prey. Also ghoul jelly goes well with trackers. He tells us of a magic grove where the there is life magic.

From the grove there are the tracks of five entities. 2 with claws, 2 with hooves and a person. we follow them to a clearing and find the tracks stop. Popping up above the trees revealed a massive light plume towards the north east. We decide to back to the grove. Once there we talk to an elvish herbalist for ages and discover the entire grove is a magic symbol.

In town the Lady we are trying to rescue is not so much missing as not here. Some invisible vulture men come through and steal some stuff from the council chambers. We decide it is time to eat so we seek out food. while there I check if I have left/will leave a note for myself. Apparently I have / will do so we take off in hot pursuit with some light meals.Back through the grove and there is screeching and the Vulture men are surrounded by undead white apes. After some messy fighting stuff we talk to the vulture men and find out they have stolen paper and ink to make peace.

Session 3 - Finding Stairs

After the fighting stuff we go with the vulture men up the trees using some stairs we found. They signal for the ship and we find out if it is slow the Drak will eat us or the Necron or the Sky Bastards. A storm approaches but the ship beats it to us. There are things(tiny angry people) in the storm that we have to fight off and limbs are lost. My erstwhile companions are perturbed by the minor detail that the captain of the ship is a Vampire.

After our six hour boat trip through the dark skies we find that the lady we are rescuing has not been kidnaped. She is avoiding spring rights and Isileth. we decide at this this point to bring peace, that or nick everything, I get those two thing confused. To start we are to wake up the necron and get them and drak hear safely. Also we find out that the vulture are making a giant fire orb to travel through the sky.

The Air bastard to the north will be a bit of a challenge. The captain doesn't really want to go there but he does offer to bind us to avoid us getting bound by the bad guys. Most of the party agree to this. we go instead to the necrons first via the great cobweb see and a vast blasted waste land. Then we see specs of light and then roads beyond the Gryphon mountains. When we get to the necropolis the skeletons talk in whispers.

Session 4 - Fishing with Mayhem


Session 5 - Honey Roasted

There are spiders everywhere, they fall from the sky a lot. If you honey roast the little ones they are not too bad. we came across a big wall that Henric wanted to talk to. Just after this our necro wanted to inspect the contents of Henric's stomach. From these the Marquis of Archers involvement is suspected.

We hear tales of blacken ruins, a magic forest, drop slime and exploding fungi. also tales of a great lake with a terrible centre of power.

A ball of light turns up and the party is compelled to get closer to investigate.As we approach it collides with the boat. This is followed by the Giant Spider,the shaking of the ship, much poison, a spider explosion and the loss of our rat man. Being the bright people we are we decide the spiders lair must have loot. when we get up there it is a storm giants' fortress.

every thing is huge. The step are massive(5'), the doors are vast. The books are enormous. the elf reading the books is about normal size. His name is Kevrin. A necro scholar, he tells us of coins in the bottom of the keep he has been here about 1100 years we will inform the university of his whereabouts. Lower down near the hidden door to the pit of doom the shadow people tell us of their god. The giant spider we just killed.

Down below we find that the coins are cursed,The safest place to be is behind Everan and that Henrics hand appears to be detachable. Oh and giant greater undead are a bit scary. Things we may have borrowed from them include an indestructible handkerchief, A lense for seeing through illusions, and a comb.

Session 6 - Deep Holes and Daemons

Off to the Drak we go. It is scheduled to be a four day flight. Our captain is disturbed when we start flying over the fungi farms early. We seem to be somewhere in the western kingdoms (the dark ones) when we see these wyvern like creatures using elephant sized beetles. These creatures have large round buildings and have dug an enormous hole in the ground. This could be Aquala.

After landing we chat to these Drak people and soon learn that we are expected. The Drak have a magic book(made of humans) and have been trying to summon heroes( we interrupt the summoning ritual). They were taught this by a mild human, very strong. It is decided by our crew that he is probably the President Lord of Seekers. The reason they want heroes is to fight Krom. Krom is 60 feet tall and is made of rock. He beats them up every time they try to dig deeper. We agree to help and on the way down the hole we find a ring as you do. Down the bottom of this hole that is 2 miles long and 800 feet deep, we find Krog. He is a Balrog and he is saving the Drak from letting out the Lord of Lava. After relaying this to the Drak they say heat is good. These guys are dumber than an adventurer drunk on dwarven ale, high on kurf with their brain removed in an unfortunate carting accident. The giant fire ball in the sky plan gets their attention so they agree send a cabal of their grater summoners with to the vulture men. On the way back Fairy cakes were being handed out but our ex-hobbit threw them overboard. Something about succubus cooking being suspect.

After we get back we decide to go to the Air Bastards. In their portal gardens there are a bunch of portals and gates. Our succubus can feel a master through the portal. We decide to go through anyway. a complete loss of fatigue later and we see pulsating lights, shining lights, four large stone golems and a dark imp who is trying to not be there. We follow the path and find that the imp wants some doomed souls. everything here is black on black except for the stars in the ground and a large colourful tent beside the black castle.

We be the noble sort we are decide to talk to the lesser of two evils. Inside the sinister and foreboding castle it is. inside we hear voices loudly discussing the ways they could rule over everyone else and why they don't right now. another voice in there is suggesting they could rule without an iron fist from the background. we find in a chamber 5 creatures of air and shadow and briefly see a mild looking guy. he disappears and legs it remarkably promptly when he realises we are there. We discuss way for the air bastards to achieve peace with total enslavement for the rest of the plain. It might work.

The imps seemed to be packing up the colourful tent. They left behind a handkerchief. Also one of the stars got broken. Mayhem got a little bit dead on account of he was the one trying to break a bit off the star at the time that it broke. No one will notice I'm sure. Henric still had all his limbs that can't be right.

Session 7 - To the sun and back

The Vulturemen priests had found a wandering thing up in the sky. It had been there for at least 4 days. We thing that we should go there and set it on fire. Quentin is drawn to it and it takes nearly three days for the ship to get there. It is vast blobby and definitely not earthy. There is temple that the ex hobbit offers to 'clean up'. There are dead dwarfs that have been hellfired to death recently and forever ago at the same time. Our necro talks to one and finds they were building the place. Just needed to install the gods and light it. 3 women commissioned it. we acquire some tools from the dwarfs but not from the darkness elemental.

The large snake resting in the main bowl has been sent here by Nix. The snake is to suck the sun, Nix is going to eat the snake and then bash the 72. After taking the sun starting grenardo for safe keeping we take the dwarf bodies to the fates. They want to keep our namer. We need to talk to the knowledge dragon about the Jormungand.

Session 8 - Rats and Beatles

Back up on the sun we find a live dark elemental. we also find a secret room below the main bowl and then we proceeded to loot the rack of all possible valuables.

We caught up with the Lady we are rescuing and she told us that the Air Bastards remind her of Siliboffle. She suggests we should feed the air bastards to the were rats. we decide to ask the were rates to test this theory. A bunch of rats form into a person and says 'yeah we'll give it crack' . He shakes off about six rats and we take them to the nearest Air Bastard. two of the rats survived and we most impressed with the quality of the food. Our cunning plan involves getting all the rats to where the air bastards live. This goes well except for two minor issues the rats rather like to chew on the stars (they are doing less damage than Mayhem) and one of the air bastards has left to rule the world.

We charge off to find him. At the Drak we find the Cleaver Man has been and taught them to build a kiln to hatch eggs in. a day later we find the silk ocean and a big pyramid. The Necron garding it is suspicious of our motives so we go around to the back door. Quentin gets his leg bitten off by the giant beetle that made his home there. after a brief kerfuffle we get his leg back and he proceeded to pull the legs off the beetle.

Inside the pyramid there are chambers and a large block in the way. With no apparent way to get the block moving I went for wander through it. On the other side there were some life impaired weavers.

Places/Planes visited

People Encountered

  • Exarel: Air Bastard owed money for his services to Rashak
  • Vulture Man Helmsman: A vampyre, not too pernicious.

Buffs & Mil Sci

Lucky Numbers
Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4 Player5 Player6
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Astrology (??)
?? ??, ??, ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur An Ev HH My Pr Qu
?? (R) ?? ?? ??
?? (R) ?? ?? ??
?? (R) ?? ?? ??
?? (R) ?? ?? ??

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur An Ev HH My Pr Qu
Witchsight (Mayhem) 12 See in darkness 150'/75', penetrate Invisibility < Rank 13 6½ hrs Green-tick.gif
?? (R) ?? ?? ??
?? (R) ?? ?? ??
?? (R) ?? ?? ??

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4
Player5 Player6 Player1

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Player1 Player2 Player3
Player4 Player5 Player6

Double File

Player1 Player2
Player3 Player4
Player5 Player6

Single File



  • Some stuff we lifted from an elf party at Ladlaugh when they were all krrfed up to buggery;
  • Giant Rings that could be braclets
  • Thimble
  • Very Large sword
Cash and equivalent


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