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Nastiness Rating 7/10

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Avatars of Aim always appear as a man with three heads dressed in crimson robes with the design of flames burning up from the hem. They often ride huge lizards, (giant salamanders), with scales of midnight blue. Wherever they go, Avatar's of Aim are surrounded by billowing clouds of sulphurous, red tinged smoke.

The central head is generally human, the left one that of a serpent, and the right is that of a calf. They bear two stars of the forehead of the human head. In their left hand they carries a ball of eternally blazing fire (with which they set fire to any combustibles they touche).

All three heads may speak, the human one with manic laughter, the serpent with sibilant menace and the calf with a mournful lowing. Aim's avatars are extremely ugly and can inspire fear in those that view them.

The cult and its factions

The cult of Aim is a unorganised collection of small sects and cults that all pay homage to Aim (or Aim under another name) Most of these are a motly collection of rabble rousers who are keen to be part of a 'sercret society' and enjoy setting fire to things.

Brastor has often been home to a number of small cults of Aim over the last 20 years. Most of whom have been broken up by the Guild and the Brastor Guard.

After winter 809, new cults that spring up are likely to be more cultured and urbane, as a (relatively) civilised aspect of Aim known as Agni has been released from 25,000 years of confinement, and seeks to change his deserved reputation for Poor Impulse Control. These cults are known for their particular delight in the sacrifice of female halflings.

Agents and Followers

The followers of Aim are predominantly male and often come from backgrounds of oppression. Aim's Avatars encourage freedom from repression through cleansing fire. Acts of retribution and escalation have been known to tear villages apart as the destruction mounts and more buildings and woodland burn.

As a result worshippers of Aim are generally disliked and hunted down by other cults and churches, and are a particular target of the Powers of Light.

Aim places few restrictions on his worshippers other than not estinguishing fire and requirment that all slights or insults be answered with the burning of people or property (depending on the severity of the insult).


Aim will only accept Adepts of the College of Fire Magics as Agents. His Agents must create fire wherever and whenever possible and are prohibited from extinguishing a fire for any reason. They must never associated with Adepts of the College of Water Magics, and are encouraged to slay them whenever possible.

To gain Aim's favour, and become an Agent, a mage should offer gifts. Aim is known to be particularly partial to the sacrifice of Water Mages, or the destruction of water related structures by fire (e.g. a ship, or a navigators guild hall).

Upon becoming a Agent of Aim the mage immediately loses the Extinguish Fire Spell (along with any Ranks they may have had in it), and are forbidden from ever relearning it.

Aim often grants great insight into the workings of Fire spell, giving his Agents a spell that is normally Special Knowledge as general. (This spell is most often Fireball).

Aim grants his Agents Familiars which are always Salamanders in their animal form. These Salamanders retain the ability to cause fire with their gaze.

Agents of Aim dress as Fire Mages of the most extreme sort, in blazing crimsons and oranges, more often than not decorated with depictions of roaring fire. Both the symbol of a ball of fire, and the slogan "creation through destruction" are common.


Greater Minions
Sentient Fire Elementals (equivalent to those summoned at Rank 20, except with an MA of 0, otherwise standard).
Lesser Minions
Devils (only ever of the Fire College, otherwise standard).
Minor Minions
Imps (never Water College, otherwise standard).
Beast Minions
Animal Minions

Priests and Churches

Cults of Aim worshippers are almost invariably found in large cities. They go under various "fire" related names such as "The Children of the Flame" or the "Red Redemption".

The cults have been known to offer to redeem the souls of the proprietors and customers of gambling and bawdy houses for large cash sums. Many choose to pay, as it is not unknown for those that do not to have their establishment "cleansed by fire".

Most civil authorities are strongly opposed to the activities of the cults of Aim and will take measures to eradicate them.

Activities and Known Interests

Sphere of Interest

Aim's sole interest is in Fire and he possesses all magic related to it. He will gladly begin a blazing inferno merely for the pleasure of watching it burn, and believes that one day the entire universe will be consumed in a conflagration of cosmic proportions.

Aim may only be summoned into an area where fire could burn, and if there is not a fire burning in the vicinity he will insist that one is lit immediately, or will create one himself.


Aim is almost entirely insensitive to the desires of mortals, wishing only to see his beloved fire propagated. To Aim, fire is the basis of all things, "creation through destruction", whilst water is the slayer of life. Aim will immolate Adepts of the College of Water Magics without a moments hesitation. Otherwise, his attitude to mortals is one of complete disinterest, except for his Agents, in whose fiery ambitions he delights.

His 'Agni' aspect is far more sly and devious, seeking power and prestige apparently as an end in themselves, but actually to enable him to achieve more massive destruction. He will usually reason and bargain with people, but is deceitful, and has no interest in keeping any deal if it becomes inconvenient. He will never negotiate with female halflings, however.


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

  • Between 26,000 and 30,000 years ago, Aim appeared to be sane, co-operative, and playing the long con (along with Orias and Alloces) in the Dakhini peninsula to gain more influence and power. It is unclear whether this entity really was Aim, and if so, what event(s) caused him to lose his cool after this period.