Against ze Flying Nomes

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Mission Precis

Employed by the Vicomte de Vole (a vassal of the Marquess de Bowcourt) to save his castle in Campagnol from magically inclement weather and the depredations of Gnomes in flying machines -- percipitated by his attempts to clear the nearby magical forest, and greatly annoying the druids therein.

Significant Events

Vicomte de Vole slain during coup led by his half-brother Michele le Baton, who also did not survive. Vole vacant and reclaimed by Comte de Chagny. The preponderance of halflings in the Guild party in no way contributed to this. Party technically succeeded in mission insofar as both gnome attacks and blizzards were stopped. The late Vicompte de Vole was not however available for comment on the party's performance.


  • Amelia Pendragron, Halfling, Non-Mage
  • Arthur Pendragon, Halfling, Mind
  • Caskette, Human, Mind
  • Cokencoruba, Human, Celestial
  • Fizzgig, Halfling, E&E
  • Mary-Em, Halfling, Namer
  • Pym (Epouminondas), Halfling, E&E
  • Vivid, Halfling, Illusion

Scribe Notes

No scribe notes known to exist.