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Views from Adjepbar

One of the city states and ports that make up the Five Sisters. The Five Sisters are made up of the only major ports in the north-west of the Islands of Adventure. The population is made up of both Humans and Hobbits.

Adjepbar leadership
Rumoured to be led by a merchant prince hobbit - The Doges of Adjepbar. Council of 'Ten' is a merchant council reports and supports the Doges. 'The Ten' are traders working for the prosperity of the trade halls & city.

The two parts of Adjepbar
Adjepbar is a coastal city and is odd in a couple of ways. In summer Adjepbar can reach 40+ degrees. Adjepbar is also made of two clear and interesting sections.

The large city - Old human part
These days the main part of the city was made by and for humans. It dates back over two millennia with the construction style within the city dominated by sandstone buildings done in a Mediterranean / Arabic style. This is most often built around a Adjpebar central courtyard with strong exterior walls. Also of note, houses and places outside the city are more colourful than the houses inside the city which are mainly sandstone coloured.
The small city - Original hobbit part
The original & older part of the city is built in the same style as the human part, but it is scaled down to suit Hobbits and Dwarves. Parts of the city are said to be underground. It is hard for any taller folks to move around the cramped streets and low overhanging buildings. It is widely believed that the rich and powerful Hobbit clans & families run the city by way of some form of trading guild, but details are sketchy other than noted above (Adjepbar leadership). Outsiders are not invited to these guild meetings. Within this 'smaller sized side of the city', the Small Guard is mainly made up of younger Dwarves out to make a good name for themselves. These Dwarves are from the Superstition Mountains.
Adjepbar Blue Street

Many many ships from great trading nations can be found in the safe ports of the Adjepbar and the other Sister Cities. They are known to have safe trade routes through the changing waters of the Islands of Adventure. Both war and trading ships can be found from; Chelemby, Destiny, Eltrandor, Palestrina, Western Kingdom, Tycho City, Delph, the city of Chelemby, Rokar, Arabie, Azuria, Asan and the Ellenic States. Many trade nations have warehouses to trade compounds and some larger ones have locale trade ambassadors.

Local trader in Adjepbar

Mohumut al-sheikh, the Hobbit Harbour-master, who likes to drink, runs a very busy & seemingly chaotic office. With four staff (made up of ex-sailors & ex-merchants) all attempting to keep the Merchant Captains and Traders happy, and trying to manage unloading and loading over a dozen vessels all at the same time. Often leading to arguments that turn into fist fights between merchants. The Guards stop any beatings or the use of weapons. At other times Merchants / Captains sometimes 'sell' or 'trade' their birthing rights for a profit. Mostly it all seems to work.

Local street in Adjepbar

Other points of interest

Other points of interest about Adjepbar are; the port also has a lot of fishermen, it is very rich, it has been a central hub for trade for many nations and free traders for generations. Maritime merchant families of note often have a presence within the city, even if only an alliance with one of the major local trading families.

Both the old (Hobbits) and new (Humans) sections of the city have access to the port area, which is very good and it boasts five dry dock areas. With low taxes, the wharves and docks can moor over thirty mid-size trading vessels at any time, and often you will find an additional dozen ships anchored in the harbour.

The northern side of Adepbar City which is dominated by desert, and is clearly different from the rest of the city which is more arable and coastal. The buildings on the northern side of the town are all sandstone giving a beige tinge to the city in direct comparison to the colourful coastal side of the town. Normal homes within Adjepbar support an extended family and are based around central courtyards to allow breezes through the houses cooling them during the day.

Colourful houses and coastal walkways directly outside Adjepbar city extended to the north along the peaceful shoreline.

Northern walls
Courtyards are common in Adepbar Homes
Looking north along the coast.
Looking south along the coast.
A day in late summer.
A day in late summer.