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Adam Tennant

I started playing DQ back in 1987 and my baptism of fire was Russel Bach's farewell high level adventure. So the first spell my first character, Fizzgig, ever resisted (with 15% resistance)was a rank 20 Sinking Doom (which was resist or die permanently back then). I've been living in England since 2001 and still play DQ with the London based guild.

I can be contacted at:

I have several areas where I have run adventures, these include:

The Barony of Dumar

A barony on the coast north of the Ffenargh Swamp. The location of the first adventure I ran. One notable inhabitant is Madron the Astrologer. He has hired several parties over the years to do various missions.

Granite Peak Dwarven Hold

A dwarven hold far to the north of Seagate above the permanent snow line.

The plane of Pharos

An Egyptian-like society. Several notable areas/groups include:

The city of Drift, on an enormous rock "floating" in a black sand desert called the Iron Sea. Home to the religion worshipping Apep and the Eyes of Apep, the enforcers of it.

The town of Flotsam, on the coast where the Iron Sea meets the Blue Desert, a salty, dead sea. Home to the Incarnates.

The Castle of Ultimate Darkness, an emormous basalt fortress in a vaste ash waste.


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