A stoners tale - Part II

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Adventure: Lost Innocence
GM: Stefan
Session: Winter 811
Night: Wednesday
Location Western Springs
Level: Low
On adventure: 6 weeks, resulting in 1 rank of flying, 1 rank in Click-clack language, we also found 2.2lb of raw emeralds each, worth 10,000sp each.


  1. Lila female, human celestial mage played by Kelsie
  2. Mr Ripley, water mage played by Dylan
  3. Lathron, male, elf E&E mage played by Simon White
  4. Elsa, female, hobbit, wicca played by Marie
  5. Djulius the Witchboy, male, human, wicca played by Dylan the Younger
  6. Malcolm, male, elf Fire mage played by Conrad
  7. Tolamar, male goblin, namer played by Alan Mason

Nine elemental "stones"

Solve the problem on their plane.

We will be rewarded.

Briefing and Knowledge


1st Frost

Hi Kelsie you are welcome to story line this info if you want!

Our party welcomes two new characters, Lila and Mr Ripply. To carry on with last session's story Lila and Mr Ripply must undergo a ritual with one of the found 9 elements in order to be able to communicate with them.

The adventure starts off with 3 adventurers holding the earth elements feeling a strong emotional pull to the west. We discuss that this may be the lead to the pure earth source so we go to a philosopher within the guild to find out if a place exists within the direction that we feel the pull. We are informed of an ancient temple city who's original name has been long lost and now known as stone hollow or eartheim depending on geographical region where the people have come from and is about 300 miles from Seagate.

We go down to the docks to to do a deal with a captain for free passage. We find the captain Fernando, and italian looking man of the ship called the Wind Chaser. We bargain that Mr Ripply will put a mage water spell on the boat to make the trip really fast and to do odd jobs to get free passage. The boat had 48hrs before it set sail so we wandered back towards the guild.

On the way we noticed that we were being followed by a large band of thug looking fellows. As we walked down an ally it became clear that that was infact thugs. On the wall to an appocrathy Elsa saw the symbols of previous gang marks now written over with a new symbol. Now the colour of the symbol was green and in the shape of an X with a circle in the middle.

We went inside the shop to get supplies and discuss what to do about the thugs. We decide to send a couple to sleep in order to scare the rest of them so we could get out of there. Lath put a few to sleep but the plan backfired when Julius cast harm entity and caused on of them to scream out in pain and buckle over which created a scene to the public. We grabbed a couple of bodies and after a child came up to Talamar and started beating up on the sleeping and harmed boddies we got out of there as quickly as possible!

When back at the guild Elsa hypnotises one of the thugs and there is an interigation as to why the thugs were following us. We find that they were orded by their gang leader, Garfunckle, and their intentions were to work with us to get them rich like we did the last gang, however we have learnt our lesson in aiding thugs! we decided to let them go but to not bother us again. *we did find out where their HQ is......just incase.

The party is taking 4wks of standard guild rations per party member which weighs 28lbs, weapons, armour, personal items etc

On board the 'Wind Chaser', we are given guard duty. We are aware on the ship that everyone is either armoured or are able to be armoured easily! The water elemnts are very excited to be near the water and communcate to those that are holding the water elents there wish to be in the water.

The coast come into view after hearing the call, we see a colourful spec in the distance. As we get closer it reveals itself to be another ship. When the captain looks through the spyglass, see's a 'help' flag raised out the top of the mast So Fernando demands the ship be turned to aid the other. When we get closer, most of the party recognise the ship as the 'Pearl Necklace' and now the crew are in clear view of having weird fish like mutations. There is a reaction of 'Uh-oh!' Melcome sends a firebolt to the ship. However the party are not wanting to get distracted from the task at hand and a couple of players are unhappily going along with this plan. SO the ship turns back to the orignal position that it was sailing and the the crew an board rejoice because lets face it, what normal person really wants to get into a fight. (however, this means that the ship has now raised another flag and are going to be causing trouble until we get back across the water to deal with the issue) Fernando says he will inform other ships and their crew of the matter.

As we enter into the shore we can see Tents of the trading town called Port Artz From here it is noted that it will take one week to travel up Artz river of Atrz Flugalheim, to a town called Spankerville

On shore we find a ship carrying grain that is eaving to go upstream and we offer the same deal with Mr Ripply's mage water. The bargain leads to him controlling to boats side by side. However the captain seemed oddly unreasonalble and it was very hard to persuade him to let us have passage on the ship. He said that there were no rats on board as we had offer to help catch rats as a form of payment. We were quite shocked at the so Lila and Elsa went out to seek some rats to converse with them and entice them onboard. We found two! and then on board it was kindly pointed out to us that there is a fat cat on the ship, but I reckon if need be we can talk to the cat as well. I'm sure the cat is far to interested in sleeping than catching rats.

We agree to be guards on board and the boats make their way up the river. The boats are 40' and are sailing side by side.


On board the grain carrying boat, captain ElFonzo approaches the party telling news of river guards that have gone missing so to be aware of pending danger. On board there are 4 crewmen and the captain. On the 3rd eve, those who were on a stoners tale part 1 have horrific nightmares due to the demon Illian. Images of mass slaughter, people ragged and kneelig to the demon and other demons fornicating. The nightmares cause Elsa, Melcom and Julius to wake up and scream and panic. In the morning there is a red sky and lightning falling from the sky to the east and in the distance everyone except Lila and Mr Ripply hear the demon laughing. ElFonzo questions the party about the screaming last night and is replied with those affected, arent used to boats so not to have any uneasiness to between us and the crew. As we sail further there is a putrid smell in the air about 20m from the river corner. There are yells to stop the boat. We notice that every 15th or so is spitting down to a point at the river corner and Elsa sees blood in the water and a body float past. There also appears to be a lot of raves and magpies flying around. As we continue to sail in closer about 15mins later and arrow flies into one of the crewman straight into the eye and he goes down. We hear very clearly the laugh of Illian and Mr Ripply orders the boat to go around the bend and the ship bangs into chains of corpses across the river. Another crewman gets shot and a bunch of cultists come running out of the bush. Mr Ripply moves the ship backwards but before we lose sight of them Lathron saw that the men had cuts all over them and leading them was a man on a horse with a stags head. The boat backs away about a mile. Another boat approaches and we make the captain aware of the situation ahead.

It's about lunchtime. We decide to greater our numbers before leaping into to combat. Lathron casts greaters on the other crewmen. After an hour the lightning seases. Another boat turns up shortly after from Port Artz. The ship pulls up beside us and we board the ship. We tell the captain of the ambush. On this particular ship there are only two crew plus the captain and one goblin. Lila tried to cast shadow form onto some of the crew on board our shipo but she unfortunately backfired her spell and caused herself to go blind for four day. A couple of hours pass and another barge pulls up. On this boat the Captain is female. She has four more crew. We head out towards the ambush with all four ships united. An image of Illian appears and gives an impression of him knowing our location. He laughs and mocks us. Lathron prepares to use celestial wings and invisibility to fly over the ambush area and drop a grenado. He returns to the boat as we come up to the narrower part of the river and see that the cultists have vanished and the corpse chains across the water are no longer there. The other crewmen are happy of course to be avoiding combat. Although as we trael further up the river there are concerns we may still run into them. We keep a watchful eye. At 6pm we pass a couple of boats heading down river and inform them of the situation and to be cautious.

Elsa and Melcom have intense visions of Illian. There are feelings of frustration and claustrophobia and dislike. In the morning Lathron tells us of a horrid dream he had last night. He descibes Illian popping a pustial and from it pulling a mini demon (like a birthing) and putting it in the mountains. The demon looked like half a muscly man and half a rhin. Elsa and Melcome lose 4Ft/day due to the acute awareness of Illian. At about 4pm on the 3rd day we reach a jetty. We meet a bold type called Elmo Von Spank from Spankerverk. We get off the boats the boats and meet the the rest of the crew. There is an old woman talking very loudly. Talamar DAs the old woman which tells us that shes a witch and her highest rank is 'Headology'. The crew walk through the night to the villiage. We decided to sleep over the night at shore. Elsa and Talamar have the same dream that Lathron had previously but instead of a birthing, saw a child demon ripping at its on organs. Talamar woke up frozen and Elsa wakes beserk from the dream running around and snacks her head on the ground and kncked herself out. Talamar curls into a ball. Then the rest of the night passes uneventfully.

The next day after Elsa cooks breakfast and everyone is fed its about 8am. We see a ship pass by. Lila casts celestial wings on every party member. We get to Spankerverk quite quickly. From birds eye view it appears that there is deforestation near the roads. We land near a pond.

In the Village we learn that there are shortcuts through the woods. The Village witch is Mother Teresa Wimple, a very loud old lady. Fist we go tto the village Inn requesting information of Eartheim. Elmo Von Spank brings us a book on the temple but tells us to go see Mother Teresa Wimple who has the original book.

The book recounts the village history; Its been there for ages It's four days walk, the fourth day walking through desolated area Every 100 years, as recorded by the village eldar there us a precession of monks that go there. They dont know why and when they come back there are fewer numbers There's a sketch of a monk ragged and layed with stones At the bottom of the pages a symbol of a cracked stone in circle shape There's descriptions of an area void of life and monks slowly walking through the earth Has about 1000yrs worth of records A sketch of a map from the village to stone hollow/Eartheim

but this book doesnt appear that old.

Session 3

We venture to Mother Teresa Wimple's house. Elsa and Julius are welcomed into her house and the rest of the party are given spades to do work in her garden. Her garden is full of seeming magical plants that have minds of their own.

Elsa asks to look at the old book


Magic Caster Rk Effects Dur Lila Rip Lath Elsa ? Malc Tol
Shadow Form Lila 12 Def +26(+13 in close) 6½ hrs Y
Strength of Darkness Lila 7 +4 PS 80 mins
Waterbreathing Mr Ripley 7
Greater Enchantment Lathron 11 +12 on Res and Combat or Magic R/M R/ R/ R/ R/ R/ R/


People and Creatures