A game of 2 halves

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GM Dylan
Session Spring 810 wk
Night Probably Tuesday
Location Avondale (The Bean Residence), Bridget and Jono will be cooking dinner with the support of the players (in real life).
Level Low-Medium

Mission: A series of ever more intricate quests. Each more devious and cunning than the last. This series of tasks is quite a list and you are unlikely to get them all done but bonus's will be paid the more you get done.

Pay Negotiable but rising with each task completed.

1 Alexi, Low level Solar Celestial "He isn't entirely useless" Played by greg
2 Merconium Begining Mind mage healer of some skill played Jono
3 Nikola Tea drinking fighter of some skill played by Bridget
4 Rashida Fairly new fighter played by Maree
5 Pierre the Halfling illusionist
6 Weekly featured guest PC