A fading light from the West

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Adventure: A fading light from the West
GM: Jono Bean
Session: Summer 813wk
Night: Thursday starting at 6:30pm
Location 39 Sackville Street Grey Lynn.
Level: Medium /High Level.
Information: Information from players for Jono.
House Rules: Opposed rolling combat system play test. Quickness & Slowness, No 'B' Collages please

Chart of Seagate - Freetaun

The Party:

A couple of skilled thieves would be helpful to the party.

Sign up at the guild meeting, max 6 players.

  • Starflower of the Bewilderment College - Military Leader
  • Pent of the Brass Monkeys College - Disbursements Leader
  • Villa of the Beguilments and Bemusements College -Party Leader
  • Sabastian of the Blackest Night College - Scribe
  • Arwen of the Brown College
  • Sven of the Buoyancy College



Irina - Head of the Witches Coven of Freetaun.


The mages of Freetown want you to capture three Noble Drow Lords who are leading the raids into The Duchy of Aladar.


Meet our employer. Fooled by fake heist. Depart seagate.

Reach Freetaun and talk with wicker. Ride mushroom to mountains. Talk alternatives with Dwarves.

Meet Horde dwarves. Sneak into Barretskyne.

Kill Liro, return to Irina with body.

Chase down gauntlet to the ice north.

Meet Raithe & Moonshae and head to the Lunar empire


Meet and Greet

We assembled in the guild meeting rooms and introduced ourselves over mugs of beer and sandwiches. Our employee, Irina, represents a loose alliance of mages located in Freetown and required the skills of a discrete party. She is known to bestow luck through death and only people resistant to draining should stand near her.
Finishing our meal and instructions we head down to the “Unicorns Tower”, a respectable in Seagate to meet out Irina. The Inn staff are warn of Starflowers social position, I must ask more about that. We are shown through to a dining room and meet Irina and six other almost identical people (they were covered by illusions), to the great relief of one of her staff Pent stands near Irena.

The shapers Irena represents would like us to locate 3 of 4 debtors. They had sold powerful moral coils to Drow some time ago and they had failed to make payment. They would like to have a conversations with these people and please can we arrange them to present themselves in Freetown, alive preferable. We discuss payment and agree upon 180 arcane points and 120,000sp.

Our first target, Senator Liro, is known to be in the ruins of Barretskyne creating a crystal portal. Looking at the dates we determine things will kick off on the dark day of the fifth, so we had better have finished up by then. We can get there via a gigantic catapult from Freetown, landing near the local dwarves.

Our employer has our coin, and we head upstairs to retrieve this. The room has been just been looted and chest stolen. We charged after the thieves, they had dropped the chest and were fleeing, we knock a few unconscious and the others escape. Examining the crime scene and our captives we decide the heist is a sham, nothing more that to expose the defences. Who is behind this we do not know.

After some discussion it is agree that we will depart for Freetaun in a few hours aboard Irenas ship. We visit Phaeton and arrange for him to heal our unconscious captives, Villa then turns them to frogs. Boarding the ship and departing confederation bay we meet their water mage, a giant turtle with huge menagerie of water creatures.

Time to Leave

After some discussion it is agree that we will depart for Freetown in a few hours aboard Irenas ship. We visit Phaeton and arrange for him to heal our unconscious captives, Villa then turns them to frogs. Boarding the ship and departing confederation bay we meet their water mage, a giant turtle with huge menagerie of water creatures.

We sail into the Confederation bay and encounter a sudden and frantic storm. Most ships frantically head for the harbour to wait out the violent storm. The storm abates when a ship containing adventurers docks.

We arrive at the heavily fortified port Freetown the next morning, having passed a number of Drow warships anchored at sea. We make notes and diagrams of the ship to pass on, we believe they belong to a Destinian fleet that was stolen from Eltrendor 10 years ago.

Sabastian decided sacrifice his life to untdertake the luck ritual, as he expect to die quickly when facing the drow. We take a sloop and discreetly make our way to one of the many island of the city, sailing into the tower fortress of the wicker. Sven and Arwen have gotten very drunk on the journey. We hand over the prisoners to the Tower and Arwen insists on kiss the frogs, claiming to be a princess, in order to change them back. It doesn’t work but we insist she try again and again just to make sure.

We change into robes of the adepts and are lead through the castle to the ritual area. After much discussion Sabastian, with the help of Villa, spend a few hours casting lesser enchantments on almost every inhabitant of the castle. A number of the ladies find him exceptionally charming. One of the ranger that works for the tower agrees to “lend” Sabastian his luck and the witches provide the party some resources to aid their mission

Finishing up we are introduced to a pretty air mage whom can cast fly so we may reach the “Catapult”. She is interested in; Congealed cloud, worn shoes of morally upstanding dwarves, crystalised tear ducts of a Roc of unusual size, the heart of an ogre pierced by a silver stake and magical bark.

Arriving at the tower we eventually settle up a giant “rock” (400ft x 600ft) that turns out to be some sort of gigantic undead mushroom. Flung at an astronomical speed we fly through the air, with the mushroom slowly disintegrating, fighting off the insectoid inhabitants of the mushroom while careful watching a “fairy” timer. We survive the flight and abandoned ship at the right time to find ourselves flying around the <insert name> mountains. Avoiding undead griffons we land near the peak near a dwarven village.

Dwarven Porridge

We quickly meet a patrol of dwarves from the Kingdom Guard and offer introductions and the letter from Irnina. We are lead into the guest courters within the the mountain stronghold. They are clearly not used often as everything is covered in dust and packed away. We have a drink and discuss plans with the dwarves. There are a number of ways to get to Barretskyne; flying past the flying undead [too hot], force marching for a day through the tunnels [too long] or using the portal operated by Morgor (a shaper) [Just right]. Morgor has a dubious reputation but the dwarves have cut off a number of his fingers to explain the error of his ways. There is also a small enclave of Shrivers in the mountain that occasionally aid the Kingdom Guard.

We clarified our mission with the dwarves and asked for help. Further consideration reveals that meerly getting to Morgor will take a day or two - unless we use the "flying" carpet towed by magic goats. Whilst discussing this and gaining some prepartions and assistience from the dwarves (see below and the items section) some of the dwarves allies from the lunar empire arrives. These were the "Hore" dwarves and specialise in magic more than the Kingdom Guard dwarves.

  • We ate a magic mushroom each that will protect us from 8 poinyts per pulse of poison.
  • Also another paste that will stop us dying from extreme damage. - we have this on our weapons too.
  • C class blessing - +21 SC and double damage if the blessed individual uses a bashing weapon.
Barretskien Fortress Dungeon Level 1
Barretskien Fortress Dungeon Level 2

The Hore dwarves can also transpot us using "hearth" magic to any large fires in Barretskyne, we also used this to visit the Rangers at the edge of Barretskyne and obtain maps and information. They were certain that the Senator is in the tunnel complex under the main citidel of the city. We magically confirmed this and also found that the Mistress is elsewhere in Barretskyne, and the Commander is in the Fleet we saw off the coast in Confederation Bay.

The Plan

As the Hore dwarves can deliver us into the Fortress we decide the best approach is one of stealth. We can signal them to assist in our escape too, so we practice using the hearth magics to siliently get in and clean up any evidence of our approach.

We also use crystal balls to spy on the guards and work out patrol patterns.

Each of the cell blocks has a group of guards outside of it in the corridor.

Careful study of the patrols lead us to believe that they are accompianied by additional invisible forces, and they have a number of visible spell effects on (Shadow forms, Amour of Earth, Weapon spells etc).

We also are unable to scry into one area of the 1st level, and the map seems to indicate it is some sort of suite with V.I.P. accomodation.

This and other magical indications lead us to assume that the Senator is in that suite, so we plan our asault.

We will sneak in just after a patrol has passed progress carefully along the major corridor, hiding in alcoves, then pause in a storage area near the V.I.P accomodation to plan our final push.

Once we achieved our objective we would summon the Hore dwarves at a set location to extract us.

Sneak In

Arrival in our drop off point revealed a group of guards playing cards in the large room, as we arrived silently (as we had actually practised this part) we all took cover without them being disturbed. After tiding all evidence of our arrival we exited the room locking the door behind us. Reaching the main corridor we had to traverse we discovered various numbers of the static guards in it having a discussion, Also we realised that this corridor is huge, some 20 foot wide and more than that high and as such one entire wall has been stacked with crates of supplies. This gave us a "high" road to go down the corridor without being seen from the ground.

Crossing the gaps caused by side passages was an exercise in care and patience but we progress all the way down (pausing when the patrols came past as we assumed they are more watchful and perceptive than the static guards) to the end of the corridor to the V.I.P section (we skipped the "storage cupboard" staging area as it appears to be the commandants quarters and he has some sort of dog? in is rooms).

There is a light ward as an alarm on this corridor. We suppress the ward we sneak to the end to discover a number of dozing drow in a lavishly decorated room. Looking into the future see ourselves sneaking into the room contains the fireplace and Starflower setting off a ward, followed by and a violent combat with many of the party dying. We retreating our way back up the corridor and disarm the traps on door we believe leads to the main room.

Making our way through a kill room we discover Liro asleep in the bedroom surrounded by a number of Succubi and Inccubi. They signal they have no interest in interfering so we surround Liro and attach him physically and magically, we manage to hibernate him but all magic and damage quickly slips off him. All damage on Liro is shared with people around him, even unconscious he is hurting us. We resort to stabbing him a great deal to keep him unconscious and healing. The Succubi cannot resist Sabastians charm and offer him gifts, in particular a corrupt dagger.

Flee out

Dragging Liros body to the hearth we are met by the Horde dwarf and travel back to the dwarven stronghold. They guards do not interfere – is this fear or party of an elaborate ruse? All hell breaks loose as Liro awakes, throwing off his chains and summons weapons and armour. He summons a mist that makes all those around him very unlucky and drains everyone to heal himself. He talks to Sven and Sabastian offering them their lives in exchange for Sabastian killing someone with the corrupt dagger, and killing Liro in return. As Liro begins his slaughter Sabastian cuts off Svens head and gouges out his brain, all for the good of the party. Liros body drops to the floor, his soul fleeing, and Pent removes his head.

Cleanup Liros body is encased in lead and we begin healing the many wounded. Two bodyguards were summoned in but trapped by ancient soul stones in the dwarven stronghold. [the dagger that killed Liro, a Senator of Decay, was a corrupt weapon. Are we part of an elaborate ruse?] We transport the body via the hearth back to the Firemage tower in Freetaun and eventually make out way back to the Wickers with the corpse. We learn the necromancers have hired to party to liberate their tower, they need to be dealt with. Sebastian asks for the best cuts of meat, and following an unexpected trip to the frozen northern wastes, they party enjoy a well earned meal of salamander sandwiches. We explain our activities to Irina and, having completed the first task, are allowed to obtain an arcane item. The party rest while Sven and Sabastian are heavily divinated.

Slight Detour

Over breakfast the next morning Sabastian explains he has unfortunately fulfilled the first pact with Liro, having killed Sven. There are three paths open;
• Complete the pact and become a dark minion of the senators [too evil]
• Become a paragon of justice [too hard]
• Force the pact on to another drow lord by striking while wearing an enchanted gauntlet [just right]

Keg Ballow, blind Dwarven oracle that accompanied us back from the Dwarven halls, explains the gauntlet will be unguarded on White Lotus today (today) the location is known by a naga living in Innerlith. Members use gigantic flasks of wine to attract the attention of Matt, a friendly titan, and convince him to assist us. Matt takes us to the Nagas tower and we learn she was a prison in hell, where the gauntlet was lost but later recovered by Raithe & Moonshae. The gauntlet now resides in the merchants guild in Seagate. Before departing we agree to return and chase of some Ogre Magi that are bothering the tower.

In Seagate the vault in the merchants guild contains a note to Sabastian from the friendly assassins, it explains the gauntlet is held by the High Priestess of Hel, of Clan Dagan. Keg Ballow see visions of Raithe & Moonshae are waiting in ambush outside Sabasitans house in Brastor, ready to capture the Succubi that Sebastian accidently invited there. It is known that the Succubi will appear there the second time Sebastian travels to the far north, they are manipulating us to capture the Succubi.

Deciding to bypass master assassins (always a good choice) Matt takes the part far north to the icy castle of the Dagan. We are granted entry and eventually meet the Sarkil, the lead Githya. She is aware of our quest and allows Pent and Sebastian to enter the lands of the Dead where they meet a large group of ladies that are awaiting their arrival and presenting they a gauntlet and sickle. Return to the mortal realm the talk with Sarkil. The group of ladies previously met soon arrive and are introduced to the conversation. The Lords of Corruption passed through a year ago slaying all in their path, each was accompanied by 6 bodyguards. Liro now resides in the Lands, over the mountain range, in a weakened state – if we kill Liro in the lands he will forever be slain.

Pin Cushions

In exchange for our aim we are asked to discreetly retrieve the sword and armour from the leader of the Kingdom of Malgarva. As their army has little magic there will be no opposition. Out departure is interrupted by the arrival of Seers, are politically neutral but act for the good of the lands. They have foreseen our success and communicated this to the king, as he knows we are coming and there is little he can do to stop us he wishes to negotiate. We ask the Seers for their aid with our mission and we see a Vision of Raithe & Moonshae negotiating with Drow for a gauntlet, the right hand to the left we have. Also, they will find us in 90 minutes.

Realising there is little we can do to evade the master assassins we call for a nice bottle of wine and await their arrival outside the castle. Matt despises them, but we ask him not to attack unless combat begins. Eventually we spot a single Elf, brimming with magic, believe to be their apprentice, walking up the road toward us. Our plans all do astray when Matt crushes the Elf a strike from him maul spilling his organs over the snow. We all steel ourselves for the arrows that arrive and turn us into walking pin cushions, just three each in the first pulse. Luck and magic keep us alive, so we all see to our horror that Matt disappears. We await our fates and Moonshae arrives and pleasingly doesn’t slay us all. She gives Sebastian the gauntlet and explains they wish us to killing the Senators of Decay before the Solstice, otherwise they, or the poison is our bodies, will kill us. Also, the poison will likely kill us if we try to remove it. Also, they will kill us if we are too slow or try to betray them. Also, we had better get a move on otherwise they will get impatient and kill us. As Moonshae departs she severs Sebastian ear and autographs the side of his head with his scimitar.

Sven, Pent and Arwen, who are all drunk, wander out to see what all the noise is about. Matt arrives and explains he departed to clean his boots, they had blood all over them! We send the Seer back to ask for the items and leave their body and items of the assistant assassin in a tidy pile.

We travel to the guild and Brastor to pick up money. We discover Raithe & Moonshae have visited Sebastians house, its is sacked and burning with all the art stolen. Things get a little tense when Starflower explains she to Matt is an assassin and guild trains assassins, Wegan the Inscrutable is call to intervenes to calm an angry titan - explaining Starflower misunderstanding. Matt takes Starflower on a slight detour to have a bracelet forged around her wrist.

Lunar visit

Arriving at the Lunar Empire we pay a small fortune for escorts and eventually make out way to the Grand Colosseum and attend an audience with Max Ramus. Taken underneath the structure we pass through gigantic caverns(?) and flowing lava(?) to a pleasant courtyard under a moonlit sky(?) where we can talk. There is a reward for killing the senators, possession of the royal regalia for a day. This is incredibly powerful as you can make almost any decision (change taxes, alter guilds, destroy buildings etc), the possession of these will likely lead to a small war. Raithe & Moonshae have signed up for the reward, they will kill the Senators by Solstice. This date was due to an ill advised bet with the Emperor

It is beloved the Senators are allied with the Drow powers and Senator Liro allowed himself to be killed as the party would be forced to transfer the cure to another Sentaor, whom he would they gain power over. They all hate each other. Max prvides us a titan belt and poisons to assist without mission.


Talking with Max at length regarding the Senators it is revealed the beating heart of the Mistress is kept sealed within a guarded chamber. The titian that captured her 500 years ago turned her own charming against her broke her heart, so she ripped out her own heart from her chest.
Those in the presence of the heart are known to be charmed, but given there is much that could be learnt the party decide to investigate. Sebastian volunteers to investigate the heart, known he will be charmed he strips down to his basic equipment. The party and a number of guards wait a fair distance away.

It takes two days to clean up the mess that had occurred. Sebastian managed to charm everyone in the party, with the exception of Pent, and a number of Lunar guards. He had come within a hairs breath of escaping the Colosseum with the Heart. In the turmoil he had been turned into a giant and had a darksphere driven through his chest, leaving a gaping hole. Some Dwarven mechanicians residing in the Colosseum had provided an interium solution, a spinning tube that slides into the gap and keeps the body alive. However Sebastian can no longer turn right, but can turn left twice as fast.

Max decided it was time for the party to depart. We are informed the Lunar empire has penetrated whatever was interfering with their magic and Liro was reincarnated in the Colosseum and is now a prisoner. Max provides the party with directions to the Temple of Luck and provides them with a crate a number of bottles to carry the luck.

Change of Luck

Meeting up with Matt he agrees to taken the party close to the temple, with a quick detour to obtain Sabastian some giant sized attire and cure the poisons of Raithe & Moonshae. The party bid Matt good bye at the entrance to a tunnel and awaits our return at the Temple of War, however he does note we are been followed by a Gobin, lead by a woman of unsavoury intent.

We appear to walk for days in the tunnel, but are not tired or need to eat. We finally arrive at a large cavern, the only occupant is six eyed humanoid whose body is wrapped in bandages, he has an aspect of darkness. There are many exists from the cavern and we are told, in exchange for a ton of sweet candy, we will be directed to the correct tunnel. There is an enormous pile of musty, rotting candy in the corner of the cave and we move this to where the guide is sitting which fulfils his request. Sabastian takes some candy with him to prevent our pursuers performing the same trick.

Temple Ahoy

Walking for a number of days the tunnel opens to a small grotto that leads to a large wilderness. We locate the stream and fill our bottles with luck and unluck. We encounter a fox like humanoid creature, Subo, who lives in the forest. She tells us of a naga in the area. We run into a snake creature whom is awaiting us, she is the servant of Anguitia, a snake goddess of healing and witchcraft, and are provided eggs that can cure the venom that was to befall us. We then pay a visit to the Naga that provides us answers to a number of useful questions, we have four days to finish our work.

Briefly Heartless

Having departed the Luck temple we meet Matt at the Temple of War and pass a small army of warrior, assembled to prove their worth. Matt takes the party to the forest to visit the Snake God, but pops back for a minute to the Temple fulfill the armys wish for combat and decimates them. After much cautious we meeting the Goddess whom agrees to aid the party and provide them a sacred weapon for us to use, to ensure the party return this she insists on taking Sebastians heart and replacing it with a serpent. Matt returns and has a ‘discussion’ with the Goddess, knowing the power she will have over the heart ‘insists’ that she return it. A second operation later and the party depart for Matts titan sized ship with everyone’s hearts intact.


The party is exhausted from all the recent activity with little sleep rest for a day on the ship. Sebastian is provided some armour to fit his new form, chain links are hammered into his joints by an armourer which will allowing his to summon celestial armour. The party are provide a number of spells from the crew of mages and the party depart. Starflower is able to track both Senators to the desert, heading toward Freetaun.

Arriving in Freetaun we deal with a number of officious lackeys and eventually have an audience with Irena, explaining the imminent arrival of the Senators, then departing to the desert. We eventually spot the Senators. The are riding in tents housed on two gigantic lizards (200ft long), they are flanked by a number of troops, some which are invisible, and have roving guards and patrols arranged.

The Attack Commences

As planned the storm sweeps in as the party land on the roofs of the 100ft on tents that sit upon the back of the lizards. Charging into the tent we discover it is an extra dimensional area, we enter a gigantic room that is larger than the area of the tent. We are confronted by dozens of people in an expansive room with a small river running through the room.

Thirty seconds later...

The party flees into the sand storm with the dying body of the Mistress and Sebastians corpse. Before being killed by withering magic Sebastians had discovered the tent linked to the Commanders tent and he held a chain angel in a cage. The party loose contact with each other and take some time to regroup, unfortunately as Sven was mentally controlled he returned to the enemy and flew himself into the side of a lizard – fortunately he dropped the Mistresses body in the storm once he realised his body was controlled. The party locates the body before the enemy and retreats.
Matt is summon and disappears almost immediately upon realizing the Mistresses not dead. Rectifying that Matt is resummong. Pent used the same powerful artifact to rescue Svens body that he used to rescue Sebastians. Matt disappears with the two bodies and arranges them to be resurrected while the party loot the Mistress.

the plan (tm)

So we are going to attack the incoming senators before they get to FreeTown and charm everyone. We attack the Mistress first, as she is the greatest danger, then make a decision of next actions giving the outcome.

Insertion plan:

  • Matt Teleports us up over the caravan.
  • The dust / lightening storm is noisy enough to cover our approach.
  • We are rank 16 invisible.
  • We fall / Glide / Fly our way down to the roof of the Mistresses landing at the same time as a lot of noise.

The Fight
We enter the building and surround her (using Arwan’s silence area) then Very quickly disable her (actually near kill with anti death poison). We need

  • someone to douse her in the anti luck,
  • someone to read the “Fire Creatures scroll” to add 14 damage to any cold weapon blows), so some planning on the first few actions would be good.

Also an explicit list of buffs.

  • R8 Water Proofing (Sven)
  • R20 Witchsight (Ship)
  • R20 Fire armour(Ship)
  • R20 Armour of Esrth(Ship)
  • R20 Strength of stone(Ship)
  • R15 Waters of Strength (Sven) D-2+15
  • R20 Ice Weapons (Pent) +21% BC, +7DM
  • R8 Mindshield (Starflower)
  • R12 Scryguard (Villa)
  • R16 Quickness (Villa) + 5TMR, +20IV
  • Protection from heat/Cold (5 points) (Ship)
  • poison that is toxic to the senators (Max)
  • poison that stops people dying (Irina)
  • Apple that can either heal or cure poison (Irina)
  • Egg that cured poison (Snake God)
  • Turnip - neutralises poison. (1 each) 4 bites in each (Irina)
  • Luck potions (Luck Temple)
  • Amulets of retribution (1 each) - your killer is lashed with hellfires.(Irina)

things on hand

  • Dagger that drains souls - incapacitate someone (Irina)
  • 2 scrolls of Fire special counterspell (Irina)
  • Anvill (wrapped in sacks) which atracts small thrown wepons (daggers, darts etc - not large spears) (Dwarves)
  • Invested which "blesses" all those within 6 1/2 acres making them count as "fire creatures". (Irina)

We may end up fighting some guards, either inside or outside

Depending how this goes will affect the next step which may be to fly away with her body/skin changed / in a brown sack. Or we could try to get over to the other Senator and deal with him too

To do

We have two session remaining and we'll need time for a wrapup so there really only one game to go. Theres a fair bit outstanding to do, but of our core tasks we need to

  • Obtain the item from the Commander - I dont think fighting is an option as they know we are coming and will be prepared. perhaps negotiate for the coil. We have killed the other two Senators so he knows we are tough. maybe ring in M&R to help fight if we can negotiate? it would be good to get the angel out as well.
  • If we dont kill the Commander how do we deal with M&R? They will be very upset with us and, being master assassins, could kill us out of spite.

It would be useful to have a clear idea of what we are doing before the game so we dont waste any time. Any other throughts/suggestions?

Other things to do;

  • Retrieve object for air mage
  • deal with the party, hired by the necromancers, that is liberating the necromancer tower.
  • Free naga of ogre magi

Raithe & Moonshae

  • The master assassins are looking to claim the reward (the Regelia) from the Lunar empire for killing the senators. This will provide them great power in the Lunar empire for a day.
  • They have threatened the party with death if they do not complete their mission, which will earn them the reward.

Divinate the following

  • glove (from dead lands)
  • sickle (from dead lands)
  • luck potion (from wicker)
  • soul drinking dagger (from wicker)
  • amulet (from succubi)
  • potion (from succubi)
  • dagger (from succubi)
  • Salamander heart (from lunch)


The targets have the same names as the Senators of Decay whom fought in the Winter Games. These may be the same people
They are all 15ft tall meaning they all undergone the passage of Death Rites and have an enhanced death aspect, unrelated associates can be treated as near relatives for death results. The Drow control a pool in Delphi that allows this. From the encounter at the Winter Games; Virgins will not be affected, people with no pact will be impacted (+++ on dice) and pacted people will be significant effected (++++ on dice)

It is believed they are allied with powerful drow (Avatar?)

They dispise each other but cannot directly attack each other.

They all give our bad luck, drain to heal themselves and magic drops off them.

Senator Liro

Leader of Dragoons. Known to pass as a human or 6’4 Drow. Has exception martial prowess. Caster of air and mind colleges. Has two bodyguards, Justin and Rabid. Known to be in the ruins of Barretskyne creating a crystal portal.

  • any damage taken is also taken by enemies
  • magic slips off him
  • surrounded by anti luck field, about 25 ft radius (+25/50 to dice)
  • drains those in the field, using necromancy, to heal himself.

Commander Barrakio

Known to pass as a human. Caster of earth and necromancy colleges.

  • immune to poison and venoms
  • may command people, this cannot be resisted. He may only command one person at a time.

Mistress Lyndon

Can pass damage to others. Caster of Enchanting and necromancy colleges.

  • If you look at the mistress you become charmed and do not resist until some time in the future.
  • Many of the dwarves see her as an ally (cause of the charm)

Of interest

Sebastians changes

  • changed to a giant
  • stomach burrowed out with dark sphere and replaced with mechanical device
  • heart taken and replaced with snake (fixed)

Smartest Adventurer

  • Sebastian taking some of the ton of candy so our pursuers couldn't provide a ton to the guide.


Lend by Wicker tower in Freetaun

  • Dagger that drains souls - incapacitate someone
  • 2 potions of luck (65%) 1/1 before rolls, 1/2 afterward.
  • Amulets of retribution (1 each) - your killer is lashed with hellfires.
  • Turnip - neutralises poison. (1 each) 4 bites in each

Lend by Kingdom dwarves

  • 2 scrolls of Fire special counterspell
  • poison paste to prevent enemies dying
  • Anvill (wrapped in sacks) which atracts small thrown wepons (daggers, darts etc - not large spears)
  • Invested which "blesses" all those within 6 1/2 acres making them count as "fire creatures".

From the Lands of the Dead

  • left hand gauntlet - transfers a quasi/magical afflictions (death curses etc)
  • sickle - harvest something in one of the Hels.

From Liros Succubi

  • amulet
  • potion
  • dagger - corrupt dagger that passes on damage

From Chef

  • Salamander heart

From Moonshae

  • right hand gauntlet - stops the wearer from death curses and the like.

From "luck Temple"

  • Wood to made weapon shafts.

From Max Ramus

  • potion of death curse: upon death upon death you curse your killer
  • blade venom to weaken the Senators


Summer 813wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane

Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting Meeting Employer. 2 Arrive at Freetaun. Travel to mountains. 3 Prep for attack 4 Capture Liro 5 6
Moon1.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon2.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon3.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29 30