Sahuagin, Elves, and Merfolk. Oh My!

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GM: Keith Smith
Season: Spring 810
Night: To be negotiated (Wednesday - starting 6th Oct)
Location: Chez Smith in Mangere Bridge (just off the South Western Motorway)
Level: Medium to Medium High

Accepting signups on the wiki since I won’t be at the Guild Meeting itself. An illusionist may be very useful.

Hired to travel to Pasifika and to find out what is going on with the Aquatic Elves and why are they are not helping the merfolk fight off the invading sahuagin. Rumours are claiming that they are in league with them instead? Can this be true?

Guild rates and salvage. Probably some extra from the merfolk if this mess can be sorted out.

Mission Summary
Tide Turns in Underwater War
The party was successful in turning the tide in the Pasifikan Underwater War, securing the aid of the Aquatic Elves, and bringing them to the relief of the Pasifikan Merfolk. The party quickly learned that the reason the elves had not been helping the merfolk was that the elves had been infiltrated by creatures called Malenti – apparently hatched from sahuagin, but having the outward appearance of aquatic elves. One of these creatures had made herself Queen and had the Elven King firmly under her control. The party were able to expose her, and took her down, restraining her right there in the royal audience chamber. Then they chased down the Royal Chancellor and a number of the Royal Guard who were also Malenti. In short order, the Aquatic Elves allied themselves with the Pasifikan Merfolk, and with further aid from the Guild Party, they mounted a series of major attacks on Sahuagin positions, sending them into retreat.

Scribe Notes

  • Vanderhan: Party Leader
  • Starflower: Scribe and Mil Sci
  • Sooty: Everything else

20 Thaw 810

It was two weeks after the guild meeting when a runner came to fetch Vanderhan and I from the House of the Rose. It seems that a lady named Aquana, a mermaid from the merfolk of Pasifika, had arrived and was looking for a party. The merfolk were losing their war with the Sahuagin, and she wished us to find out why the Aquatic elves weren’t assisting them against their old enemy, and if possible, enlist them as allies.

 Starflower: “We’re elves, shopping is an important part of diplomacy.”
 Starflower: “Nothing is more important than shopping!”
 Starflower: “Sahuagin sushi!”

We decided we would be tourists, visiting our aquatic cousins. Our employer has some means of giving us the ability to breathe water and aquatic affinity (at Rank 11) for the season.

So I went off to organise some presents – alcohol of various sorts, chocolates, ornaments, sealed containers of herbs, spices and the like. Sooty and Vanderhan went off to get greater enchantments. Vanderhan rustled up some crossbows modified for use underwater. I collected my daggers.

22 Thaw 810

Two days later, we set forth, taking the rune portal to the Sea of Grass, then the Pasifikan portal to Rangiwhero. Then our employer confessed to her other problem – her sister Ariel fell in love with a human, got herself turned into a human by the evil sea witch, and then he dumped her. Her friends had tried to break into the sea witch’s cave, to steal the bottle into which she’d sealed Ariel’s abilities, and got pasted… and under a geas not to do it again. Aquana was terribly embarrassed when I pointed out that she must be a princess, too, and we agreed not to mention the “p” word again.

We then discussed the possibility of triggering the volcanoes on Rangiwhero – and thus blowing up the Sahuagin who were lurking around there – but this was very definitely a plan F. We found ourselves a ship, an actual caravel that was heading around the islands, and determined that we’d get off and walk into the sea at an island called Tuatangi and then go see some elves.

25 Thaw 810

We arrived at Tuitangi around mid-afternoon, and decided to spend the night on the island. We lead the conversation over the roast pig and such like onto the subject of elves. They told us about the sea elves, and we stated that we must visit our cousins.

26 Thaw 810

In the morning after breakfast we walked into the water. The islanders pointed the direction. We wound our way through the coral-heads, and then came upon the remains of what appeared to be a path. We saw a shadow, and a shark passed over. Then Sooty spotted a couple of elves. They were guards and they admitted there was a war on – against the Sahuagin. We explained that we were simple tourists, looking for the elven cousins that the humans on the island told us about. They took us back to their guardhouse, where we were told to wait while somebody sorted out what to do with us. Some were wearing dark blue armbands, and the others were a bit wary of them. They hadn’t had any land elves here for a long time. They gave us a room in which to spend the night.

 Starflower: “When is a cell not a cell…?”
 Sooty and Vanderhan: “When there’s a lock on both sides.”

27 Thaw 810

When I cast telepathy in the morning I discovered that another Guild member had been playing tourist down here and was also a guest of the elves, in the next cell. It was a water mage named Alan Rippley. The guards were quite surprised to find him in our cell. Sooty sent the guards to bring breakfast. I suppose I shall have to get used to raw fish and seaweed.

Around lunchtime, some elves arrived with travel papers. We were given one of the elves with blue armbands, a Corporal Tamron, as our guide. They also gave us an invitation to visit the elven king under the sea.

They led us southwest across the sandy underwater plains. As we proceeded, after a while, we saw a large fish – which our guide identified as a shark. Sooty cast a wall of cinders around us, which made it rather annoyed, and it then proceeded to attack the wall. As it broke through, I attempted to control it. It resisted and Vanderhan shot it with an arbalast. It looked rather hungry, and that led to a discussion about the current depleted state of the sealife. It seemed likely that the Sahuagin were responsible. By sunset we came upon an empty village, which seemed like a fine place to camp. Our guide said that the place had been evacuated – quite recently. That night I cast psychometry on him, finding nothing unusual; and then my panacea, using dream whispers to encourage him to tell us everything he knew.

28 Thaw 810

Next day Corporal Tamron was VERY talkative. We learned that the blue armbands indicated that he was a member of an organisation called the Sea Watch, sworn to protect the elven people. It had been organized a couple of years ago – when they got a new High Chancellor. Three years ago, their King got a new and very beautiful bride. There were rumours that the King hasn’t been seen much recently – and that now the Queen and the Chancellor were doing most of the talking. That night we slept among a formation of coral heads.

29 Thaw 810

In the morning, as we walked along the seafloor through a rather large kelp forest, a group of six sharks came charging in. Our guide looked aghast at this. This was not normal behaviour for sharks, and we immediately speculated that they might be under some kind of control. Then, one of them tore into Rippley. I attempted to control one, and learned that somebody had got there first, and they were already under control. Sooty started quickening us, and then, another shark got Vanderhan, but failed to penetrate his armour. But, we were hitting the sharks were taking damage also. I cast telepathy and found a controller out there… so I sent him got a phantasm to play with. Then we decided to simply poke away at the sharks until either the phantasm got there or they died of it. As it happened, a couple of the sharks did die before the phantasm got to the controller, and he lost control… Whereupon the sharks reverted to their natural behaviour, and mostly ran away. Then, I used a crystal ball to look at the controller, who was to my surprise and dismay, an attractive female aquatic elf. As I looked, the phantasm dealt her a final blow, and although I released my concentration, the damage was sufficient to kill her. On her body we found a small crystal ball, a magical rod, a torc, a pair of bracers, and a bronze dagger.

I used psychometry to perform an ancient divination on her body, learning that she had been affected by an illusory aura to change her GTN to aquatic elf, enchanted armour, and an assortment of water magics. I was then able to cast psychometry to determine her actual GTN after her death and the removal of items, and learned that she actually a creature called a Malenti. Perhaps the underwater equivalent of Drow? Nevertheless, our employer had not heard of such a creature. We camped until morning. During that time I attempted to divine the torc, but failed.

 Starflower: “Can a poor elf get some rest?”
 Sooty: “I’m feeling well-rested, thanks.”
 Starflower: “How about a rich elf, then!”

30 Thaw 810

We headed on towards the aquatic elven capital, Myth Ondath. Eventually the kelp forest gave way to more cultivated areas – oyster beds, and actual sea farming. The farmers looked at us with some curiosity, but then returned to their work. We passed some settlements. There were a fair few people wearing those blue armbands – and there were bulleting boards with posters exhorting the people to “Beware the Sahuagin Threat”, “Watch Out for Spies!”, “Report to Your Local SeaWatch Member.” Eventually we came to what was plainly an elvish city, with coral buildings shaped to please the eye, and yet practical. We were approached by some of the guards, who informed us that we might find accommodation at the “Dancing Dolphin”.

We found the inn, and it was indeed a classy establishment, though perhaps not as lively as it should be. Some SeaWatch members sat at a table, and seemed to be being avoided. What were disturbing were the little invisible eyes and ears lurking in the corners, which the Innkeeper explained as being out of his control. Apparently this level of surveillance was new around here. So, I asked about renting a house. The watchers did make it damned difficult to cast privately, though I don't doubt they already knew our colleges. I did manage to get off a telepathy spell – found one mind that was suspicious of the “strangers” and another that was looking for someone to talk to – which proved to be one of the maids. Sooty and Rippley learned that there was a curfew – by going for a midnight swim.

1 Seedtime 810

We had breakfast brought up, by the maid Ailina. She reminded me a bit of my cousin Aurora. She asked if we would appreciate a local guide, and of course, I agreed, stating my desire to go shopping. The boys decided to go shopping for weapons and armour and the like. I went clothes shopping and got the opportunity to talk with her privately, and cast a mind speech. She was concerned about her brother Aramel who had gone missing. She decided she’d better leave the city…

When we got back to our rooms we found our expected invitation to court, to be received by the King Ivellius and Queen Silaqui waiting for us – weapons not permitted of course, and formal dress expected. Shortly after, I went to the bathroom and cast telepathy – and would you believe it, their mind mage didn’t have a mind cloak up! He had a telepathy on Ripley, and so I put on a little show…. For the benefit of the watchers… Meanwhile Sooty went looking for those watchers downstairs, but didn’t get far.

I spent the rest of the evening making a map of the city, planning to attempt a bit of finding – our guide was no longer in the city, and neither was the maid Ailina’s brother. Soon after, a boy came with a package for Vanderhan. From the weaponsmith, named Garibaldi. Inside was a well-crafted knife, though from the way Vanderhans handled it, the balance was off – turned out that there was a note in the hilt.

Vanderhan left the note in the bathroom, so we all could get a look. The note was a request for a meeting with one Garibaldi, the weaponsmith whom Vanderhan had met earlier. It occurred to me that we could and should have this conversation now rather than later. So, I took the bag of crystal balls and Vanderhan into the bathroom, and set about using one of the ordinary balls to view the smithy. Fortunately, he was still there, packing up, so I was able to use the Sand Dragon eyeball to set up a mind speech conversation. Garibaldi explained that he wanted our help to attempt to fix the messy situation in the city. He had been formerly Head of Security, but refused to join Sea Watch and so, he resigned. He was suspicious about the Queen and the Chancellor. I told him about the incident the other day. He hadn’t heard of Malenti, either. There were a lot of Mind Mages in Sea Watch, most of them not very good, but Garibaldi himself was a Namer, and a good one. There was starting to be talk about martial law in the city. The King had been his close friend – and now is ailing and apathetic. There was a city to the South by the edge of the abyss – which we identified as what we knew as the Deep Blue Hole (and infested with Sahuagin). It had been taken back by the elves, and they were using it as a place to incarcerate anyone who argues back – and it’s also where they’ve hidden all the books. One odd thing – the local dolphins have shown a certain dislike for the Queen. She also has her own private chambers where she goes alone (or sometimes with the Chancellor) doing who knows what.

2 Seedtime 810

I was woken at 2am by Sooty. Apparently somebody had been trying to sneak into our room. I cast telepathy and heard somebody thinking a frustrated “Bugger!” Evidently, said person had been planning to investigate our stuff. It’s a good thing I took to writing the scribe notes in unlikely languages, after what happened to Aqualina those years ago. He came around a bit later, and Sooty let him in to see what he would do. I woke as the rascal poked under my pillow. Though he wouldn’t confess, telepathy told me he’d been sent by Sea Watch to see if he could find something incriminating. We treated him as a member of the local Thieves’ Guild and gave him a note, emphasizing our role as tourists, well-heeled, but also well-armed, and sent him back to his masters.

Our appointment to see their majesties is for afternoon tea at three of the afternoon. So, after breakfast we went to look for a dolphin to chat to. Mr Rippley got his spell off, and I had a Mind Speech going. He got around to asking about the Queen – apparently she looks like an elf, smells like an elf, but somehow isn’t an elf. There were more of her kind in that Deep Blue Hole – the dolphins didn’t like it there. And there were lots of sharks, too. There were others in the palace – some of the guards – and the Chancellor. There was something of the shark about them…

 Starflower: “Why do I get the idea that Malenti is short for Malevolent Entity?!”

The dolphin offered to talk to the other dolphins to get to talk to the Sage of the Sea – who would be certain to know what a Malenti might be. So we took the dolphin and Sooty along to talk with the weaponsmith. Sooty talked about underwater forges and proceeds to make lots and lots of boiling, roiling and noise. So I got to tell Garbaldi quietly about the dolphin’s ability to determine which of the elves are actually Malenti. The dolphin’s reaction was something like their reaction to Sahuagin – so perhaps that’s what the Malenti were, some kind of mutated Sahuagin, who happened to look like elves.

So after cleaning up, we went down to the local tavern, where Garibaldi got to chat to one of his mates in the City Guard (but not in Sea Watch). Then we headed back to get dressed for our royal audience. Sooty warded our room, as we dressed up. Vanderhan wore some fancy leather armour, Sooty wore chain, and I got to wear a little something filmy and pretty (and a force shield).

On the appointed hour, we presented ourselves to the flunky at the palace door. We got passed from flunky to flunky and ended up in an antechamber to the audience room. The herald came and led us into a throne room. The King seemed a bit pale and drawn. The Queen was extraordinarily good-looking though not awesomely so. Sooty noted that her heat signature under infravision was a little off. All the guards seemed normal, however – most of them in sharkskin leather, and armed with tridents. Sooty informed us that the Queen was curious and wary – the King was also curious, but the curiosity was somewhat muted. Then tea was brought out. Telepathy told me that the King was unhappy – concerned for his own health, and wondering if there was anything we could do to help his kingdom. His mind seemed to be not quite his own. We told him stories of our adventures – not as adventurers, but tourists. Patting the king gently on the arm, I detected no signs of poisons – possibly evidence of drugs, however. Sooty started a story about an illness he’d discovered, while he attempted to enthral everyone in the room using his troubadour skill, and then tried to charm the king. Which failed, because there was something else there. And as Sooty continued the story he asked me to act out one of the characters, pretending to cast healing magics… Which I did – and then I did the real thing, casting my Panacea on him twice, once for the charm, and then, as the Queen grew suspicious, for the remaining control… and then the King was free. He drew himself up, standing tall… “And lo… he was cured!” cried Sooty.

“Arrest that woman!” declaimed the King, grasping a trident from one of the guards and pointing it at the Queen.

Which is when it all got a bit confused… The Queen started to head for the ceiling as Sooty tackled her… and one of the guards grabbed at him. The Queen tried to fend off Sooty with a dagger and stunned him… The King stuck his trident in the Queen, stunning her. Vanderhan pulled the guard off Sooty, as the Queen attempted to struggle free, and Rippley cast a mage current forcing us all to the floor. The King thrust his trident into the struggling mass of the Queen and Sooty – striking Sooty, but not hurting him through his armour. I cast telekinesis, activating the Crown of Mentacles, and then added my own strength and that of the mentacles to Sooty’s. Together we successfully restrained her. “Sit, woman, if that’s the right word!” I said, forcing her back into the throne.

Sooty set about removing her equipment. I cast Panacea to render her non-hostile, and then hypnosis, and then began to interrogate her. First I asked her name, which was Silaqui as we had been told. Then I asked her what she was. She answered, “I am a priestess of Furcalor, sent by the Sahaugin to keep the elves out of the war with the merfolk.” When I asked her species she was, she admitted that she was a Sahuagin – but wouldn’t reveal the truth about the chancellor. She did admit that a Malenti was a Sahuagin who looked like an aquatic elf. We left the Queen in the King’s custody, while we found some dolphins, and Rippley spoke to them. They told us that there was a group of elves heading off to the southwest.

We readied what equipment we could quickly – which meant chain shirt and daggers for me, and Sooty cast a bunch of spells on us. Rippley made a mage current and we gave chase. It was over an hour by the time we overtook them - and there was a group of Sahuagin waiting to ambush us. Lovely. Better still, there was a water elemental coming our way. However, said elemental did not last long, as Sooty attacked it and immediately burst its bubble. Vanderhan shot one to port, stunning it. I changed to drake-form and breathed on the three Sahuagin to starboard, and two of them fell unconscious. The other one engaged me, but missed. Then their big four-armed brother rose up to attack Sooty (who had just cast an ash cloud spell at the fleeing group).

 Sooty: I did actually buff the dolphins as well…
 Starflower: Good idea to buff the transport. 

I breathed on the one that engaged me, and it fell unconscious, as did the dolphin that had engaged the big Sahuagin – who resisted. He smiled evilly at me.

 Sahuagin Baron: Is that all you’ve got, puny human?
 Starflower: Now I’m pissed! 

Rippley stuck a javelin in another one, and Vanderhan hacked into another one, killing it in short order. I breathed over the big one, and one of the others which was engaged by a pair of dolphins, both of which fell unconscious. I finished off the one than was engaged with Rippley with one bite, and then set about killing the ones I’d rendered unconscious. Sahuagin flesh didn’t taste too bad… bit tough though.

 Rippley: Have you heard of the Mouse Water College? – They get Squeak to Aquatics…

Of course, due to the mage current we were still gaining on the other lot. We passed through the ash cloud into one of those strange Illusionist mists. Sooty said that the caster was lurking there… invisible. Sooty attacked him. I left Vanderhan to dealing with the unconscious Sahuagin and started swimming towards Sooty and the illusionist. It took me a while to get to him, but Sooty took him down first. And that was that – we finished killing off the Sahuagin, and then chased after the guards, capturing them easily.

We returned to the city to find that they’d searched the Queen – she had a broken rune-stick, a magical tiara with an illusionary aura, the elf-hating magical dagger, and her clothing was magical. They’d searched their quarters and found shrines to Furcalor in both – along with some kind of communication device in the form of crystal balls. The chancellor had some useful stuff too… magical robes, a couple of rings and a wand.

After that, it was almost pleasant to spend the next two days with an Elven Namer, sitting around “divinating” things. I found that I rather fancied the Short Sword of Wounding we’d acquired, and Rippley took the bracers – and the Mind Cloak Tiara at our insistence. The two communication crystals are linked and there appears to be a third one, probably in the Deep Blue Hole – which they are calling Myth Ithil.

4 Seedtime 810

At dinner with the King we discussed what he would like us to do next. The King would like us to carry a letter to the King of the Merfolk, explaining what has happened and expressing his apologies. We agreed to this, and after dinner we set out. We headed out towards the Merfolk, with Rippley creating a mage current to carry us along as we slept.

5 Seedtime 810

By breakfast time we reached the island of Tuitangi, which was conveniently placed just ten miles this side of the border. We passed some elven patrols on the way, but aside from that, the journey went uneventfully. We walked out of the water, scaring the fish a bit… and a pearl diver, who swam for it. The chief met us on the beach. We apologised for scaring the fish, and traded a couple of nice metal knives and a packet of spices for a canoe. Then we asked for a guest hut for a few hours, and put Rippley in the harness to get some sleep.

A native woman arrived, asking if we wanted food. So, I went with her, and brought back a basket of tropical fruits and coconut bread. And we had a nice breakfast on the beach. Then Vanderhans and I wandered inland, found a pool and bathed. I washed my hair. That felt so good…

Meanwhile Sooty warded the boat… and then went into the hut for a map. Vanderhan and I went fishing, and came in with a nice 8-foot swordfish – which we traded in part for some dried smoked fish, pork and fruits. Then we got in our canoe, Rippley cast mage current, and we headed for Merfolk territory. I brought up another telepathy spell at dusk, as we reached the border with the Merfolk territory. I sensed some elves at the border post, preparing to pack up and leave.

6 Seedtime 810

Around midnight, as we approached the island of Mangere, I woke to find the boat rocking… a storm was brewing. Rippley cast a spell to calm the waves. A couple of heads appeared beside the boat… merfolk. I explained that we were on a diplomatic mission. He went off to get a superior officer. The sergeant was remarkably cranky, but eventually agreed to accompany us – especially when Vanderhans bribed her with midnight snacks of cooked sausages and eggs. Vanderhan planned to show the merfolk his Guild badge, but Sooty took it and burnt it.

 Vanderhan: “What did that badge do to you?”

Rippley brought up another mage current, and around dawn we arrived at the proper spot. We dropped over the side, leaving the Merfolk private to keep an eye on the boat, and dived. As we approached the merfolk city we were challenged by more merfolk. They turned us over to a captain, and eventually led us to the Castellan. We showed him the document – but he took some convincing that it was genuine. In the end we had them wheel in their mind mage, to establish its authenticity through telepathy. Then they told the King. He called us in and we gave him the letter. Then we explained about Malenti – which explained everything that had lately been going wrong. Then one of their scouts came in, reporting that they’d seen a party of aquatic elves attacking the gang of Sahuagin who had attacking them, and sending them packing with their fishy tails behind them.

 Vanderhan (of our employer): “She organised for us to commit tourism.”
 King of the Merfolk (about Silaqui): “I knew there was something fishy about that woman.”

We arranged for a meeting between the merfolk general and the aquatic elf generals. The idea was that we would take the merfolk commander to the island of Mangere, and use my sand dragon eye to mediate the planning.

Then another messenger turned up, saying that some more people had arrived – it was Princess Aquana, and two of her friends. They’d found some more potential allies, worshippers of Vephar. The King wasn’t entirely happy about that. He took his daughter into his office, and we continued to talk with the others.

The King returned and we learned that the one of the worshippers of Vephar was his sister – that Ursula person Aquana had told us about, and we wanted to chat to, about another matter. Speaking of Aquana, she was going to be the new ambassador to the Elven Kingdom. Looked like her adventuring days were over.

 Starflower (of Ursula): She probably is a witch, actually…
 Rippley: Blessing unborn kraken?

7 Seedtime 810

At breakfast Aquana asked us if we knew of someone capable of building really long portals – and Sooty replied that he did… but they probably wouldn’t like it. He was of course referring to one or other of the Powers. Apparently she wanted an underwater portal to Perelandra where there might be some others willing to help. We went back to discussing the Sahuagin, beginning with not worrying so much about collateral damage. We learned that they were also raising undead of various sorts, mainly zombies. Ursula was lurking in a cave about ten miles that way. She would know we are coming and has two large electric eels. Sooty borrowed some healers, to resupply his fatigue, and started casting.

It took about two hours to get there, the underwater terrain becoming gradually more rugged. As we approached the cave we were greeted by a large eel. Rippley tried to cast a speak to underwater creatures, but it proved to speak perfectly good common. The eel was soon joined by another and they led us into a large cavern, full of potion bottles and underwater alchemical apparatus. Ursula was a large, half-octopoid creature, plump and purple…

  Sooty: He’s young and needs seasoning…
  Ursula: Oh, I’m sure I’ve got some nutmeg somewhere around here…

We discussed the Princess Ariel’s little problem. Ursula informed us that in return for a potion of “Ariel” what she wanted was to make a mind-amplifier that would allow her to control multiple individuals, and for this, she’d like the brain, preferably freshly killed, of a naturally psionic creature called an Aboleth. It seemed more likely that we could capture one if we tried to summon it to a reasonable location rather than went hunting for one in the Abyss. It seemed there were a pair of small islands called the “Leto Rocks” which we could use.

So, we went back to the Merfolk King to collect his message – and his daughter, Aquana who would be being sent as an envoy to the aquatic elves, along with a couple of advisors. We passed the border without incident, the guards letting us through. As we approached the Elven capital, we acquired an escort, and we led in to see the King. We presented the letter, and the ambassador. And learned that the Deep Blue Hole had been dealt to.

8 Seedtime 810

Next morning, we got back on our canoe, summoned up our mage current, and headed for the rocks. Fortunately the weather was still holding. It was mid-afternoon when we saw the hordes of seabirds - long before we saw the rocks. The rocks were barren, but literally covered in guano. It was amazingly noisy. We navigated through the reefs and parked the boat on a narrow, white sandy, stony beach. We set up camp… Sooty started warding. I had Rippley summon a lobster, and prepared a fine cooked dinner.

9 Seedtime 810

By dawn Sooty had finished his wards. For breakfast, Rippley summoned a crab – a very large crab. So large, that the safest course of action was to mental attack it. It was fricasseed crab for breakfast, and crab sandwiches for lunch, and potted crab for later. Rippley put the shell on the boat. While Sooty rested we build fortifications from the rocks – and some carefully applied transmutations.

Then, with defence spells readied, we ask Rippley to summon an aboleth from the stygian hopefully not so depths. We were hoping for a lesser specimen. I had telepathy up, not so much to detect the aboleth, but the fish around it. So, I knew it was coming… I warned the party, and Sooty cast a pyrotechnics to scare the birds.

They came out of the depths, not one but two tentacled horrors. We figured the first one up was an illusion, especially since Vanderhans crossbow bolt seemed to go straight through. I shot the other one, which was much lower in the water, with my crossbow of light. Sooty summoned a salamander and sicced it onto the water creatures (Rippley ducked). It tried to mess with my mind. I shot it again, Sooty summoned another salamander and it had a go at Rippley. Then Vanderhan shot it, as I re-charged the crossbow. That bolt did get in. I dropped the stones, hoping to stop it wanting to get away. It ducked beneath the water. It seemed likely it was healing up and then planning to approach under the cover of the water. I took a step back out of the counterspells and cast ESP. It had moved ten feet to the left, under the water. I started preparing phantasm, as Sooty summoned a fourth salamander. Rippley released the waves and it got choppy out there. Sooty quickened the salamanders. It came up – and was now invisible. That didn’t stop us shooting it. So it sent a phantasm after Vanderhan. I prepared and cast as the phantasm approached Vanderhan and it went “poof”. Sooty told us it was charging… and now was in range of his spells. So, he cast at it… as I shot it again. I prepared my swords, as it came up the beach, planning to eat our brains. It engaged the salamander phalanx, as I prepared to charge down the beach…. And the salamanders took it down, along with Mr Rippley’s javelin. Then Sooty stopped them with an ash cloud… and that pissed them off. So, we had to knock them down, so Mr Rippley could send them back.

We then proceeded to dissect the aboleth, taking out its brain, and even sampled it – each time gaining a tiny slice of memory. Then we cast the mage current and headed back.

 Starflower: “We had just acquired a brain.”
 Rippley: “That puts us ahead of most guide parties.”

As we sailed along in our boat, we acquired a little fae sitting on the prow of the prow. She wanted to know what we were planning on doing about the Sahuagin. She was an emissary of a Fairy Queen named Clarion. And she was from Fae Haven – which proved to be on Neverland. They have a colony at the northern tip of Rangiwhero, where they lived a long time ago (as indicated on the map, there was now a forested area there). They want to know if it’s safe to come back properly. We agreed to coordinate an attack in about four days – they have air and water magics, and can annoy the Sahuagin. Then she vanished abruptly – and I realised she had been slightly transparent all the while - apparently a projection of some kind.

10 Seedtime 810

After a day’s sailing, we got back to Ursula’s cave where we exchanged the brain for the potions containing Ariel’s missing voice and other abilities. We set sail for the Aquatic Elven city.

11 Seedtime 810

As we approached the aquatic elven city, it was apparent there was plenty of activity, and preparations for battle. The King was in his War Room. They were planning an attack on the Sahuagin colony on the south-eastern side of Itimanuka Bay. We found Aquana in her quarters – and handed over the potions. She agreed to compensate us. We decided to wait near Aquana’s quarters – just in case something went wrong. Aquana headed off with the potions. I cast telepathy and learned she was planning to put the potions somewhere.

12 Seedtime 810

As we approached the island we saw sharks and sahuagin shapes under the water – we were still around eleven miles out. They started to ram the boat. I controlled one of the sharks, and sent it after the other, creating a bit of mayhem. Something flashed under the boat. It appeared they were attacking with some kind of magic. One last shark remained in the mage current for half an hour or so, and then dropped out. We reached the port without incident, beached our canoe, heading for the trading post. The palisade around the trading post was now complete. There are guards around – some locals, and some not, wearing hammer-shaped symbols. He introduced himself as Captain Ducat of the Order of Barrinor. We advised him that shipping should remain in port – there were no boats expected and only one due to leave, which would be ordered to stay. They checked our boat, and said it had been attacked by celestial magic. We went to the bar, and I ordered drinks while Sooty scrounged a pile of scrap wood to make a bonfire, so he could make what he called an ash-portal.

We spent a pleasant night at the inn.

13 Seedtime 810

After breakfast, Sooty cast wildfires on us, and we headed up towards Itimanuka Bay. Sooty made another portal halfway there. It was mid-morning when we got there. There was a storm brewing to the north. Waterspouts started off the shore, and then Rippley started summoning. We made final preparations as I sensed them approaching with my telepathy, and the first one came out of the waves, trident readied to charge, its thoughts full of a desire for blood. It came rushing in, and struck at Vanderhan to no effect. Agony swept over us. We start attacking back. And saw the big one – the Sahuagin Baron who was doing the casting, just as he cast a necrosis at the closer members of the party. The first one fell to a solid blow from Vanderhan followed by a blow from Severer that lopped off its left arm. Another one tried to attack me from the rear, and got its left arm lopped off as well as I turned and hit it. It didn’t get another chance to strike at me, and I took its left foot off, felling it, a few seconds later. Meanwhile, the Baron sent more necrosis spells at Sooty and Vanderhan, forcing them to skull the healing potions. Sooty and I charged the necromancer, who attempted to withdraw, so I dropped the stones to discourage him from running away. He called Sooty a “puny human” and I think it was the “human” bit that annoyed Sooty the most – never seen him this angry. We attacked it and Sooty took it down.

We used a crystal of vision to check out the battle. The sahuagin were taking a pasting… they were fighting among themselves and the ones in charge of themselves were attempting to organize a fighting retreat. I saw a Baron casting starfire, being swarmed by shrimp. It soon became apparent that at least two groups were making for the land – and that we should prepare to take them down.

We killed a few stray sahuagin, and then set up near a large pool that the two larger groups seemed to be heading for. They approached. There were two barons and two smallish swarm amounting to a dozen or so ordinary sahuagin. One let fly with blackfire (presumably a celestial mage), while the other cast quickness (he would probably be an enchanter). Vanderhand shot the celestial, and I sent a phantasm after the enchanter – which kept him occupied for a little while. Sooty dropped an ash cloud on the celestial baron – whom I promptly dropped with a mental attack, proving again that while physically tough, sahuagin are so strong mentally. Meanwhile the horde approached. As they closed we draw melee weapons. They charged and the first one hit me. So I hit it. Twice. Vanderhand and Rippley hit the second one, and killed it. Another group ganged up on Sooty and suffered for it. A third group headed for the pool – but had problems getting in… they were fighting an upwelling mage current that Mr Rippley had cast earlier. The one that had struck me died of being sliced up by Vanderhans and I… Another one came up the rise, but Vanderhans engaged him, as I prepared to drop another phantasm on the enchanter Baron – who hid behind a rock and made himself invisible before I could get it off. So one of Sooty’s sparring partners got a phantasm to play with. Then Sooty headed off to finish off the celestial (which wasn’t actually doing much). I changed form, and breathed on the ones that had gotten out of the pool and were annoying Mr Rippley, and two of them fell down. The other made a run for it, and dived into the pool. As I took to the air, a weird tornado thing bounced over the ridge, picked up the remaining Baron and dropped him over the other side of the rocks, right into Sooty’s lap. So Sooty hit him. Then I flew over and landed in front of the Baron who hit me to no avail. I didn’t seem to be able to hit the invisible Baron – but Sooty who was behind him, didn’t have the same difficulty and struck him repeatedly – eviscerating it with one nasty blow. It turned on him – and finally I got a claw in! Sooty killed the Baron… we knew this because he became visible – and I soon discovered that sahuagin tastes like rather salty chicken… just as the tornado took off with its fairy… and we looted, the only things of significance being a pair of wands.

And that was that. That phase of the Pasifikan Underwater War was over, aside from the sharks, which were no doubt having a great time munching on dead sahuagin. We wild-fired back to the town, did some trading, and went back to the Guild. Vanderhand and I decided to return to Pasifika to help with the organisation of the War. We figured they could use another master military scientist or two.


  1. Rank 10 Crystal of Vision. BC 85%. Value 1000sp. Can be used once per day for up to 20 minutes. Maximum range for viewing is 155 miles.
  2. Invested Rod of Mind Mage Counter – 10 charges of r6 Mind Special Counterspell (BC 60%) - Value 6000sp.
  3. Bronze dagger, non magical, rank 8 weaponsmithed. Adds +3 to strike chance and does damage as a normal dagger. Value 80sp
  4. Torc of illusionary aura, bronze with gold inlay. Changes the wearer’s GTN to aquatic elf. Value 2,000sp
  5. Sharkskin leather bracers. Conveys 2 armour and adds +20 to defense. Doesn’t stack with other armour or defense spells – any other magics applied that are stronger will override what is there. Value 20,000sp.
  6. Seagreen robes of protection. AP 6 No AG penalty. Value 12,000sp
  7. Maingauche of Defense. Adds +5 to Strike Chance & +1 to Damage. Defends at 4% per rank. Value 2,000sp
  8. Short Sword of Wounding. +10 to Strike Chance, +2 to Damage. Crits on 10% of Strike Chance, Endurances on 30%. Value 10,000sp
  9. Ring of Protection. Adds 10% to Magic Resistance. Any higher bonus from any other source overrides it. Value 10,000sp
  10. Investment Quickness Ring. 5 charges of Rank 10 Quickness. BC 70% - Value 7500sp
  11. Investment Energy Bolt Wand. 10 charges of Rank 10 Bolt of Energy. BC 100% - Value 10,000sp
  12. Tiara of Mind Shield. Permanent Mind Shield when worn. Adds 30 to MR with respect to Mental Attack. Value 20,000sp
  13. Dagger of Returning - Elf Slayer. +10 SC (+20 verses elves), +2 damage (+4 versus elves). Returns to the wearer's hands on the subsequent pulse when thrown. Value 5,000sp
  14. Amulets of Luck (x5) - Value 2400sp each
  15. Amulets of Diamond (x5) - Value 8000sp each
  16. Wand of Starfire (5 charges, rank 6 - BC 73) - Value 3000sp
  17. Rank 7 weaponsmithed tridents (x5) +2 SC +1 D - Value 54sp each
  18. Rank 7 weaponsmithed daggers (x6) +2 SC +1 D - Value 72sp each