A Spate of OZzity

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GM: Dean
Season: Summer 822 WK
Night: Wednesday
Location: Zoom
Level: Med-High

  • Aloysious Human(m), Air, Navigator
  • Tari Elven(f), Earth PL Co-MilSci
  • Henric Dwarf(m), Mind
  • Pennlucien Elven(f), Namer, Healer, Herbalist, Ranger
  • Rahne Human(f), E&E & Stars, Warrior, Astrologer Scribe Co-MilSci
  • Raseri Human(m), Celestial Dark
  • Motlie Human(m), Earth
Chancellor of the Emerald City, representing Lord Carzon
Lord Carzon has a vague feeling of unease about the next season, he would like some problem solvers on hand to investigate and resolve.
Gold Brick (10,000sp ea) & Services as performance/completion bonus

Scribe Notes

House-Tornado to Oz

Duesday 1st Meadow

The guild meeting room has been redecorated with a pink and rainbow-unicorn party motif.

Princess Ozma (11 years old thank you very much) is waiting to meet us, hugs, gushing, gossip.

We introduce ourselves, chat a bit more about the job but no further details as yet.

Private meeting to resolve administrative matters then acquire some healing potions.

We all cloud fly to Slippery Rock to acquire Restoratives, then visit Kilroy's wife Sarah and use their gate to the Astral.

Stepping in, Ozma manifests as a brilliant star and empowers us to travel very fast through the Astral. We sense things stirring in the deep Astral and hurry out.

Herbalism, dinner, Astrology, Greater Enchantment.

Astrology reading on Ozma: What malign events are in her near future?
Everything looks normal. Nothing inmimical at all

W'nsday 2nd Meadow

Fly back to the edge of New Seagate by cloud (4 hrs). Enter Ozma's house and strap in while she summons the tornado. Wind, noise, darkness, chaos, planar shift, falling, landing... in Oz, in the east - Mombi's realm with munchkins.

Tea and cakes with Mombi then outside to cast many spells to attune to the abundant mana and drink a few restoratives.

Sentient Dark Oaks.

Astrology reading on Mombi: What malign events are in her near future?
Only those which she chooses to instantiate

Th'rsday 3rd Meadow

Blessing kisses from Mombi & Ozma.

We skip away north towards the Emerald City and Lord Carzon.

A mile down the path, quietly past the resting flingers to the yellow brick road.

Emerald City and the Tower

We turn left and skip down the road, Aloysious insists on us all linking arms and singing.

Stop for lunch within sight of the Emerald City, Aloysious summons a cloud, convinces it to be friendly then rides it.

Skip the rest of the way, cross the line on the ground between Munchkin Country and Emerald City, arrive at the city gates and have to wait for eyewear to dull down the bright green light so it doesn't hurt.

Tourist through the city, markets, making our way to the palace to see Ozma's room.

Private chat with the Chancellor - one the things of concern is that Ozma has come up with the idea of going on a processional, that would be fine except that it's not a very 'Oz' thing and they wonder where she got the idea and whether it is a good thing.

At the Chancellor's suggestion, we decide to fly north and talk to Carzon tonight.

Cloud up to Gillikin country and Carzon's tower near Loonville.

We talk with Carzon over snacks, drinks and dinner

  • Carzon feels something is changed/wrong/different but he can't identify what it is.
  • He has many external enemies which include Savnok, the Dark brotherhood, possibly the White Lady.
  • Read Fate: What troubles him - something mundane.
  • Divination: Nothing obviously wrong.
  • Master Healer: He seem normal, too normal, none of the abnormal an ancient and powerful creature like him should have.
  • Astrology: What has changed that is bothering Carzon? Everything in its place, everything as it should be but not quite right.
  • Ancient Divination from within Dream: Nothing abnormal. It has happened within months not years. Lots of little things that have been covered up, nothing big.

We spend the night at the tower.

The Royal Procession Begins

Locating the place with the greatest potential for true love - north-north-east of Carzon's tower.

Frysday 4th Meadow

We skip back to the Rolling Hills via a surf on the rolling hills.

Ozma is making a doll for Penni's youngest child. We help for a while. Then talk about the procession, Ozma lists everywhere, we try to get her to prioritise.

  • All 4 witches and their palaces/houses
    • Sapphire City (east)
    • Glinda's Palace (south)
    • Witch of the West (west)
    • Gayelette's Palace (north)
  • Crystal City
  • Spiders (north-west)
  • Tin Woodsman Castle (west)
  • Scarecrow's Tower (west)
  • Jack Pumpkinhead (near west)
  • Truth Pond (far south-west)
  • Easter Bunny
  • China Country (south)
  • Illumination - underground city
  • Wogglebug College - University (near east)

We have a message sent via Carzon to WoW letting her know of our surprise visit. Then we agree to start by heading south by festive cloud to China Country taking cakes and presents from the market.

China Country

City, half humans, half Quadlings. Street party, feast, we brief the local leaders that we are looking into potential problems. During the night dreams of Ozma and the city seem normal until Ozma starts dreaming of the procession, the dream is different, structured, but not sent by magic nor from a Dream Adept.

Reapsday 5th Meadow

Cloud south to Glinda's Palace. Met part way by Glinda. Red Top Mountains make the elves feel slightly nauseous - Cold Iron Mountain.

Glinda's Castle/Palace

The Truth Lake

The locals having been warned by Glinda, we are welcomed by banners, bunting, and cheering townsfolk (human and small folk), Ozma is pleased.

At Glinda's suggestion, we visit Ozma in Dream, we ask about the most important place to visit on her procession and she's sure it's The Truth Pond. We ask how she came to hear about Processions and she says a squeaky voice told her about them - while she was asleep, some time ago and lots of times since and just now.

We check everything in her room looking for anything odd/non-Ozma and spot something about her pillow. Pointing it out to the others seems to alert the 'other' and the pillow disappears.

We get Ozma to concentrate on her pillow, she tries really hard and tells us it is in a cupboard in her palace.

Glinda flies us east to Doorways (South East), leads us through a doorway into a glass box with buttons.

Less than 2 hours later we're in a guest room. In a cupboard is Ozma's pillow, we work out it is her original pillow and someone replaced it with their enchanted one. We try various means to work out who the 'skuldugger' (a person engaged in skulduggery) is. We think they have protections from scrying, appearing 'normal' or not at all - consistent with their previous lack of traces.

Sunday 6th Meadow

Sleep in, about midday we leave with Glinda who will take us to her western border, close to the Truth Pond where we'll skip the last half hour.

In case this is the jaws of the trap for Ozma, we decide to leave her behind in the Emerald City.

We skip (at 44mph) around the lake in case there are obvious camps/ambushers lurking. Then we go in as a skipping, singing, dancing, conga line.

The Lady of the Lake awaits us, requested to be here by the Truth Pond to aid communication.

There are bad people near the pond who are of greater Oz but not of Carzon's Oz, and others who are not from Oz at all. Some who are sometimes many (bug lady? / Bird Swarm person).

Truth Water splashed in our eyes. Divination shows the skulduggers have prepared an alteration to the lake's normal personalisation when Ozma comes here so that she will exit alone in a place of their choosing.

Lady of the Lake's Blessing, Splash of Truth & Personal Truths.

We manage to partially scry their camp, identifying a nearby tree we can Locate to find them.

Tea and Picnic with WoW and Swarms

Motlie is dragged from the lake where he crash-landed after drunkenly wandering into Ozma's house in Seagate, he decides to joins us.

On exiting the lake, trees and mist, a fountain of black rose petals erupt from the Crystal I used for scrying the lake shore. WoW emerges from the petals, pleasant greetings, we brief her on what we know, she has met and talked to the lady waiting at the edge of the lake who is keen to talk to us. Tari asks WoW to bring this lady to us, Motlie agrees to provide service in return for her aid.

They leave for an hour, winged monkeys fly by on their way to summon the lady, Motlie returns, we have a few minutes to prepare before a swarm of birds flies in and lands nearby revealing a tall blonde lady in a red cloak. She has power over swarms and is very high in the ranks of the 'Dark Brotherhood'.

We sit to discuss over tea and a picnic. Ants serving up the picnic food and trying to provoke a reaction amuses her.

She claims responsibility for the oddities we've been investigating. She was working for someone who she can't name (we assume Savnok) to abduct Ozma, presumably to weaken Oz/Carzon. She has been using mimics from a land outside the borders of Oz, one of them was the pillow. She is accompanied by a Dark Priest and two Battle Mages - Frost/Ice & Air/Lightning. They are outside of Oz awaiting her summons.

But after being exposed to the truth pond, she has reconsidered her current life choices and she'd like to make a life style change. Leaving the brotherhood isn't something that happens to the living, and as one of the founders, that goes doubly for her. She would like our assistance as agents of her apparent death and the start of her new life and perhaps a family.

She briefs us on all she knows of the other 3, the Dark Priest is a clever scrote and should die for a number of reasons. The battle mages can be killed or could escape to tell the tale, she doesn't mind either way.

We work on a plan:

  • Lady Swarm will be camped at the lakeside waiting for Ozma to walk into her trap - as she is expected to be.
  • We will dig under her, create a small cavern, prepare it then tunnel under her so she falls into our pit where we assault her.
    • WoW Rose Petals on the floor to make her more susceptible to curses. And some invested WoW curses.
    • Tari's chain on the cave entrance once the allies are summoned so nobody can leave.
    • Sleep mist, traps and wards to go off on the allies and Lady Swarm's insectile bodyguards.
    • Ice & Air Counterspells, one college as areas to prevent casting, the other on us to aid resistance.
  • She will respond by summoning her allies out of her cloak - as they would expect.
  • We will use a WoW furniture curse on her which will work (she'll happen to fail her resistance).
  • We then kill/capture as many of the others as we can, prioritising the Dark priest.

The Unsurprising Ambush

Star Constellation flight through the night (600 miles NNE) to the WoW's Castle.

Moonday 7th Meadow

Skip the last couple of miles through the swamp and up the hill to the castle.

We negotiate with WoW:

  • 2 wands of 6 charges of Damnum Magnatum - Furniture rk 20
  • 1 wand of 6 charges of Hellfire rk 20
  • A pouch of Rose Petals
  • Scry shielding

In return:

  • 20 of Rahne's Enchanted Charms
  • Assignations with Motlie & Penni
  • The Dark Priest and 2 Battle Mages as furniture afterwards

We spend the day and night fulfilling the bargain.

Duesday 8th Meadow

Skip to the Emerald City. Visit Ozma who blesses Motlie. Brief the Chancellor. Head to see Carzon and brief him, he summons Glinda who blesses us with Steadfastness, Protection from Earth, Enhanced Trollskin duration. We arrange to meet Mombi south of the Emerald City. She provides us some cold (6) & lightning (10) protection. And 6 charges of Calm.

Then back to the Truth Pond where Tari summons an Elemental and we spend the rest of the day and evening preparing the ambush cavern.

W'ansday 9th Meadow

We execute the ambush.

Lady Swarms drops onto the target mark and the tunnel closes behind her. She immediately summons her 'allies' and a swarm of cockroaches. The Ice mage falls to the waiting sleep, the air mage is partially caught in an earth hand but manages to release an air elemental from his cloak, the Dark Priest is lucky enough to land outside the waiting hands and releases a couple of giant mantis warriors from his cloak.

Penni attempts to banish the Air Elemental but it resists. Tari seals the room, the Air Elemental vanishes as it is cut off from Air in a sealed room. Tari's Earth Elemental engages one Mantis in close, working on reducing its number of connected limbs. Raseri teleports behind the Dark Priest and delivers a flurry of blows, most of which are dodged due to his luck. I move to engage him and manage to get two good blows through his luck field, he bands one of them to a Mantis. Motlie triggers a furniture curse, against all odds and against our plan, Swarms resists - I give her a look. Henric hits the Dark Priest with Mental Attack but he resists.

Then things get messy... Motlie's second trigger on Swarms converts her into a footstool as planned, subsequent curses turn a Mantis Warrior into a coat rack, the Ice Elemental into an Ice Bucket and (eventually) the Dark Priest into a vanity mirror; our melee attacks slowly wear them down and get through their protections; the Mantis warriors deal a lot of damage to us; the Air Mage and Blizzard Mage (after the priest woke him) are mostly nullified by our planned protections and precautions; WoW's Hellfire delivered by Tari causes them a lot of concern; the two battle mages as the last ones standing decide to surrender, offering their ransom letters. We explain that they are answerable to the local law but we offer to speak on their behalf to ensure a lesser sentence than death. We strip them all then sleep them for transport.


We skip east out of WoW's territory and then NE towards the emerald city. At dusk we stop for dinner then star constellation fly the rest of the way to Carzon's tower.

Th'rsday 10th Meadow

We head to see WoW, deliver the prisoners and restore Lady Swarms.

Then a few days catching up with Ozma and others before we go home.

Moonday 14th Meadow

We banish back to Kilroy's house and then skip back to the guild.


Doll for Penni's Child
WoW's Bag of Petals
Lady of the Lake Sword Blessings - +10% +1 damage on a specific sword

Truth's from the Pond:

  • Aloysious -
  • Tari -
  • Henric -
  • Pennlucien -
  • Rahne -
  • Raseri -
  • Motlie -

Payments from Carzon:

  • Aloysious - Cloud Friend?
  • Tari -
  • Henric -
  • Pennlucien -
  • Rahne -
  • Raseri -
  • Motlie -
Cloak of Dark Priest
Store creatures, objects, Poisons, Spells.
Cloak of Blizzard Wizard
Store a summonable
Store an area effect spell
Cloak of Air Battle Mage
Store a summonable
Store an area effect spell
2 x Bracer (Battle Mage) 
2 x Ring (Battle Mage) 
Link to mana requirements - chance of cutting through cold iron / counterspells.
2 x Ring (Battle Mage) 
2 x Mage Leather (Battle Mage)
Bracer (Dark Priest) 
Mantis Weapons


  • Shadow Wings
  • Shadow Walk
  • Wind Speak
  • ...
  • Dark Priest Spheres x 15
  • Wand of 1 charges of Damnum Magnatum - Furniture rk 20
  • Wand of 3 charges of Damnum Magnatum - Furniture rk 20
  • Wand of 3 charges of Hellfire rk 20
  • Wand of 5 charges of Calm rk 20

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Al He Pe Rn Rs Ta Mo
Greater Ench. (Rn) 20 +21% to Res, Mag, Com, and S&S. 6 days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Rn) 22 See Invis 12.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Ench Armour (Rn) 17 +36% Def +1 AP 14 DR vs Phnt/Nmare. 9 hrs Y
Earth Armour (Ta) 20 +42% Def +1 DR 10.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Str of Stone (Ta) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Self Only  
Mind Shield +10+2/rk% vs M.Att. 1+2/rk hrs 16 12
Sense Danger 62% 70% 10%
Navigation Extra Navigator ranks as listed and safer travel 1+rk Hrs 3

Enhance Enchantment (Ra) rank 11-13: 70-80 seconds

Rahne Ranger ring
+6% Def, +6 IV in Melee and Engaged
Raseri Battle Axe of Awe
+5% +1 Dmg to any allies who speak Elven (any rank)

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al He Pe Rn Rs Ta Mo
Enchant Weapon (Ra) 14 +15 BC%, +5 Dam. +7 vs Phn/Nm 20 min
Strength of Darkness (Rs) 11 +7 PS 120 min

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Penni Raseri Aloysious Penni
Tari Motlie Henric

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Rahne Raseri
Henric Motlie Penni
Tari Aloysious

Double File

Rahne Raseri
Henric Penni
Tari Aloysious

Single File



Lucky Numbers (Rahne)
Aloysious Henric Pennlucien Rahne Raseri Tari Motlie
62 87 46 & 90 25 22 27


Summer: Meadow 822WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane Full Moon 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 White Lotus 6
Moon1.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon2.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon3.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer: Heat 822WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon2.jpg 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Moon3.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer: Breeze 822WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon2.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 Full Moon 25 26 27 28 29 30