A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Again, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' is a typical voidcruiser charged with bringing order, light, reason and civilisation to the infinite planes. Whether they want it or not.

Any ship with 4-6 powerful sorcerous entities is basically a disaster waiting to happen. Since each of these creatures has their own goals and desires, working at cross purposes, a voidcruiser crew runs a tightrope stretched between consensus and confrontation...


  • Squids
    • Interpreter Leok Matadar - Often absent from ASUE due to his investigating one lost city or ancient artifact.
    • Field Specialist Ngantana - Leok's second in command, Ngantana prefers direct action and 'results' over intended orders.
    • Shaper of Views Lesotruna - A master beastmaster, Lesotruna has many skills at controlling 'lesser creatures' and a bizarre menagerie of pets. Always willing to try out a new motivational tactic.
    • Codifier - Alma-katarn - Younger and more impulsive, this binder and brilliant mechanician patronises the ships Engineers and believes them to be the solution to any problem.
    • Disputant - Irentol - A battle-hardened veteran of the Calamar struggle. Irentol is a master Fire Mage and the ASUEs senior 'voice of reason'. Not so subtle demonstrations of force a speciality.