A Pirate's Lament

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Adventure: A Pirate's Lament
GM: Rosemary Mansfield
Season: Spring 809 wk
Night: Thursday from 17 Sept
Level: Medium+

  • Cher - Binder Lizard Chick played by Sean
  • Vapour - Air Hunk played by Neil - Leader
  • Wordsmith - Namer Dwarf played by Errol - Mil Sci
  • Thorn - Mind Chick played by Helen
  • Teeanna - Mind Elf Chick played by Hannah
  • Dr Sam - Pacifist Ork played by Andrew
  • Menolly Pacifist Elf Chick played by Karen - Scribe
Captain Hook (ret'd) and Ensign Pan (Peter)

Make The Island safe for 'great adventures' again.
One in three chests of pirate loot.

Scribe Notes

Day One: 1st day of Thaw: Guild meeting.

We slowly gathered in one of the guild meeting rooms and worked out who knew each other, and introductions were made. One more person was coming but we started without them. We were introduced to our employer, Captain Hook. He seemed a pleasant enough chap. He described the life he wished for in the islands and how it had gone down hill recently. And so he had come to the guild to hire some people to fix it back the way it was.

Some of the problems were:

- the Red Skins weren't just capturing people for ransom, they were torturing now. (and his ensign was suffering from a recent attack and with the Guild healers at the moment)

- the mermaids in the lagoon weren't just singing to the sailors, they were drowning ships. And sending dead sailors down to Davy Jones's Locker.

- the blue people in the hills were doing blood sacrifices.

- someone had built a building on top of the big mountain. And now there was a lot more ligntning and storms. And the lighting seems to hit the building a lot. And that strange big animals have come out of the forest around the mountain ever since the building has been there. Big "sneak up behind you with big teeth in the death of night" sort of creatures. A bit like giant chickens but with huge teeth.

- in the mountain there is a yeti or troll just as there has always been. But usually it gets killed when it gets too old and another takes it's place... haven't seen one in the hills for a while.

- the Lost Boys have gone wild.

- Wendy the witch has been not very nice and let the boys run wild.

- goblins are digging up the valley.

and other general stuff.

He mentioned that they had run into some trouble on the way here and his Ensign Pan, Peter Pan, was being fixed by the guild healers. When Ensign Pan arrived the healers mentioned they had done their best but there was some things not quick fixes (magically linked tattoo on his arm)

Peter's Tattoo

We discuss pay and we have to leave the following evening (day 2) to travel by the stars. We spend the day shopping. Some potions, greaters and skin changes are purchased. Wordsmith divinated the good Captain and the Ensign to see what else we could find out. And an astrology reading was done using the question "what is the dark influence on the islands of Neverland?"

Examination of Cptn Hook
Morning of the 1st, Ancient Div, and Div (20 weeks)

  • LLS, GTN Human, changing to Fae
  • administered Sooth Pain for hangover
  • Has received recent healing
  • Evil Eye (med rank) expired 2 weeks ago (GM? was this in effect ~16 weeks, or different instance?)
  • No Flying (assume ship travel to Seagate leaves no magical indicator on crew)
  • Several effects 18 weeks ago
    • Wicca curse (boils)
    • Evil Eye (med rank)
    • healing potions
    • Swashbuckle, Heroism-like effect, Illusion Counter useful


Examination of Peter
Late Afternoon of the 1st, healer plus Ancient Div

  • LLS, GTN Fae (due to having many GTN of Fae types, can treat has having rk0)
  • Has received healing
  • Suffered mana draining, physical damage
  • magical damage, small amounts over a long time (Rune for purposes of Counters)
  • tattoo is expected to 'grow back' if physically removed
  • Flying (possible Talent?)
  • Translation spell in effect


Day Two: 2nd day of Thaw: travel to the Island

We spent the day completing our shopping, packing and checking out the notes in the library of the last guild party who travelled to the island. The scribe notes looked like they had been through the wash, it took me ages to read them. I took some notes so I hope I've read them right. Stuff about where some of the things are on the island... will see if I can make up a map when we are finished.

I pack up the dogs and head to our meeting point. We have to leave at dusk to get back. We have a range of people who either get a fly spell on them and carry people, or can fly under their own means. Thorn was carrying Teanna, Sam was carrying me, Wordsmith was dragging his trunk, Vapour was flying, and so was Ensign Pan and Captain Hook. Sher was using her own flying. Borage enjoyed the take off, got to hang his head out of the backpack and catch the breeze. But he got a bit tired and popped back inside for a nap. I heard him snoring... for such a small dog, boy can he snore. Anyway, we flew for ages and ages, with Peter leading. He kept looking at the stars and things and moving a bit and changing the way he was flying.

We got to a bit in the sky where Peter then turns a 90% turn and instructs us to head only in this new direction as straight as we can. While we are beginning this it is noticed that some of the stars in a patch of the sky moved. Teanna can listen to hear entities out and about, which is a pretty good skills. She said she could sense something out there. It was hungry and curious. We try to keep going in the straight line as instructed but it seems it's curiousity got the better of it and it came very close to the party to have a better look. Wordsmith was able to get a look at it, and told us it was a celestial elemental. Most of the time we couldn't see it, but it got very close and zapped Thorn and Teanna. And zapped a few others. We kept heading off in the straight line and eventually it went away.

DA of Celestial Creature
Night of 2nd/3rd, during inter-planer? travel

  •  ???, GTN Elemental, Celestial (Star)
  • Health 8/10


We carried on flying and as the sky lit up we headed into a small cloudy patch and then came through to see the island at dawn. It was a mighty fine sight.

The Island

Day Three: 3rd day of Thaw: land on the Island and visit the boat

In the early hours of day 3 Captain Hook instructs us to land on a small windswept rocky off-shore island. We tried to ID/DA the ground and we get "no plan name" which is most curious.

The captain heads over the edge of the island and whistles. A storming cloud appears heading in our direction and out of it comes a ship. A very oddly shaped ship which I can't work out how it stays afloat. Sam and I buff everyone while we are standing on earth, and we then head to bluff to get onto the boat. It's called the Jolly Roger but it doesn't seem all that jolly to me. It seems the crew are all undead, with the exception of ensign Peter and ourselves. We are shown to some rooms which will be ours while we are on the ship.

Captan Hook then tells us about the ship, his crew and shows us the gallery where we can cook our food. Even though the crew are all ghostly revanants, the ghost cook seems to still give the captain, and the ensign real food. Very odd. We have some breakfast, set up a watch routine and crash for a few hours, since we had been flying all night. The other 2 dogs travelled all right. Had to feed them a swag of munchies. They are safely tucked into their special cage.

After we had a rest we woke to find the ship very odd. We couldn't enter any areas we hadn't been shown. And we couldn't even walk around out on the deck. The ship seemed to be preventing us from moving freely about. Totally odd and totally unsafe. As we aren't part of the crew, if the ship leaves the coast we and all our belongings would be left behind like the ship had just disappeared... dropped into the sea. We decided this wasn't a safe option. When the captian finally awoke, we told him we would be heading off to the island now to begin our investigations.

Afternoon: 3rd day of Thaw: head to the east coast and visit a witch and some fae

We had been over a map of the island with the captain. I drew up a rough copy of his map which I plan to amend as we are travelling around the island. In looking at the different parts it was decided to head over to the east coast to visit the local fae. Teanna wanted to meet the locals and introduce herself. So we flew over to the coast from the ship. Landed on some ground so Sam and I could cast buffing spells on everyone, and then off again to the faery woods.

The landscape is very defined here. The coast looks one way and then changes to something quite different. Almost like a kids painting of an island. Coast here, forest here, mountain here etc. So we travelled past a coast with small islands off shore and a reef, and then arrived at the fae forest. Mostly decidious trees and plants, we did a fly by to see what was about in the forest. Saw a couple of places, a house with some out buildings (possibly Wendy's house), and not many clearings. We circle around for a bit and find a wee spot to land.

Our flying is ok, our landings aren't so ok. I know I've been practising but still haven't got it quite right yet. Sam did a glorious faceplant into some nettles. While we are looking for some dock leaves to relieve the sting we notice the plants around here seem too many for a nature bush. Possibly planted on purpose, maybe the fae.

Teanna decides here is a suitable spot and begins talking to the trees in some language I don't know yet. It seems there are some pixies out there, very hard to spot as they seem to hide in the plants. Teanna chats to them about fae things and she discovers they don't have a king or queen, or a court. They can do what ever they like to have "fun". They tell her about the other fae on the island. There are boggarts, pixies, brownies, nixies, something called a Grim, and some sort of fae nightmare creatures.

They tell us about how Wendy is always feuding with John since the big fire. And how the lost boys place isn't theirs anymore. It's a fae place now, the boggarts live there and the boys can't have it back. And how there is a giant mushroom on the top of the mountain where there are lots of people in white robes doing things inside with tools and lots or iron. And the mountain top has lots of lightning.

We farewell the pixies and take off and head back to the forest area with the house. We land a wee bit away so we can approach on foot. The front door is knocked and an old lady comes out, yells at us in something we can't understand (sounds like the language the captain uses with some of his crew) and she slammed the door on us. We tried that twice and then went around the back of the house.

We found a small wee boy who is upset, scrapping carrots and vegetables. We got chatting to him and he tells us the old lady, Wendy, doesn't like strangers. And he has work to do so she doesn't yell at him. We ask what work does she yell about most, he mentioned chopping firewood since he is too small and she has to do it. He is called Anthony, he's 6 years old and he's from Britannia. He also speaks this other language we can't talk, but he also speaks brownie so that's what Teanna talks to him with.

So Sam goes and starts chopping the firewood. The old lady charges out the house to yell at the boy since he's too small to chop wood. And we finally get to chat to her. Teanna finds brownie as a common language and chats to her.

Our cover story is we have moved into the area and are travelling around to meet the neighbours and find a safe spot to live. Our neighbourly offer to chop her wood is accepted and gets her chatting about the island.

She tells us a bit about the groups on the island, stuff we know. She also tells us about the Lost Boys are bad blood... couldn't do anything with them. John is into dead things, John is a bad "kischun" whatever a "kischun" is. Wendy is a good "kisschun", boys and John are bad.

We make more pleasantries and excuse ourselves.

Teanna has this cool spell thing she does where she can pick up on entities in the nearby area, as long as they aren't protected. While she was chatting to Wendy she had this turned on and picked up on another entity in the forest that was very curious about us and our visit to Wendy's.

We leaves Wendy's house and head into the forest in the direction of the mind. Eventually Teanna finds a leprechaun. She chats to him about the island, Wendy, John, the house on the hill and stuff. He tells us about the chickeny type creatures in the jungle with big teeth.

Eventually we head away and decide to camp the night on one of the islands off the coast. Thorn sets up her tower, some of us can sleep in it. It's made of iron so Teanna isn't comfortable in it, so a second camp is set up outside.

Day Four: Red skins, Orcs camp and lots of gossip

It rained during the night. Some of us were dry. We discussed a plan of action for the day. Vapour wanted to head out to the next island over, the one that looks like a skull as that's where some of our treasure, I mean pay is supposed to be... we did have to remind him that we had a job to do before we got paid in treasure... but it took some persuading.

We decided to head out to the Red-Skins forest to see if we can chat to them. We are going to fly there skirting the hills of the north to have a wee look on the way there. Thorn has this nifty collar you can put on people and they can end up understanding a language you whisper in their ear.

Well the trip around the hills was pleasant. The hills are another land type contrast. Rolling hills, wide open spaces, grassy fields. Saw no people but did see a few flocks of sheep so figure someone was about. Might not have liked flying people. Anyway, we travelled west along the hills and then turned south towards the Red Skins area.

Coming around the western coast towards the forest we get a better look at areas on that side of the island. We knew there is a swamp, and some cliffs. Just didn't know how impressive the cliffs were. The cliffs cut across quite a big patch of land. And the Red Skins have their encampment along the plateau inward from the cliff. It's palisaded on top and have these odd triangle buildings. We found out later they are called TeePees. Most odd. There seemed to be many people, and many dogs. We didn't land there, as there wasn't anywhere safe to land. And they looked rather militant. So we landed on the edge of the forest with the plan to wait until someone comes out and have a chat to them.

It was decided the girls would be bait, and the boys would be unseen sneaking along behind us. Teanna would have her sensing people thing on, and then told us when we got a hunting party coming out to check on us. That worked really well. They tried to "ambush" us but we were so all over it. They shot a couple of us, before we could subdue them. I got shot, and they use some sort of poison that slows people down. I didn't like that one bit but it would be an awesome poison to make. Slowing down your opponents would be handy.

We captured the hunting party. All kids really except the leader, some old grey haired dude. We carry them off to outside the forest, patch up the wounded and feed them all. We put the collar on the leader dude and got him talking common. It seems they all talk the same language we keep encountering... that we don't know.

These are placeholder notes only

Visited Redskins in the morning. They ambushed us, and when we captured them and flew off to question them ,weren't very helpful. After a good meal, they told us a little. We arrange a possible time/place for meeting them. Day before the full moon (Day 6) on a beach, I think.

After lunch we went inland to Slightly Gulch, which was a gold-prospecting hamlet recently founded by Alusian Orcs who had broken through from their tunnels in southern Raniterre. Big Ted runs the place. Maybe 50+ orcs, with supervisors, gold merchants, written claim-markers and price boards, and other civilised trappings. There is a big ?smelter? which requires no wood - seems to runs on magic. They have visiting healers, but R&R happens back in Raniterre. We pay for three tents in Row J, and spend the night. As the orcs are worked hard, the camp is quiet apart from the snoring of our neighbours.

Day Five: up the mountain, Britanian place and borrowing John Fitzpatrick

We head up the mountain. When we are above all other hills it becomes high mana for Air magics. At the very top there is an old crater with one side crumbled down, and a few odd new houses there. More description needed, lightning rod, square building, round storage tanks, etc. Within a mile of this crater the mana is 'bad', low, and nausea-inducing. There are some lightning-based snare defences. We get to the top, and try to talk to the people. They are from Britannia, and won't talk to us savages. We retreat, then kidnap one of them for a good chat. Insert info gathered: witchsight potions, 'rifle'/'shot-gun' bang sticks, alchemy college, etc. We learn they are all professors and doctors and apprentice experimenters and stuff. There is one woman, with a different title, who knows languages including elvish. They have strange morals and gods, and are as self-righteous as elves. We return our apprentice 'John' with a letter of introduction, and assurances that we too are researchers, and that we would like to meet and compare notes. They are bureaucratic and we have to deal with a certain person who doesn't like savages (even compared to the rest of them).

We camp 1000 feet from their houses, at the treeline but visible, so they know we mean no harm, and rest for the evening.

As I didn't start taking notes until the meeting, I'm not 100% sure on the timing, but my memory is that the meeting was mid-afternoon of the same day when we borrowed the boy. EC

A bird flies over with a note in Elven, inviting Dr Sam (or representative) and another to a meeting up the hill. After we recover from our power-ups, Sam and Teeanna go forward to the table set out. The rest of us attend from within Mindspeech range. Dr King-Jones is attended by their librarian/linguist, who operates a book-shaped translation device. The Lovelace Society has funded research on the island for 20-odd years, there have been semi-permanent facilities (unattended some seasons) for 11 years. The drawing of energy (which is used for household purposes) is noticed to have had an effect on the island's weather. Also much reduced is the island's mystical attraction effect on ships, which appeared to provide shipwrecks and a few survivors. People in power in 'Home Counties' like this change, as immigrants to 'Australia' and another place (both somewhat distant, but still on Britannia) were dying in numbers that they noticed. The buildings etc will be left unattended for the few months of the 'Typhoon' (hurricane) season starting in a few weeks. It is suggested that we may be able to meet other researchers as they start packing up. We return to our campsite, and take time to magically note that shrubs further up the mountain have an anti-social taint. We discuss we we have learned.

Day Five Evening: trading with the Red Skins and more gossip

We fly to the meeting place with the Redskins early evening. The three of them there leave us room to land, and let us arrange ourselves. They refuse the translation collar, but co-operate when WordSmith wears it. The three of them (old guy with pigtail and markings on arms, middle-aged man, warrior) are wary, but prepared to talk. They are happy with how things have been since the changes that started a decade ago - 'Live, Grow, Learn'. Note that the plain has become John's place. Previously births wear very rare (last last Princess that Peter stole), many since 9 years ago (night of a shipwreck that had no survivors). Strange creatures (e.g. big lizard-kin) sometimes come down mountain (although not this spring), are killed by them or Picts.

Have low opinion of Peter, who makes trouble between groups. This trouble has always caused deaths, not as 'nice' as Hook would have us believe. They think Peter may always have been here. We gift a knife and shovel for goodwill, share pipe and whiskey in moderation.

Return to orc camp to sleep.

Day Six: find a love sick giant reptile, a herd of green reptile rats and find a lost boy

After buffering ourselves for the day and a hearty breakfast, we decide that today we will go chicken hunting. Word even from the orcs is that there are some weird/big things in the forests on the mountains. No actual sightings but definitely some remains have been found that were mauled by something big. Sounds right up our alley.

So we head out of the camp and fly off around the mountain looking for anything weird and a place to land. Around towards the southern end of the mountains and crocodile creek we spot a lake. We head in and land. It's more like a big pool at the top of the creek and once we landed we were able to observe the place looked very gardeny. There was a huge waterfall feeding into the pool. All very picturesque. Like someone takes care of the area. No big animals, nothing apart from small cute birds and pretty flowers etc. We didn't find anyone home.

We follow the creek as it descends down towards the inlet and the southern part of the island. We clambered over rocks and the guys who were still air walking carried the girls as needed.

Sher spotted something odd, and upon further investigation (unseen people going to have a look) we discover a giant carnivorous reptile creature sunning itself among the rocks. It had this huge ribbed fan thing running along it's back. GTN comes through oddly. Both rat and ancient rat... and that no rat. Seems this maybe one of the creatures the people on the hill have been experimenting on and letting loose.

Sam ends up talking to it. It seems it's been here among the rocks for many summers, wants a mate but there are none here. Birds are good eating, well not the small ones. They are too fast. It claims ownership of the river "my river" and seems rather possessive. Sam throws it some food, and it moves lightning fast and grabs the food out of the air. This might be one of the "chickens" the fae were talking about.

We leave and fly following down along the river some more. Looking for tracks or signs of other weird creatures. While we pause after landing on a large downed tree we hear a scream.

We rush off to investigate the scream and discover a herd of weird green wilderbeast sized reptiles with horns on their heads, acting more like herd beasts, ganging up on a small boy in the middle of a clearing. Seems he's entered an area where they have their young and they are mobbing him to keep him away.

We decide to rescue the boy (might be one of the Lost Boys) and sort of plan a way to grab him.

Sam, carrying me, flies into the herd and I grab the boy. It took a few tries at getting the angle and position right but it works. Sam nearlly dropped me the first time we tried to get in position but luckily I am still here to write this down. The boy had been stomped, bitten and trampled. Vapour caused a distraction while we did the grabbing. And some of the beasts tried charging and head butting people.

Teanna sensed other critters nearby, two more packs of something that seemed very interested in what was going over. They had started moving closer to see what all the noise was about. But then we all heard some stomping coming through the jungle and one of the group scatters as the stomping thing heads in our direction.

As we are all making moves to increase the height we are flying at this huge weird creature breaks through the jungle and snatches one of the green herd things. The rest rush away protecting their young as the unfortunate gets munched by this enormous "rat/ancient rat - but different" creature. Enormous, reptile, walking on 2 big legs but with 2 small arm-like front paws. Big teeth and large head. Pretty vicious.

We fly away back to the pool, where we know is safe so we can tend to the boy and the others who suffered some incoming herd creatures. The boy has a broken arm, internals and so forth. We stablise his wounds, and start some healing on him.

Shers investigates the pool and the waterfall and discovers that in the water it's just as tidy and gardened as the land. Obviously someone lives here. And while swimming she sees a cave entrance. We leave it as it feels like they are "not in" at the moment. We may come back later to say hi.

We fly back to the orc camp and set about fixing the boy.

His name is Jack, he's from Britannia, came here due to fae, was with some other boys and got into the herd by mistake. Seems they all move about in the trees. He has some sort of fae taint to do with the full moon, which we will look into since that's only tomorrow night.

He does mention about giant chickens that are big and nasty and brown and grey. Aparantly the smaller ones are just nasty as opposed to the big ones which are big and nasty... aha so there are chickens.

Day Seven: healing day at the Orcs and party with the fae in the mermaids grotto

Day Eight: treasure hunting, smelly tar undead and the payroll

Day Nine: mountain exploring, spying on scientists and the sylph fae

(I was away, will need to add more details)

We explored the other side of the mountain, found the place where the fae jump off. Found some fae stuff, something to do with Sylph or air faes. Seems the site was bombarded by something, lots of destruction.

Spent the afternoon spying on the Britannians, Wordsmith made himself deaf somehow, some had a chat with Cuthbert about some of the things we discovered and arranged an appointment for tomorrow with a doctor to check out his wife.

While I was DAing the area when I was protecting Wordsmith I did discover that the area aura around the campsite area came up as Uplands, a distinctive name.

Day Ten: baby checking, chatting to Cuthbert, retirement fund and big chickens

From our campsite Dr Thorn and escort Wordsmith head back up to the Britannian's residence. Dr Thorn has an appointment with Cuthbert's wife to see if any of the magic in the area has affected her unborn child.

Thorn's checks proclaim the wife healthy and fine. However the baby seems "Very" fine... too healthy and fine. She's pretty sure it's a girl and that it probably will be late. There is some sort of magical effect on the baby. Thorn mentions that her escort is wise in the effects of magic on people and the wife lets him in to examine her. It seems the baby has some funky things happening. The architype is the same as the mother, baby also has a blessing on it to give bonuses to MA and Int. (the mother's architype label has been changing in one of the spots in the last 23 weeks, upgrading. Something to do with being bored? It would explain the super tidy house and the neat and orderly garden outside etc.

Thorn and Wordsmith have words with Cuthbert in asking if any of the other ladies in the complex are also with child. He sends out word and all the ladies come in for an examination. Only one of the other ladies has something funky happening. The Magister (the one that did the translating of things) seems to have GTN human but architype is fae... we discuss with her, and with Cuthbert about how we have discovered that fertility within some of the groups becomes hindered while living here... and it might pay to keep the ladies at home if they ever want to have families. We also mention it to the Magister as the fae have an even harder time to become pregnant.

Cuthbert offers to pay them with potions for their services. Some of his potions are most interesting, including the ones that made the sheep different colours. I'm sure Thorn will find a use for some of those. Creating wool of certain colours that stays true to colour will be a nice income earner. Some of the other potions include things like our spells can do. Things like healing potions that heal burns, mend bones, fix infections and the like. I wonder if a skilled Alchemist could pull them apart and work out how they work to rebuild more... hmm...

They both come back to the camp and we discuss the plan for the rest of the day. One of the other tasks we need to do is retrieve his retirement fund from the jungle location for Captain Hook. So we fly off to check out the area. It's in a small cave area in a clearing in the jungle. Warm rocks and open area have caused the area to become the nesting site of these huge weird bird things. Aha, finally we see the nasty chickens people have been talking about. And boy were they nasty. They are sheep sized, carnivores or omnivores, gliders rather than flyers, big back legs for running and leaping, big hard pointy beak.

We plan while up in the air to wall off the cave to retrieve the chest, and cause a diversion. Vapour, Teanna, Wordsmith and I are to get the chest. Thorn, Sam and Cher are to cause the diversion. Wordsmith and I land on the wall to protect Vapour and Teanna who land inside the wall to get the chest. Sam, Thorn and Cher land at the far side of the clearing to draw them away. Fighting with weapons, walls, hands of earth and other things. However those birds can leap really high. They were making leaping attacks against Wordsmith and me and I got hit rather badly and fell off the wall. Luckily I landed inside and not on the dog. I had taken a puncture wound and it seems I lost a lot of blood before Teanna was able to cast a healing spell on me to stabilise me. Cher created a wall around the young birds, which did make several of the adults leave the battle to jump inside to protect them. Sam created ditches and trapped some of the birds in the holes. Eventually they stopped attacking us so we could rally together. The chest was too heavy to carry filled so we split up the payroll and were able to carry it and the chest all back to Captain Hook's ship. He spilts it up fairly and we rest and plan how we will head to Skull Island to retrieve the chests there, and put Captain Hooks retirement fund and payroll into the island.

Day Eleven: A hunting we will go on Skull Island

(next weeks session)

Info from previous Scribe notes

For those going into the base (if any):

In Britannia there is a big city called London, with an area called Kensington, which includes Kensington Gardens (market gardens, from the sound of them). There is also a London Zoo, where they keep animals, like a menagerie. London is hours of walking across. We might be able to drop little snippets into conversation occasionally, to sound like we may have once visited London. It might make us seem less like primitive savages, and more like ignorant foreigners, which is a big step up!

People and Places


  • Dr King-Jones
    • Tall middle-aged gent, white hair and large moustache
    • wears high-quality but slightly strange clothes, and an odd tall hat.
    • has many strong opinions, much he is insistent on sharing.
    • very protective of high research, and other's views of him
    • College is 'Electro-magic'
    • doesn't like veterinarian colleges, but they pay well for permission to study the wildlife (not the savages)
    • likens the 'savages' to confined creatures fighting.
    • is clearly less threatened once we make it clear that we consider ourselves lower-status and studying different types of things (e.g. the savages)
  • Librarian/linguist
    • Has accompanied her husband
    • young woman, good quality long dress
    • Is bored with her duties (short and medium term)
    • appears protective of Prof Cuthburt
  • Prof Cuthburt
    • Is a well-known wizard-potion/master
    • we express interest in meeting, but are fobbed off.


Neverland Adventure Map .jpg

On Archetypes

Archetype Map.JPG

Overview of the Archetype section added to auras of long term residents of Neverland

Astrology Reading

Question: What is the nature of the dark influence on the island of Neverland?
Answer: (in elvish script)
Everybody likes to keep up with the Joneses. When they get new curtains your wife will be shopping for fabric the very next day.

Sounds likes its curtains for everyone - that's grim news. SAM

Pirate Pay

Buffs Available


  • Vapour Breathing : 3hrs
  • Feather Falling : 90 mins
  • Air Walking : 3hrs
  • Flying : Rk 6 (3.5hrs) 36mph


  • Strength of Stone : 10 hrs +10 EN


  • Armour of Earth : 6 hrs +24%/+1AP
(men only)
  • Tracking +22%
  • Detect Ambush +16%
  • Herbal Lore +24%

Has a few investeds

  • 3 charges each of Rk 10 Shadowform, and Rk 20 Armour of Earth.
  • 2 charges of Rk 10 Weapon of Radiance.
  • 10 charges of Rk 1 Shells of Silence. No sound in or out of the 15ft dia. area. Good when you don't want to wake the neigbours.
  • 1 charge of Rk 15 Quickness.



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa
Thaw (10)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 Sorting Stuff out for a night flight 3 Arrive in Neverland with the dawn 4 Red skins and orcs 5 Tea Parties and Peace Pipes 6 Nixie pool and Big Lizards
Moon0.jpg 7 Healing the Lost Boy; Archetypes 8 Tar Babies; Joey and Tinks 9 Sylph Mausoleum, Spying on Cuthbert 10 ♀'s health; Chicken Raid 11 Skull Island 12 Sail to Alusia, Isles of Adventure 13 sailing
Moon1.jpg 14   15   16   17   18 still sailing 19   20  
Moon2.jpg 21 Britannia Airship ETA 22   23   24 are you sick of the ocean yet? 25   26   27  
Moon3.jpg 28 Arrive in Seagate; pay taxes et al 29   30    
Seedtime (11)
  1   2   3   4  
Moon0.jpg 5   6   7   8 Rites of Thunor 9   10   11  
Moon1.jpg 12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Eostre 18 The Seagate Spring Ball
Moon2.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24   25  
Moon3.jpg 26   27   28   29   30    
Blossom (12)
  1   2  
Moon0.jpg 3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon1.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon2.jpg 17   18   19   20   21 Floralia 22   23  
Moon3.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Walpurgisnacht