A Message for Gia

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Guild Security Details

Mission Brief

A party is required to take a message to an entity by the name of Gia aka The Rimstalker.
She is somewhere in the universe.
The employer is Ujrus - a Meta Shadow or projection of the entity that was Ujrus.
Gia is the last of her kind.

The Party

Sir Douglas Walin Human School of Mental Discipline Leader, Military Scientist and Scribe
Robinton Human Illusionist Back from retirement, leaving the entertainment centre in cabable hands
Ono Hobbit Shadow Mage Also out of retirement
Garrick Dwarf Illusionist .
Theodonna Human Namer .
Hamish Human Wicca .
Tolmar Elf Earth Mage The freshest member of our band

Adventure Log

Mission Specifics

1st Fruit 806
Our briefing room meeting went well. We welcomed a new adventurer into our ranks and also two veterans back into the fold.

Ujrus the meta shadow told of the specifics of our task...

  1. We are to travel to at least seven points of the universe.
  2. Our mission is to find Gia (a Metasapient) and tell her that the rest of her people have ascended from the City of Departure.
  3. We are to be paid in salvage.
  4. We will use a craft called an Eagle (As it turns out - it is an Eagle, Massive with millions of feathers)
  5. The journeys will kill us - turn us into puddles of messy goo.
    1. Not to worry - there are artifacts called Crucifix that will ressurrect us.
    2. Said artifacts are in a museum that Ujrus will take us to.

There was some discussion about the nature of Meta Sapiens and the Ages of Existence.

In view of the terminal nature of this mission - the guild has kindly gifted us with two extra healing potions and advanced 1,000 sp each.

Ono read the night sky for us.

The City of Departure

2nd Fruit 806
We travelled to The City of Departure through Ujrus - as he created a Lynkks Lane for us.
In a crater - somewhere on Alusia is The City of Departure. The last corporeal home of the Meta Sapiens.
Magic keeps the important structures whole and complete while the rest is in millions of years of ruin. There is also long running magics that maintain the asthetic artistry of the departed people.

  • The clouds take on definate shapes in colours of pastel.
  • There is a lake of Mirror Water with a small volcano at the centre.
    • We have filled some water skins with this stuff - as it may well prove useful.

We had a brush with some of the Merfolk of the lake. They tried to eat Theodonna and we scared them off. All seriousness aside - I did enjoy sliding down Garricks ice-tunnel to get into the fray faster

The volcano is the site of departure - featuring an amphetheatre with a magical field ( the Meta Chromatism) - looking like a Ying Yang symbol, half black, half white, spinning in place. Ujrus tells us that this is where his people ascended to a higher plane of existence.

At strange times there are moon rises over this city. The moon shows celestial images of places that the Metasapients could visit on a whim. It also shows huge sculptures on the surface, which rearrange themselves into differtn shapes.

The Museum

We walked through the city to a place - guarded by magical fields to inhibit non-sentients passing through. It is the site of The Museum.

An huge room of 500 x 500 x 500 ft with a translucent blue eagle in the centre (our craft). The walls of this cavern are most strange and the ceiling shows the open sky.

  • A wall of light : With an aura of cleansing.
  • A wall of dark : With an aura of fuzzy creations.
  • A wall cascading with mirror water.
  • A wall that shows images of far away places.

The fracas begins

Robinton in his curious nature starts to poke at the 'illusion' on the wall. This transports him to that place - A harsh red dessert with nothing to breathe and sunlight that flays his very skin. It took some inspired rope work to retrieve him - laying skinless and dying on the floor.
My misconception of 'cleansing' caused the next trajedy.
I used magic to place his body into the wall of light - expecting cleansing to mean healing. Unfortunatley cleansing, here, means to devoid one of one's mind!
Garrick has donated some of his skin for the body but we were at a loss for the restoring of Robinton's mind.
Ujrus kindly told us where the museum information was kept when I asked about finding the artifacts that we came for.
By placing my hand, just so, on this panel and asking about a subject - my mind was filled with information. So much information that I fell unconsious.

We found out how to get to the exhibits by entering a lynkks lane through the Mirror Water Wall. Our destination was the room of Crusafixes in the vain hope of helping Robinton. This room - some half a mile away - is the home of Crusafixes, Pearls, a book, a chest and a coffin, A basalisk like lizzard and a giant worm. Each exhibit protected by a membrane field for preservation. We did not know how to breach the membranes - so I left, admonishing any action, via Ujrus to the central place to ask for more knowledge.

  • Whilst I lay unconsious again on the floor, having gained some idea about the membranes. The party tried some sort of a rope trick to retrieve the book. This deactivated the 'stasis field'. As it turned out, one merely had to enter the 'stasis' field in order to deactivate it.
  • The book is large and bound in hide, obviously damaged and scarred. Somehow the book caused some of the party to covet it and started to eliminate each other for its possession. This resulted in 3 party members becoming unconcious involuntarily - (Theodona, Ono and Tolmar). The book was wrapped in oiled cloth and thrown into the pearl room.
  • Unfortunately Hamish seemed to be then affected by the book, and accidently released the worm into the centre room attacking Garrick.

Museum Maddness

As the worm - a creature of icy climbs - slithered out to enguage Hamish, it warbled a hunting song. The victims became paralysed of mind and thus rooted to the floor to await the monsters pleasure. To make matters worse - to be in close proximity of the beast eventually turned all but Ono into ice-statues of themselves.

I entered the frey, after obtaining some useful information at the temporary cost of some of my magical knowledge, to find Ono floating, paralysed up against the ceiling firing random bolts at the frustrated worm who had flug a couple of ice-statues at him to a somewhat shattering effect.

My party lay bound, frozen and shattered on the floor.

To keep the story short - we dealt to the worm just in time for me to be affected by the maddening effects of the hideous book. Tabroal (my body guard) rescued me by taking the cursed thing far far away.

We questioned the museum about artifacts to help restore our icy, melting friends and thus got to visit a curious exhibit of sarcophagus shaped items. We managed to bring them back and restore Robinton's mind and recover Ono & my spells.

Through a slight mishap - Tolmar and Theodonna have swapped genitalia - this is distracting the elf somewhat and annoying Theodonna greatly.

  • There was an abortive attempt at getting a device for creating lynkks lanes - if I get the chance I'll have a look for another one.

We openned up an exhibit with a star shaped jewel in it and now Ono and I are part of a marvellous movement to harmonize the universe. They will all join us or die!!!

Harmonize This!

One by one we succumbed to the will of the Red Raja (being the star shaped jewel) set in to Ono’s head. I believe, that it is only that I broke the hold for just enough time to lay Ono unconscious and for Garrick to engorge the halfling’s head in a bag of devouring – that saved this universe from the plight of harmonization. Of course this action killed poor Ono as decapitation usually does. It took over two hours for the crucifix to regenerate his head.

After this latest lesson in good sense and paranoia – we started to come up with reasonable ideas.

  • Garrick suggested that we should be looking for “ primitive” artifacts that we had a chance of understanding.
  • Garrick also suggested that search out a device that would enable us to detect auras through the stasis fields.
  • I came up with a plan for searching this museum without using the central information post – thereby protecting ourselves against losing our own knowledge.
  • We’re reminded ourselves to collect the mana string sensing device before our museum visit was done.

Good loot is still dangerous.

With our new search methods we are asked of the lynkks lanes wall to take us to the enhanced DA exhibit.

This area is more of a storage room than an exhibit –contents were merely scattered about the floor.

We found what we were looking for and Theodonna took the coloured light bauble into herself. She now has no distance restrictions on her DA talent, and can DA through magic fields like th statis fields in teh museum.

There were also some interesting and scary artifacts that we took along or into ourselves as listed in the treasure appendix . One such item claimed Theodonna’s hand at the wrist- hopefully she has learned not to be to rash when bonding with sentient rope.

We have collected the mana string sensing device and it fixed itself into my forehead. This may have some serious drawbacks for me when we do come across major mana string manipulation.

There is a mind expansion chamber in the museum. Against all better judgment I will make use of this as is the want of a mind magic’s practitioner.

Deadly Vermin.

Our exploration was disturbed by a small horde of local creatures. They have huge eyes and teeth to match. Their scent causes their victims to fall into fits of lust, e.g Robinton and shaggy dog, Douglas and demon bodygaurd, and an interesting threesome. By Garrick’s bloody determinism, and Ono's walls of light, we survived their onslaught –only to face the second wave.

Looting and Offski

We made our way to the mirrored wall and escaped to the primitive magical weapons stash. We collected some innocuous soul bound weapons - four of the weapons are still bound to the original owners and three were available for immediate use.

By this time the main hall was filling up with the chitterling vermin this made our normal transit somewhat difficult as it was a very bad idea to travel into the main room in order to build lynkks lanes elsewhere. Therefore we utilized Urus to take us in to rooms that we had already visited.

There were artifacts that merited further investigation. Unfortunately –most of them are apocalyptic in nature and so they stay in their exhibits. We did revisit the exhibit containing the mind expanding machine and I am very pleased to say that I utilized it for great personal profit. There were some of the items in this exhibit that may or may not have been protected by their wraith-like entity in situ. We decided to do a snatch and run –it was rather unfortunate that Hamish picked up the monster killing-item that was keyed to humans as being monsters and therefore shattered him into millions of pieces. Our slick action became a stuttered to rush as we swept up the pieces along with his crucifix before making our escape.

When we next checked in on the vermin –they numbered in the thousands. We reasoned that they were night creatures and resolved to wait until dawn for the departure. We chose the kitchen as a camping ground which also provided a big enough vessel to keep Hamish contained. It was going to take a very long time to resurrect the hapless Wicca.

Theodonna made an extreme blunder during our rest period. As we were all curious as to the reason that Cuddles had the strange need to eat her –she did not just tell us that she is a shape shifter –rat. She demonstrated. The ensuing drama was fast and brutal – we did, however, managed to retrieve the rodent form from Cuddles without having to cut him open.

Eagle Flight

3rd Fruit 806

By the end of breakfast the main hall was indeed clear. We made ready for an orderly departure. Of course… the Fates had more surprises in store for us. No sooner had the translated into the thoroughfare; I fell to the floor with the blinding pain that is the result of detecting a major mana string manipulation. It turns out that the city of departure was receiving yet more visitors. This was a small army, of highly adept, unknown species. They started to lay waste to the city and then turned their attentions to the museum. We took this as our exit cue.

We made all haste to the eagle- scout ship. As I was still incapacitated – Robinton took on the role of pilot. The eagle’s given name is Lexx. Following Rob’s ingenious directions, we made our next escape through the picture wall – this time, over the planet of forests and spires.

< We have coined a phrase concerning traveling speeds. Lexx can indeed travel at speeds that will not kill us. Of course It would take too long to reach out destinations had such a slower rate. So the speed that we have to use is FTM being Faster than Mush – Reflecting hour resultant state and the end of such a journey.>

The Seven Wonders

The Hanging Gardens

4th Fruit 806

Our first port of call – the hanging gardens of Babylon ; a vast prison of eternal torment for the opposition of the jihad. This area was littered with still living bodies hoisted on magical spikes. Curiously enough the bodies were also playing host to parasites – the same parasites that we saw on the invaders in the city of departure yesterday.

Somehow the hanging gardens became aware of our presence above them and so started to attack us with some sort of major mana string manipulation ie magical weapon. Robinton Took great exception to this and ordered Lexx to destroy the gardens. After all this is what jihad scout ships do.

It was a close thing but Lexx managed to cast his destruction most absolute before the gardens fired upon us. A little while later- Lexx expressed its displeasure at destroying one of the seven wonders of his age but it seems that the machine is built well and will obey the captain in the chair.

The Universe River

5th Fruit 806

We decided to visit the tranquil sounding universe river. Indeed –this is actually a garden spot. We landed in a virtual paradise of strange and consequently edible plants life along with a curious plant named a Pleasure Pod. Garrick encountered such a pod that afforded him carnal pleasure with a vegetative simulacrum of a female dwarf.

I called a rest day on this most pleasant landscape.

Come nightfall – Ono made discussion with a colony of bats that directed us to a cottage of the only sentient being on site. We had to name it “Guardian of the River”. It seems to be a construct of the Jihad, much like Urus of the Mart, left here to look after their holiday grounds.

We learned that there are some interesting people out there with even more interesting if self defeating philosophies.

Our rest day became a rest three days. We collected various plant seeds and Robinton created a troubador great work with the help of a local muse.

We used Lexx as a boat to sail on down the Universe river.

7th Fruit 806 The first lynkks lane brought us to a world, much like our own inasmuch as it has oceans and lands. It is called Bas-Lag and the major peoples are called the Kern.

We started as true adventurers by scaring a community of pirates. We flew over them and had an abortive attempt at making contact. They have an interesting existance - floating around on an artafical island made of lashed together craft.

We carried on to a continent. The largest city here was is a place - run by major undead. The normal populace are Kern that run teams of 'zombies'. This seems to be status quo for them. They were most unfriendly when we landed to establish some sort of contact.

Our next port of call was an island some way off the continent. We had better sucsess with the habitants here. On this island we met Bridgette - a Kern of childish years with an amazing talent for languages. She is the product of a group called 'The Teachers'. We rescued her from a dull and boring life (took her with us for an interpreter).

8th Fruit 806 Our travels took us to an area of this world governed by a Witchocracy, a collective of villages placed in and around mountains - dedicated to a peacefull existance.

Mother Superior Anna met with us and would help us search their archives and meet 'The Teachers' if we would only rescue their diplomat from the clutches of New Crobuzon

She has been taken prisoner and will be transfered across the Blazing Sea in a boat clad of iron. Her supervisor will be a Vampyr grey agent of Gnurr - a family of great influence in the government of the city corporate.

Our Plan - to pose as a contingent of another great clan and demand the prisoner as part of 'the greater plan'

As it happened ... the grey agent tumbled us (I can't think why). He set his troops upon us (4 renewed, 2 insectoids, 2 cactoids, and a couple of Kern). We almost lost Bridgette and I lost my mind.

The Witchocracy patched us up when we delivered their diplomat. They gave us a pathway to find a place in which we might find The Rimstalker. It took a couple of days and various people (Tolmar mainly) got themselves into trouble. As it stands - I believe that Tolmar has good reason to fear his beloved Earth and its Earthy spirits.

10th Fruit 806 We set off on our further journies to notify Gia of her departed people.

We fell foul of a nasty trap during our FTM jaunt, Lexx goit sidlined into a different universe. The Anti-Creation Universe or some such.

... and there we were - caught in some magical well, full of the carcases of other universe travelling craft/beasts, waiting. Waiting. apparently for the Zotal to come and claim our bodies, minds and painful emotions. But - before the Zotal we were to face a local race of scavanging giant star squids. If I were a troubador you could accuse me of embellishing or even outright fibbing but no - I tell you Giant Squids in the Anti-Creation Univers - floating among the stars and more imprtantly the wreckage of the well denizens. Truth to be said - the Squids are responsable for the wreckage at hand. They have a habit of taking advantage of the Zotal trap. They eat the crews and raid the vessels for what is useful then flee before they can be caught by the dreaded Zotal hoardes.

We brazened our way out of the fix with the squids by throwing confusion amidsts of their ranks (are you surprised?) and avoided the Zotal by taking the simple course of hiding. Then we slipped into the lynkks lane of the Zotal just after the last one left. Lexx tells us that he out ran their forces easily once he got through. He reports that their nest world was too well defended for him to destroy much as he would have wished to.

Closer to Gia

12th Fruit 806

We got on track and arrived at our destination. A curious sytem of stars and planets with a dark sun and a bright sun - each blessed with ten planets and a rogue planet that travels around both suns in a figure of eight pattern. Later - we found out that this whole system is an artifical creation. I pale at the grandness of some sentients.

We visited a watery planet, of the the bright sun 'Rogarth', resucued an enchantress from a very long (second) life and she took us to another planet (we did the taking she the directing). This planet had some populous that had struck a deal with the Zotal. We wished to question them with much vigour. We were as is more and more usual just a bit too late. We arrived in time to see their city being ripped from terra firma by 'who knows what' in an effort to escape "The Rebels" of whom had just become the liberating masters of this world.

They helped us out with some knowledge.

  1. Gia is trapped inside the rogue planet (called Cycle)
  2. We can talk to her via the 'avatar' of the bright sun.
  3. Gia's Gel form is on a Jungle planet - further out from the sun.
  4. The Dark Sun is called Lia - It has gone against Gia and aligned with the Zotal

Assasins Strike (at us)

During our chat with Rogarth - we spotted some people molesting Lexx. They turned out to be Zotal controlled assassins, based locally.

Through Garricks stubborness and our general aptitude - we saw to them. Capture one and collected their weapons and sky ship. Our blessed crux's helped belay the casualty rate. Unfortunatley we let a team leader get away to go on a killing rampage after we extracted the zotal parasite from his neck. ((I must see if we can get back to the Witchocracy and see if they can do anything about the Death Curse that Taz picked up))

The survivor called C'lall is a reborn from ages past. I've handed her and her ship over to the rebel high command - hopefully they can a) save her from her morbid wish to die and b) make use of her information. We know that a large force will be tracking the ship and so the rebels can lay an ambush. ((This will hopefully give us access to a Zotal Craft that can move to the planet Cycle))

Off to see Gia

The assassins had left a nasty device on Lexx - Paralysing him. It took a disjunction and entertaining telekinesis it to remove it. As it was highly explosive we carefully dropped it into a deep lake. Some fishermen are going to have some strange catches in the next few days.

And we were off to the Jungle Planet. Our cunning plan was to fly over the suface and hail Gia - Using Robinton's Audable Illusions. The fates were with us and it worked like the proverbial charm. We tracked Gia (her gel form) down in very short order. She took our assign message with predictable disdain.

We offered our assistance in her fight against the Dreaded Zotal and she needs two things.

  1. An artifact that the Silicon God may or may not have created for her.
    1. We must deliver the artifact to her on Cycle, through the teaming Zotal occupation.
  2. Some tactical help when it is time to launch an attack.

Not written in until after the adventure She informed us that the system is in fact a Zotal trap and to set it off will kill everyone in the system. I for one am philsopical about this - the Zotal must go and on a universal scale the loss of trillions of good people will be ... if not worth it then a worthy price.

Our planet wide shouting brought us and Gia to Zotal attention - they sent a very strong welcoming committee and so we must be on our way. Unfortunatley we must kill this Gel form Gia so as not to let her be caught by Lia and the Zotal. (FTM travel will take care of that) To make matters worse - Lexx has reported some kind of Chaos effect in his workings...

The Silicon God

The chaos effect was a weapon hit - it manifested in all sorts of strange way on us and more importantly Lexx. Our status is that we are unravelling and soon will become nothing but chaotic motes in the universe.

We had six possable areas for a meeting with said Silicon God. We found it necessary to travel to all six before finding a temple on a planet. This temple was shining a beacon that (as is its design) attracted us.

We met and fought the locals whom were cursed a communicable death curse of Xenaphobia Extremus. Garrick contracted it and passed it onto Tabroal (No points for guessing how). All but Ono died in various grusome ways, Taz has gone to chat with his maker - who knows when he'll return. It took us two days to reanimate and so we're all friends again.

The temple was the repository of the last reminants of the Silicon God - who had been attacked savagley by "The Dark One". So we carry an urn - containing the consiousness of a god.

  • He does not remember any artifact for the Rimwalker - so no help there.
  • He thinks an allied god could help him in his plight.
    • We undertook to ferry him to The Solid State Entity (aka Catalina)

Enter the Singularity

Bridgette has been receiving visions from Catalina. One notable one was the Seagate Guild Halls - Empty. Of course Bridgette had no idea what the buildings were - I had to interpret for her. She shared another vision that led us to Catalina's location.

Our journey ended in another trapped situation. Lexx identified this area as a Mana Sigularity. This means that mana gets sucked in and does not come out again. A very bad situation for us in our mana driven vessel.

The only feature to be seen was the darker than dark centre of this 'space'.

There was no escape from this dark dimension and so we resolved to crash into the centre. This took much deliberation, sole searching and convincing Lexx. We took the precaution of switching off Lexx's motive devices after setting course on the reasoning that they were our biggest Mana String Manipulators and therefore vulnerable to the Singularity.

I am still here to write this account - a testament to our success.

We found a planet - much in likeness to Alusia, with a building in the place of our own halls yet empty...

A mission from a god

We set the ship down at the clean, unpopulated deals headquarters and headed on in. We were met by the avatar of The Solid State Entity. She was very kindly recreating our home from our memories and perceptions in order to make us feel comfortable. And well she did-for the task that she laid ahead of us was the most grave that I would ever wish to contemplate.

In short –she bade us travel to the beginning of this, the sixth at age, destroy it so that by her design could be renewed.

This would be possible if we could rescue Gia Rimstalker from the pocket universe prison and let her spring to trap, designed for the destruction of the parasitic Zotal. The energy, given off by the destruction of the artificial suns would supply us with enough impetus to open up a very special lynkks lane that would span time itself.

As all good adventurers we took this in our stride, only taking the time to strategize the attack on the planet Cycle in order to rescue Gia. There was good opportunity To stock the ship with items of war from the newly created Seagate. Our prize weapons were sets of barrels loaded with Greek Fire , Dwarven Whiskey and pounds of nails.

The plan: - arrange for the victorious rebels to mount a bombing run against the forces holding the siege. We will slip in the tail of the destruction and deal to the team of sappers that are trying to break the portal –leading to Gia. We have to find out the nature of the chaos weapon that they are using against the portal. We are hoping that the many barrels of magic mirror water, that we now have, will be of some use.

Rocks fell – people died.

Our entrance strategy worked with great effect. Although the enemy were expecting an attack of some sort they had no way of knowing just how devious and destructive the minds of Alusian adventurers really are. It was the next phase that proved to be somewhat less than a walk and the park.

In the space of 48 seconds we lost six highly trained soldiers plus Theodonna and Tolmar. The tunnel had been booby trapped with ingenious incendiary devices buried into the rock. Some of them merely blew off people’s legs and others brought the roof down – instantly killing them. A few of us managed to forge on, engage the guards and avoid being splashed by the stream of chaos spewing from the cordless ballista being pointed in our general direction.

Hopefully –we can deactivate the chaos weapon, at least long enough for Gia to join us.

The Creation of a Metaverse

Rescue the Maat

I managed to 'muzzle' the chaos weapon with a barrel of mirror water - destroying it in a flash of reflected chaos magic.

Gia Rimstalker came out of hiding, I explained just as much of the plan as she need know, we barrelled out of the sappers tunnel, Gia set off her trap as we took to the skys to divert her energies for our time travel.

Pleasure Palace

It has veen said that we could not have shown our faces at the Guild Meeting if there was a chance to have visited a galactic pleasure palace and not taken it. We literally travelled to the end of time to make that happen!

Our lynkks lane plane worked a treat - carrying us into the heart of the pleasure palace at the end of the metaverse. An interesting place set, magically, out of time - so that it's clientelle can observe the many and various fantastic phenominon with no fear of affecting or being affected by them. In our case the end of the 5th Age and the begining of the 6th.

The Good, The Bad and the Status Quo

We each woke up to the singlular attentions of magical pleasure beings - design for our specific wants... And so it took some hours for us to group in one room.

Ono had requested a room, from which we could observe the observation deck. A good move for us. Our hosts informed us that we were one of three parties here to observe the metaversal destruction and creation. The first party - we expected being agents of the Dark One. The second party were Human Elements; interested in the status quo - therefore not in favour of our plans to influence the creation of the 6th age either way.

I invited the Elements to dine with us to discuss this. Courtesy wins many favours but not, in this case allies. We parted on good terms with vauge plans to stop the Dark crew from carrying out their dirty deeds.

In the mean time - Tolmar went exploring the palace on a search for perfect Armour and Weapons. We had to do some spirtwalking to rescue him from this most insidious trap. On the upside - he found his perfect arourments.

Meanwhile Robinton went off to find Lexx. The ship was birthed next to another Eagle - The craft of the Dark One's. It turns out that she (Bella) was not happy with her current captain and could be persuaded to join us on a jaunt...

And things went boom

Lexx cajolled the warcraft from her birth with promises of demonstration of his destructive capabilities. We travelled to the edge of the palace's protective bubble and proceeded to destroy the Pleasure Palace at the end of the Metaverse. Our reasoning was simple (Seagate Adventurers strike again) - If the palace was destroyed then our enemies would go with it - leaving us to our own devices; if not then we now had their ship and so they could only watch as we deposited our artifact into the creation of the Metaverse ... win / win.

Our craft performed well and the Palace was/is no more. There was the unfortunate rumour that we blew up Eros - Lord of Pleasure with it but no god is that pitiful as to be ended by a world crushing explosion... surley.

The only chancey thing was our timing. We fireed our bolt some ten hours before the creation began. Most sane people would have waited for the creation to act. Ahh sanity, such a limiting harness.

We relied on our 'time potential' to carry us forward through the destruction, middle time/space and onto the creation through to our current and proper time.

Wrapping up

With only our additions in the mix - the effective change was that the Silicon God did not get destroyed and did indeed build the device that Gia commissioned of him. We in turn were commissioned to deliver it to the Binary system just after the time that we left for Times Past.

We Did.

The Zotal were wiped out.

We escaped the blast and live to tell the tale.

Signed in good faith...

Sir Douglas Walin