A Manor of Fate

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Game Master
Ross Alexander
Party Leader
Ty Trident (Zane Hembest)
Party Scribe
Tulip (Tricia Hunt)
Military Scientist
Blitzkrieg (Adam Tennant)
Other Party Members
Turf (Terry Spencer)
To find a manor on the plane of the Drow empire (Kanlaoise) where

Delerium and Baccarat and company can set up incognito and put in a portal from the Drow empire to Alusia. First however, is to check out the old portal from Alusia (at Five Sisters) to the destroyed pocket plane to see if it can be used at all.

Some magical effect or spell to be decided after discussion.


Date: 05/06/806

Take passage to Adjepbar from Seagate – takes 6 days.

Date: 10/06/806

Arrive in afternoon of 10th, hire camels and go out into the desert to find the portal. Divine portal:

  • still working.
  • normal trigger (crossing shadows made by spire at 12 mid-day.
  • has termination point => in "nothing".
  • has unique name.

Precognate on going through portal puts us in "space" and instantaneous and irreparable death. Camp overnight.

Date: 11/06/806

Back to Ajipar, wait three days for a boat then sail back to Seagate, taking another four days.

Date: 18/06/806

Power up and go to Kanlaoise with Delirium, Baccarrat turns up, get illusion on humans that they speak Drow and on Elves that they look more Drow like. Discuss options.

Date: 19/06/806

Go to port, change Seagate money for local coin and then secure passage to main continent. Travel over open sea. While sailing it becomes clear that the ship is magically powered by a variant of a combined water & air college spells, ie "mage wind/current" type spell (there are no rowers and the ship movement is very precise and controlled), ship also has "ship strength" spell and "binding" with some kind of permanent "fire proofing" effect on it. Ship is called "Black Albatross", shipmaster is "Tallaq" and is owned by house Tal'Kalim.

Date: 22/06/806

Now hugging the coast of a major continent, pass a mountain chain and weather changes dramatically, more moisture in the air etc.

Date: 23/06/806

Arrive at very large (order of magnitude greater than Seagate) port of K'Resh. Follow sailor into a bar/smoking room and secure a map of the continent and sea lanes return to ship in evening and depart … bad storms over next few days … 24 through to 1st.

Date: 01/07/806

Arrive at port Z'Kan, on the edge of a large delta where a river flows into the sea, this is an area of festering swamp with 100's of small flat islands. We turn to follow a large river inland … more sailing upriver … 2, 3 and 4th.

Date: 05/07/806

Emerge from river into an enormous lake (more like an inland sea), and stop at port Alabaq on lake edge nicest city we have seen so far, very clean, built out of stone, no lower humanoid slums or "free" humanoids, mostly wealthy Drow with servants. City is religious (not dominated by single Drow house), many priests pacted to an entity called Shahdad belonging to Cessoria sect. When Blitzkrieg DA'ed a priest to determine this, he was targeted by magic "crush heart" but Necro counters seem to work: don't DA priests! Arrange for rooms, stay the night.

Date: 06/07/806

Leave the city, check out the surrounding countryside, find an abandoned manor and village and check it out, talk to Bakerak, stay the night at the manor

Date: 07/07/806

Divinate and ancient divination of manor:

  • ground is protected from resurrection, talk to dead, reanimation etc
  • no calling of dead

Something odd about a lake local to the manor, find a preserved body, at least 30 yrs old with a necromantic curse / contagious plague "creeping undeath". The curse holds body together in a state of undeath without allowing and changes, such as true death or animation of undead etc. It looks like someone doesn't want these bodies to talk! stay the night at the manor.

We also work out that someone can scry us whenever we are not in the shade.

Date: 08/07/806

Ride back to Alabaq, we met by 20 hard guards at gate and escorted to an interview with priests at the temple of Shahdad, who tell us to stay away from the manor. The manor is where the "old" emperor (and his entire household of 100s) "died" for the heresy of dealing with necromantic magic's and another god who is a lord or the underworld. Some of the elite guard of the old emperor escaped and are active in this other sect which pose a threat to the Sassoura who are currently in control of the empire.

We talk with a "white priestess" (in a place of power for the life aspected?), the priests want us to investigate why the old emperors elite guard are besieging an out-of-the-way and apparently unimportant castle outpost. In return they will look for a manor for us to "settle down" in. They will provide us with identification, some helpful magics and offer us looters rights.

Return to our accommodation and stay the night

Date: 09/07/806

Leave on a river boat for the Maraqat, it takes 3 days to get there, 09, 10, 11 …

Date: 11/07/806

Arrive in the afternoon, given food and horses and an amulet to avoid one death. Ride out toward the outpost, camp for the night.

Date: 12/07/806

During the day we pick up the tracks of a large number of troops that have gone past travelling in the same direction. we see a patrol, attack and take their horses leaving the men behind

We make the siege, check it out and have a planning session then make a run for the castle wall and get over Tell the Drow in charge that we are emissaries of the Sassoura sent to check out why the infidel guard might want into this castle, he gives us leave to look around

We decide to wait until morning to checking things out further

Date: 13/07/806

In the lowest basement there is an all cold steel room with a locked door at one end, which emanates un-natural cold, in checking out the door Tye is impacted by "magical glaciation" which slows the manna flow so that spells take twice as long to activate. We decide to speak to the commander before poking any more.

Turf has a private conversation with the commander who turns out to be a very very old not quite Drow but not quite Elf, from the era near when the split occurred and he is the guardian of the door. He does not know what is behind the door, but believes it is a weapon developed by the Elves just after the split, potentially for use against the Drow??. He believes bad things will happen if we open the door. There is also an alternative less well guarded entrance to the area under the river.

While Turf is conversing with the commander the rest of us check out the rest of the three main levels of the castle (Drow won't let us into the upper level). Find a secret door from the barracks level that leads to outside the castle on the river side.

Besieging army starts an assault on castle.

We power up and open the door, a quantity of a very cold substance flow into the iron chamber (think liquid carbon dioxide) and 5 magical cold/ice entities shaped like Elves attack they dissolve into the liquid and reform (say behind a fighter) … a long combat ... but the ice entities are defeated

Behind the door is a deep well of the cold liquid, Turf swims down and finds an Elven female sitting on a birchwood chair "the throne of deep wood made by Varenthia", encased in an ice like substance which is not ice and is some kind of preservation/hibernation magic. He manages to free the block containing her, and both of them get swept out the other, under river, entrance.

The rest of us go up to the barracks and out the secret door to the river, fly down looking for the ice encased Elven woman and Turf, find them, regroup on river edge, retreat into the trees (out of scrying range). Melt the ice, but the elven woman (Varenthia) is still under the effect of "hibernation" type magic. DA: woman is Eleven, college is "ice" and highest ranked skill is military scientist. Divination and ancient divination don't work well, her aura is frozen/time stopped/illusionary in deep past, so cannot get any useful information from it.

Now find ourselves in the direct path of 2000 troops heading to reinforcements the besieging army, so we move camp to get out of the way, and hide from their outriders in a small gully.

Precog if anything bad will happen when she wakes up (like killing us all), seems fine, so we wait for her to wake up. Also request presence of Delirium and Bakerak to see if they know any more about the eleven woman, but it will take them some hours to get here. She wakes up before they arrive and is not helpful or talkative. She uses ice magics to form a mirror of ice and scrys the battle occurring at the castle. She can also use reflective puddles of water similarly.

At the castle the besiegers win and gain entrance into the castle, they set up and execute a mass sacrifice ?200 human men, women and children in some kind of ritual. There is also an invisible object which the Drow are walking around. The rest of the troops pull out leaving about 200 Drow in possession of the castle.

Date: 14/07/806

Morning arrives, Varithia takes her chair and sits in the sunshine and then just evaporates. Delirium and Bakerak turn up, somewhat late, and say that Varithia's magic held them back. She obviously did not want to meet them. Pretty disgusted by what happened at the castle we decide to go in and try to wreak havoc, we leave the chair with Bakerack and Delirium at the hidden campsite.

We power up, take a maze to near the castle, sneak in via the secret door and attack. Combat is fairly brutal. A Drow appears wearing crystal armour and wants to parley, we do giving them a day to vacate the castle. They will only hand it over to a priest so we exit the required one mile, and call the Sassoura by the expedient of flattening "send priest now" in a grassy meadow. A sending arrives, we discuss, they will send a group out for the appointed time of exchange. We put a crystalar vision over the castle but cannot see anything. We do a precog, and see ourselves surrounded by agents of the besieging army at dawn, so we move.

Date: 15/07/806

We meet up with the Sassoura contingent shortly before dawn, headed by the white priestess we meet at the church in Alabaq. We wait with them until handover has occurred. Find out from the white priestess that the ritual slaughter was to cause the death of a certain individual. The invisible region, was something with an antiscrying "frozen time" type spell on it. We get permission to check out the castle more fully, they say fine, except we cannot go into the upper level of the castle.

Date: 16/07/806

We spend a couple of days but don't find anything useful.

Date: 17/07/806

We arrange to go and look at a promising manor (in an area suggested as good by Bakerak and Delirium). Return to Alabaq, takes 5 days, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.

Date: 21/07/806

Arrive in the evening. We note that the harbour is full of the besiegers ships and find out that there is a large price on our heads. Organise accommodation for the night. Get assigned an imperial courier to show us the property and we depart.

Date: 21/07/806 - 05/08/806

Takes two weeks to travel to the manor, which is in a forested region about 800 miles away from Alabaq. Manor positioned on a bluff and is in a state of extensive disrepair. We avoid the imperial courier, so we can chat to Bakerak and Delirium (whom the Drow we hope still don't know about) and find out that this is fine for them. Arrange payment of magical items, abilities, fate changes.

Playing time

Day 1 
12.00 midday - 5.30 pm 02/06/2006 (no Terry) [two sessions]
Day 2 
11.00 am - late?? pm 11/06/2006 (everyone) [three sessions]
Day 3 
11.00 am - 10.00 pm 16/06/2006 (everyone) [three sessions]
Day 4 
11.00 am - 6.00 pm 01/07/2006 (everyone) [two sessions]
8 sessions
10 sessions
Ty Trident
10 sessions
10 sessions

Game time

05/06/806 WK
05/08/806 WK
60 days


  • 2*2000sp crystals of vision
  • Passage to Ajipar 30sp*4
  • Accommodation Alabaq 30sp night *2 nights
  • 4000sp
  • 120sp
  • 60sp

Loot and Payments etc

  • Birch-wood throne of elven woman
  • 2 potion bottles of ice liquid (Blitzkrieg & Tulip)
  • Avoid death amulets (Turf & Blitzkrieg)