A Brief History of Alusia

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This page is intended to be a quick guide to the campaign history for new GMs and players.

The Age of Immortals
The first gods or possibly just the naughty children of gods who wouldn't share their toys nicely. Claimed creation of worlds and all lesser races.
The First Age / The Age of Dragons / Golden Age
Claiming to be the first mortals (teachings of some others gods disagree), children of Xanadu. Unknown length of time.
The Second Age / The Age of Elves / Silver Age
Elvish civilisation rose as the Dragons diminished. Claimed to have lasted at least 250,000 years. The Dwarven legends of the time differ a bit, and they were there too!
30,000+ years ago - The War of Tears
Common name for the Elvish Civil War that occurred some 30 millennia ago, and resulted in the destruction of the Elven Empire, its capital Eldamar, significant damage to much of Alusia, and the consumption of considerable mana.
The War also marks the splitting of the elven race into various sub-races (see Drow and Erelheine).

-26,000 WK The Dakhini Cataclysm marks the end of the Maryn Consociation (Elves playing god with lesser races)

The Third Age / The Age of Younger Races / Bronze Age
The rise of Human, Halfling and Orc civilisations

-15,000 WK to now - various kingdoms and empires rise and fall in the region now known as Hindia

-15,000 WK to -10,000 WK - Founding of Asan, accounts vary but generally agree that the gods created the river delta and it peoples around this time.

-15,000 WK to -2,000 ??

The lost Minzuli Empire existed sometime between the War of tears and the time of Panjari. Little is known about this Halfing empire.

-2,500 to -1,200 WK, rise and 'golden age' (peak influence) of the Five Sisters trading empire.

-1,800 to -700 WK, 3,000 - 2,500 years ago - migration of some of the peoples known as the Domani.

-1,300 WK (approx) - 'Founding' of Ellenic States, mostly small towns where cities now stand, each founded by a demi-god or their acolytes.

-1,200 WK, about 2,000 years ago - The Fall of Panjari. Marked as year 0 AP in many calendars.

-1,200 - 700 WK, about 2,000 - 1,500 years ago - great migration from the Sea of Grass into what is now Ranke, Aladar and Brandenburg.

-1,100 WK (approx) - Founders of the Lunar Empire are cast from the Cradle of the Gods. NB Many credit this as the event that drove the Barbarians west.

-100 WK (approx) - first references to cities in Ellenic States

0 WK, over 800 years ago
The Western Kingdom begins, founded by Ulric the Wolf and so does our Calendar.
First cities in the Lunar Empire. NB WK records note this as being well after the WK founding, Lunar records indicate it was well before.

300 WK (approximately) - Calatrava/Destiny settled by people from another world who come to dominate ocean trade over the following centuries.

494 WK (over 300 years ago) - Sigismund the Pious sets off on a grand crusade and the Western Kingdoms go 300 years without a King

498 WK (300 ish years ago) - after 25 years of Civil War, the Storm Giants rid the Lunar Empire of Pacted people, and win the war of the Lunar Empire. Raising of the Glow Lines and founding of the empire as we know it.

498 WK (300 ish years ago) - Brastor Holdings is settled thus starting the hostilities with the Sea of Grass Barbarians.

598 WK (200 ish Years ago) Girwyllan Starts work on the Fastness and his Plan

660-690 WK Seagate area settled from peoples from the Western Kingdom.

690-700 WK Seagate allowed to settle and remain by local tribes (some say they where driven off the land).

706 WK Barony of Carzala was officially recognised by Bowcourt and Aquila, rumours still say money was involved.

762 WK The Seagate Guild secured its charter in Autumn of 1961 AP

781 WK Founding of Novadom. Though the site had been used as a trading outpost of Shorapur on and off for hundreds of years.

781 WK Rashak the Destroyer comes to the attention of the guild.

784 WK Kadakithis takes over Sanctuary.

787 WK Borovia comes under the control of Countess Anestasia Desiree and Count Kree Taijin.

789 WK Borovia gets a permanent portal gate to the city of Kyoshin in Kinlu.

~789 - ~793 The Marquess of Bowcourt and the Duke of Aladar get married and have a Baby shortly there after they crown him King thus starting the War of the Western Kingdoms. The war lasted around 5 years with many deaths on all sides.

793 WK the Croxley Bridge is gifted to the city of Seagate by the good Duke Leto

793 WK The Arch Bishop of Mordeaux is invested as the first Arch Bishop of The western Kingdoms intending to unite the branches dedicated to individual Powers of Light

793 WK Moonshae and Rathe (master assassins) renounce their contract on guild members making it safe to travel to Sanctuary, sort of

794 WK A whale strikes the Seagate Bridge

794 WK Hobbits burn down the Fight and F@#@ tavern in Old Seagate.

794 WK The Ruby Scourge dies (A Dragon/Drow) and Axis gains a new title.

795 WK Lord Surturs Bane (a sword) gets new legs.. the legs go by the name of Villa

795 WK The big Juju (a Kraken) takes up residence in the Sweetwater near Ildrisholm

795 WK A truce is Negotiated between the Harpies of the High mana zone known as the fastness of Girwyllan and the Guild.

796 WK The Calamar are seeking to turn Alusia into a client world

796 WK Lord Surturs Bane (a sword) gets another set of new legs.. the legs go by the name of Icarone

796 WK Saydar (a guild adventurer) buys Erewhon a Barony

797 WK

Guild opens Chapter in Tycho City.
Lord Surturs Bane (a sword) gets another set of new legs after finding the old ones ran away too often.. the new legs go by the name of Icarone
A Troll attacks Old Seagate and eats some local children
15,000 Sea of Grass Plains Barbarians camp outside Seagate to discuss grazing rites in Brastor with Duke Leto.
World Peace breaks out! for a couple of minutes.
The Fight and F@!@ a Tavern gets burn down and this time the Old Cazala town council refuses to let Odour North rebuild it.
Reck returns 100,000sp worth of silverware to Duke Leto. It was stolen by Hobbits
Fire Breaks out in the Guild and three guild council members are stolen; Wagen The inscrutable, Herkam the enchanter, and the Illusionist Maia. Many of the Library Records and books get burnt
The Skull tavern is offering free beer when your friend pays in Old Seagate
Newhaven is founded, Logan appointed Baron.

798 WK Wagen is recovered from Prince Orion's (an ally of Rashak) Dungeons

799 WK

Ebola gains a Count when he is married to the Countess in waiting.
Church Inquisitors lay Siege to the guild, demanding the hand-over of a respectable guild member and Count and companions
Liessa forms the Southhaven Academy for Girls, a finishing school for young Ladies.

800 WK

War breaks out with the Dark Circle and it's evil mistress Rashak.
Carlos of Destiny, the greatest shipping nation in the world, is dead and Sir Kit is named the greatest swords man of our time.
Duke Leto sends his troops into Novadom to restore peace, after the current Prince dies
The Dark Circle passes over Seagate, and Sabrina a noteworthy adventuress seals Seagate against undead entering.

801 - 803 WK The 'Dark Wall' is built across the southern border of Carzala, a line to hold against the Dark Circle.

801 WK

Shipping is disrupted as Destiny remains in disarray.
Beggar mobs menace Seagate
Several hundred refugees from Brastor leave Seagate for Volar
Rhino's escape from the guild and appear in the New Seagate Market Place, considerable property damage is done.
Daemons mine confederation bay for 'Mad Metal'.

802 WK

The new Guild Council Rooms are finished.
Guild members take the Southhaven Academy for Girls on a field trip to Hell.

804 WK The guild establishes an outpost at Regar's Keep

805 WK

Sir Gaius de Malvallet is appointed Knight marshal of the Church of the light, is charged with defeating the Dark circle and dies before the year is out.
Assault on Carlson's Switch in the north of Brastor to rescue isolated troops. Death of Sir Gaius.
Duke Fredrick of Aquila, Regent to King Ulrik is slain. Aladar denies all knowledge. All eyes turn to the Dark Circle.
Tricky Dicky, implicated in the Duke's murder, flees to the Lunar Empire
Lady Thorn is granted title to Bolton Bay

806 WK

Rashak dies. Many are rumoured to have been responsible.
Mr Ritter of Seagate is eventually arrested after slaying 6 children.
Duke Leto gets expansionist ideas and creates the County of Brastor and The County of Novadom
Descendants of the Knights who went on Sigismond's grand crusade return.
The guild and the Duke make pots of money on betting on guild members at the Lunar Games.

807 WK

Masada is defeated, Engalton and Boulder are made members of the Order of merit
A spirit trapped within Lord Surturs Bane is released and the sword released Icarone's arm.
The Duke of Ranke is killed by pirates
Trading route north from Novadom to Brastor is restored.
Barrens of Sith restored.
Logan steps down, Engalton becomes Count of Newhaven

808 WK

Adventurers pay millions for the Church to build chapter houses in Novadom and Brastor
Furfur's realm has a change of leadership, three times in quick succession. The Beast Rabban is destroyed.

809 WK The number of demons changes from 72 to 71 and nobody can remember Leraje, the Marquis of Archers

810 WK Ebola is united with Plaz'toro to form the Kingdom of Del Toro

812 WK The Gates of Hell are opened and the Elemental Army invades hell.

812 - 813 WK The Drow Invade, trashing the Western Kingdom (buffer zone) trying to get to the Elves

813 WK Richard of Foxcourt is found to have secretly returned to the hills near Foxcourt

815 WK

A Doomsday Like Any Other missions are launched to damage the Drow Invasion force ravaging Aladar and the Western Kingdom.
Sabrina defeats Bune and takes command of his region of Hell. (71 becomes 70?)

816 WK - Blackshore founded by Boris, Dellith, Rahne, and Tsayoi.

817 WK

Richard of Foxcourt is cleared of charges and restored as Count of Foxcourt. Argon’s Watch falls.
A bid by Sitri to take control of Lust and Desire in Hell and on Alusia is thwarted. Sitri is diminished.

818 WK Azzur's Black Fleet is liberated from Undead/Drow Control, Drow activity in Borovia is stymied by the disappearance of their prize.

821 WK











The above information has been compiled from histories and adventure reports by the wise and learned Philosophers of the Seagate guild, following robust discussion all of the above dates are declared factual and accurate by the majority of the survivors.

A letter from Dwarven Philosophers after being informed of this true and accurate history was roughly translated as "Human and Elven Bullshit!". Signed by the Children of the Earth who were created with the earth and stand eternal.