A Beast in the Night

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: A Beast in the Night
GM: Clare
Season: Summer 812 wk
Night: Tuesday
Location: Clare's place in Ranui
Level: Low

Eltran's Rest Village Headman
Something is killing the cattle. The Castellan is too busy to deal with it.
not much

Scribe Notes


Discussed cattle attaches with employer then travelled for a number of days to his village.

Travel to Eltrans Rest via Brastor Holdings. Enocouter and defeat wild creatures and bandits.

Defeat the Sabretooth tiger that is causing trouble at Eltrans Rest.

Rescue missing boy from village. Spend a few days in the Greenwood collecting passion flowers and defeat an ambush of giant spiders while departing.

Defeat night gaunt etc at Dramus's Tower ruin to get ingredients to fix giant spider poison.

Delivery the flowers to Sophia then head to Tobintown to investigate rumors of demons.

Walk in the rain for many days to reach Tobintown. Begin hunting the Imp.

Slay the Imp and return with treasure. Head to Elmtree and destroy giant slugs eating the crops.


We meet

The cattle of the Eltran Rest village had been killed and eaten by something large that they had never encountered before and the request for aid to the local lord had fallen on deaf ears. Andrew was dispatched by his father, the head man, to obtain assistance for mercenaries.

There was many youthful faces in the assembled party but some of them had years of experience under their belts and, importantly, we had a highly experience cook with us. Having quizzed Andrew at some length it appeared the cattle were killed by a large creature that had ripped them apart, there was little to do but depart for his village.

Marco appeared to have an ordered mind and was not bobbled by the frivolity of his youth, so he was elected our leader. I conquered some fine beer and wine that quenched out hearty appetites and we continued our evening at the guild pub.

The Journey start

The next morning, while making our way down to the docks, we discovered a wagon train in need or guards that was heading to Emmitsburg. As this was close to our destination we signed on and arranged lodgings on this side of Seagate as we were departing very early the next morning. Against the protests or Boris we decided to stay in a nice Inn, one that didn’t have sawdust on the floor.

The next morning we departed very early and travelled for a few day, staying at Slim tree and Broken arrow over night. The vigilance of the watches was rewarded as we repulsed at attack by mindless zombies. Boris provided himself as a valuable fighter during the encounter.

I began travelling in the wagons, at the request of Andrew, to better keep an eye out for any further attacks. A number of quiet nights followed as we plodded toward Emmitsburg, as we passed the Great Wall into Brastor our progress was slowed by the difficult terrain. The stories Horton told us of undead did not come to life but we were strangely attacked by wolves on evening.

Andrew was rightly nervous in Braegon's Pass, as ex-soldier bandits snuck up to us, despite the watch. They were no match for our teamwork (although the imp that appeared got away), and Horton finds the leader's heavy leather armour useful. After gaining reward at Tobintown, even poorer roads slow us, and shrouded hobgobins fire crossbows then close. The night is lit by Macro's Dooms, as Kerry gives us the sight to hunt their witch down. Pierre is sorely hurt, which we hope to have healed in Emmitsburg .

Travelling for a few more days we fine Emmitsburg warm and confortable following our time on the road. However there is little they can offer to heal Pierre, so we divert from our route to head to Brastor Castle. They heal his wounds for free given his bandit hunting work. We celebrate with fine wine, beer and port.

An Interlude

While travelling south we encounter beaten and bruised looking guards, retreating back to their village. They were attempting to evict a witch whom had been curing crops and cattle and had been beaten soundly. Following a conversation they agree to pay a wheel of cheese for us to resolve the problem.

A few hours late we locate a house, badly burnt from a fire. Upon hailing the house a number of large Ogres exit - they are spoiling for a fight and our attempts to parlay with them fail. A brief fight ensure which ends once the witch is trapped under a dome of bones and standing on smoking magma. Following some discussions it appears theyre are unfairly blames for the failing crops and decide to move to Slippery Rock.

Eltran Rest

Some days later we are back on our path and we finally arrive at Eltran Rest near evening, celebrating with the a lovely fruity wine. Following some discussion we examine the fields for tracks and make plans for the following evening. The following night we set a trap with an illusionary cow, but fail to draw in the beast.

The following morning we set about hunting for the creature. Following a day of tracking we locate a cave in a large cliff face. A sabretooth fearlessly attacks, but furtunately for us it claws at the heavily armoured Boris. We take the corpse of the creature and three of its cubs back to the village, celebrating with red and white wines.

We visit the village witch to aid with removal of a few curses and discuss out amulets, having completed our work. We celebrate with port and fine beer. Our stay takes a little longer than expected due to additional curses while training, but we reach an agreement to head to the Greenwood.

Lost Boys

We are planning to head off to the Greenwood when Alice, a local lady, approaches us in tears. Her young son, Andrew, snuck off last night to head off into the local forest for great adventure. We agree to search for him and make enquiries – his young friend, the millers’ son, admits to us they had planned to head off together but he had changed his mind.

We head off to the woods, following tracks that lead us to the boys local hideout. The tracks lead south and we spend the day following travelling deep into the woods. A waters of vision shows his been attacked by bears and causes us to move with some haste, but we loose the tracks and Nickola is sprayed by a skunk. As evening sets we are all exhausted and the only clue is a campfire we spot a few hours away. A decision is made to camp, as we are all exhausted, and set off early in the morning.

A late morning start eventuates as Boris and Nickola feel asleep on watch. Some exhausting hours later we find the camp we spotted last night and a tense standoff ensures as the they fear we are bandits. Much conversation later we depart with an injured Andrew, carrying him on a makeshift stretcher. The camp inhabitants we mercenaries from Novadom seeking the Diary of Etamor. We had a vague suspicion they had some affiliation with undead, but erred on the side of safety and didn’t explore further. Following an exhausting day of travel we return to Eltran Rest and a relieved and tearful mother.

Visiting the Greenwoods

We take a day out to resolve the skunk problem with judicious applications of alcohol and Sophia performs another curse removal, resolving from a backfire. The remainder of the party rest or take advantage of the fine fishing.

The next few days are spend travelling to the Greenwood, we travel the established roads and stay in Emmitsburg along the way. Our arrival in the forest is uneventful, with the exception of a brief satyr appearance. Our search for passion flowers takes some days due to the rarity of the plant and lack of experience of the herbalists, we spend some relaxing days following Marco and Pierre through the forest to locate sufficient quantities of the plant. Our departure from the forest dissuades us from returning as a nest of giant spiders attack – the smaller of the species are as big as ones head, the largest of the group is as tall as a human! A desperate battle ensues and we manage to kill or scare away our attacker, we slide Pierre's small hobbit body off the fangs of the largest spider and are relived to discover he is only paralysed. We track to the spider's nest for some light looting, and camp on the edge of the Greenwood. Morning brings the discovery that Pierre is still affected by the spider bite, and will die in several days unless stronger treatment than Waters of Healing is administered.

Dramus's Dregs

A Emmitsburg apothecary says he can make a potion with narwhal (or unicorn!) horn, and has heard tell of one in the ruins of Drasus's tower, a day north wence we rush Our rest before heading into the basement is interrupted by a Revenant named Bill, who gives us useful info about the Night Gaunt below. Once we all decide that undead aren't that bad, we defeat it and its skeletons, and find the horn we require. We return to Emmitsburg, and the potion is successfully applied the next day.

The wheelbarrow saga

Pierre is still week and sickly from the poison and it will take him some days to recover so we look into the use of a cart, wheelbarrow, donkey, pony and it seems like a hundred other option before a few coppers are pried from the partys hands to provide a transport method.

We take two days to travel to Eltrans Rest and provide the passion flowers to Sophia, she lets us know it will take three weeks for her to make them.

Time on our hands

As we have time available week look into a rumor regarding trouble and strife with demons in Tobintown. Coincidently that happens to be very close to where Boris released the Imp. The party reach for Lewiston after a few days and have a comfortables night rest in an inn, and for some unknown reason, decide to send the spider eggs to the guild via boat. People, particularly Boris, are convinced they are worth a fortune, but noone is able to tell my how they plan to make money with them.

Trouble with fire

We set off to Tobintown two days later and walk straight into a Goblin ambush that evening. We fight them off, but start a small forest fire in the process. Pierre and Kerry decide looting the goblin corpses for coppers is far more important and leave it to the rest of the party to extinguish the potentially devistating forest fire.

One goblin, Grub, survives the ambush and Boris presses him into service. I questions Marcos leadership when he agrees to this travesty.

It gets wet

The skies open and we endure torrential rain over the next few days, even with the waterproofing magic travel is rather repugnant. Nights are spent in small hamlets as camping would be awful with the weather conditions.

Tobintown ahoy

Some five days later we arrive at Tobintown and relish our stay in the inn. A large dry structure with hot food raises everyones spirits. Understandable they wont let in goblins so Boris stay outside with the goblin Grub.
We meet with the local constabulary and merchants and extract the facts from the rumors. Am imp, with power over fire magic, is attacking local wagons and callously killing any people it runs across . It is accompanied by a summoned efreeti and fire elemental. This is a fearsome opponent so we discuss and discard many plans until reach agreement.

Plans enacted

We are given a wagon give to the pass and then, under the cover of wall unseens, explore the area looking for evidence of the imp. After many hours we find no sign of it and fall back to the second part of the plan – creating illusionary barrels for the imp to attack Early morning we see bolts of fire arc toward the barrels and the imp changes with his retinue in tow. We quickly discovers the barrels are illusions and flees the ambush, but not until Pierre has managed to trigger a locate on the feral creature.

We wait until late and begin stalking the imp, following the locate we are lead to a box canyon. The Imp appears to be holding up in a cave at the top of a scree slope, so we track back out of the canyon and come from above. Boris creates bone to plug the cavern and stairs leading down the cliff face. Pierre, Marco and Nickola are armed with magic weapons and change into the cave when the bone eventually disintegrated. A violent fight occurs, with Marco almost losing his life, but the Imp and its elemental and destroyed. Boris pushes Marco unconscious body off the melted metals and begins collecting it up.

We camp in the cave and for the evening and return to Tobintown with news of our success. Against my wishes we sheriff insists we keep the money. The next two days are spent enjoying the confirms of the grateful town.

Return to Castle Brastor

We meander back to Castle Brastor and meet with a pleased castellan. We are thanked for our efforts and, after a day of resting and fishing, are asked to investigate tales of trouble from Elmtree.

Slime of Elmtree

We arrive at Elmtree and discuss the problem with the headman. Something is emerging from the Filgiso Forest forest and eating the crops, only leaving behind corrosive slime in the field. We camp out the fields that evening and discover large, long green worms emerging from the ground and devouring turnips. A rather slimy and poison battle occurs as we rid the field of the worms.



James the gang master of a wagon train the party are travelling with.

Eltran Rest

Andrew the son of the head man. Travelled to the guild to employ us.
Alice her son ran away
Andrew the 9 year old son of Alice. Ran away into woods.
William best friend of Andrew. Son of the miller.
Sophia villiage witch. Helpful and friendly


James head of the local constabulary


Emmitsburg - the destination of the wagon train we are guarding.
Eltran Rest - the village of our employer.


Bandits in Breagon's Pass

  • 4x Hand-and-a-half
  • 3x Battle Axe
  • 1x 6pt Leather (Horton)
  • 6x 5pt Leather
  • Sundry daggers etc
  • Reward (Tobintown) 250sp

Hobgoblins Emmitsburg Road

  • 6x 5pt Leather
  • 5x crossbox
  • 6x spears
  • 3x restoratives rk6
  • 2x Amulet of Luck (Boris, Horton)
  • 2x Amulet Elders Flowers (Marco, Fathom)
  • 1x Amulet Amethyst (Kerry)
  • 1x Amulet Jade (Pierre)
  • Bounty (Emmitsburg) to come???

Orc witch

  • 4x Ingredients for Elderflower amulets
  • 4x Ingredients for Bloodstone amulets

Spider nest

  • 80 giant spider eggs (traded to apothecary?)
  • shortsword, magical (Pierre?)
  • ring, magical

Dramus's basement

  • Powder containers
  • armour
  • Battle Axe, magical
  • Large round shield, magical
  • narwhal horn (used for potion)
  • griffon claws


  • 15,000 in silver slag
  • 15,000 in gold slag


Magic Rk Effects Duration Pierre Kerry Borris Horton Fathom Nikola
Shadowform 9 +20 to defence, half in close 5 hrs
Witchsight 9 See in the dark, see invis 5 hrs
Strength of Darkness 7 +5 PS 80 mins


Watch order
Mil Sci to complete


Summer 812wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane

Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting 2 Arrange Transport 3 Depart Seagate 4 Travel. Campt at Slimtree 5 Travel. Camp Broken Arrow 6 Travel. Cross wall. Zombie attack
Moon1.jpg 7 Travel 8 Travel 9 Travel 10 Travel 11 Travel. Attacked by hurgery wolves. 12 Travel 13 Travel to Bregon's Pass. Bandit attack
Moon2.jpg 14 To Tobintown, hand over bandits 15 Travel 16 Past Castle Brastor, to Du Larch 17 Travel, hobgoblin attack 18 Travel 19 Travel. Arrive Emmitsburg 20 Travel - Castle Brastor
Moon3.jpg 21 Rest. Castle Brastor 22 Travel - Emmitsburg 23 Travel - orc witch 24 Travel 25 Travel - Eltran Rest 26 Eltran Rest - Rest. lay trap. 27 Full Moon. Eltran Rest - defeat Sabretooth
Moon0.jpg 28 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 29 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 30 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 1 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 2 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 3 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 4 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal
Summer 811wk: Heat
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 5 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 6 Eltran Rest - train or curse removal 7 Search for missing boy 8 Locate boy. Return home 9 Remove curse/train 10 Remove curse/train 11 Travel
Moon2.jpg 12 Travel. Camp at Emmitsburg 13 Arrive at Greenwood 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day)
Search Greenwood
15 Solstice
Search Greenwood
16 Search Greenwood 17 Search Greenwood 18 Search Greenwood
Moon3.jpg 19 Travel back to Greenwood.
Spider fight
20 Spider nest 21 Emmitsburg Apothecary 22 To Dramas's Tower 23 Night Gaunt, Emmitsburg 24 Poison removal 25 Travel to Eltrans Rest
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon
Travel to Eltrans Rest
27 Eltrans Rest 28 Travel to Lewiston 29 Travel to Lewiston 30 Rest/train 1 Rest/train 2 Travel to Tobintown
Summer 811wk: Breeze
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death
Raining. travel to Tobintown
4 Raining. travel to Tobintown 5 Raining. travel to Tobintown 6 Raining. travel to Tobintown 7 Raining. travel to Tobintown 8 Meet locals. Hunt for Imp 9 Arrive at Tobintown. Rest
Moon2.jpg 10 Rest in Tobintown. 11 Travel to Castle Brastor. Meet Castellan. 12 Rest at Castle Brastor. 13 Travel to Elmtree 14 Arrive to Elmtree. Fight worms. 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30